January 23rd, 2005


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Anyone know of any movies that one who likes Donnie Darko and Pulp Fiction and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (aka- mindbending movies) would like?

I need some good movies to watch.
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roll into my life

Random Questions. . .

On family guy. . you know how stewie talks and sometimes the family looks at him, and they don't say anything. Why is that? Can they only understand him part of the time? Or do they not understand him at all. Because to me sometimes it seems that they do hear what he says, and others they don't. . . Anyone know? It's been puzzling me since I started to watch the show. Does the family know that stewie wants to kill the mother?

Does anyone here play or have played the PS2 game Kingdom Hearts?

How's your weather? Do you like it?

Do you prefer to drive an automatic or a manual? Why?
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Ahh! Babies!

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Can anyone point me to an essay describing the literary analogies and references between Homer's Odyssey and Oh Brother, Where are thou? I would love to know how the two relate. Ive tried googling it with no luck.

Printing Digital Photos

I'm trying to print out some photos that I took on my digital camera. They look great on the computer screen, but when I print they come out pixely. What gives? I've printed pictures that I've scanned and they look fine; so, I don't think it's the printer. What do I need to change to fix it? I am using Fireworks to edit the pics, printing on an HP and my camera is a Nikon Cool Pics.
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tank girl

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I got a shirt from ebay that I didn't win the auction for and didn't pay for.
Uhh..I really wanted this shirt actually..I bid on it and lost..so I'm kinda happy that I got it..But what now?

Edit: Actually..I did win and pay for the shirt. I just totally forgot that I did. Thank you fallibledragon (darn are you good and helpful), cause you made the suggestion and I checked.

So..I'm not a bad person..and yay, I'm happy that I won this shirt.
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How, exactly, is Ayn Rand's first name pronounced?

I always thought it was just a weird spelling of "Ann" but in the Simon and Garfunkel song A Simple Desultory Philippic, it's pronounced something like "Ein."

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This is a bit odd. I normally don't remember dreams, but I had one the other day that stuck in my mind.

All I remember of the dream is that I went into a bathroom stall with another girl, and somehow I made her turn into a certain fictional man (I'll tell you who it is if you really want to know), and we had sex.

...What do you think that means?

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I have to interview my unlce about his job for school. I have the usual questions, like best part, worst part, hours, pay, etc., but then I need three more questions . My uncle owns a pub and bar tends there and stuff, what do you think I should ask???

And secondly, RIP Johnny Carson... what (if you have one) is your favourite Carson moment?
  • roc441

optical illusion?

So I was out shoveling snow, when I noticed something really weird.

Every time I moved my shovel across the snow, for a half second the place i moved my shovel past looked greenish yellow. Since I have not taken any hallucinogenic drugs I figure it was just an optical illusion similar to this one but I can't for the life of me think of what caused it...the only colors that I could see in my field of vision were white, the black bucket of the snow shovel, and the yellow handle. Any ideas what my eyes were doing?
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I have a cold right now, and of all the symptoms, have a runny nose. I'm taking junior strength tylenol (I can't swallow pills... don't know why...) and it randomly occured to me, we all know coke/pepsi is notorious for "eating away" things, so would drinking coke/pepsi/etc... actually make this medicine (and others I guess) less effective...

stupid question yes, but I'm running on soooo little sleep that it's intriguing me quite a bit

[edit]: what makes expired cough medicine taste so much worse?

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Are there any actors in Hollywood whose fame simply boggles your mind? For me, it's Scarlet Johansson...people are constantly singing the praises of her acting skills, but I think she's a mediocre actress at best. Another one for me is Ashton Kutcher.
tank girl

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Alright..well, glad we got that Ebay problem away. New question. Sorta.

What's the big deal that everyone had with Garden State? Like raving, whoo hoo hooing everywhere. I just saw it.
Did I miss something?


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There was a bloke, he makes lots of drugs - one very big drug, and I do believe he came out with a cookbook - my mind is a blank, who is this I am thinking of?

There is a drug, hard to come by and pricey, I believe it is smoked, it is a hallucinogen and has been generally regarded as being a link to divine experience – which drug am I thinking of?

See, I'm a good girl, I don't know about these things...honest...
grade 11 math teacher, Brucio

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Do you say sorry when you don't really mean it?

I always find people getting angry at me when I refuse to appologize. I just don't see the point of saying sorry unless I actually mean it.
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Die kitty

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When you say that you hate a nation of people do you genuinely hate the people and the land or is the it the government that you are truly angry and dissagree with? Granted it is the people that usualy elect this crap system but I am reminded of a South Park episode where they have to elect a new mascot for their school and they have the choice between a Douch Bag and a Turd Sandwhich.

So really, who is it that you hate? Can you really hate every person in that county? Can you hate a piece of soil?

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What ever is the point of that whole "Keep your hands at the level of your eyes" thing from the 'Phantom of the Opera Movie'

I've seen the musical and the movie twice and for some reason I just don't get it.

Anyone care to explain?
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A fetish, by definition, is something that *must* be used/in the vicinity in order to achieve sexual arousal.

For example, a person with a foot fetish must have a particular foot before him, or a picture of one present to get aroused and have an orgasm.

Any other things that people simply enjoy having around to get aroused are called "kinks." People with kinks are capable of achieving sexual arousal without the kinky item, but enjoy having it as a bonus.

So my question for those who identify as being in the BDSM community: do you ever get dismayed that people mix these terms up?
  • b0pp

Potato storage

Where's the best place to keep my potatoes?

Right now the are in my drawer.
I've kept them in cabinets before, and also the fridge.

Just wondering where they keep the longest...
  • lewisje

I know, I know...

...yet another relationship-related question: I think that I might have found someone. How do I know whether she is actually interested in me, and how do I keep from screwing up? What should I do to indicate that I am interested in her?
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