January 21st, 2005

Halloween 2008

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I know there was a question about this topic already, BUT..

I have a weblog outside of LJ, hosted by Blogger.

Is there a way I could track the IP address of who has visited by weblog? I know someone said to google "web bug," and I did, but I didn't have much luck.
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dream question

I'm dieting and I keep having dreams that I've cheated, big time. When I wake up in the morning, it takes me half the day to convince myself it was just a dream. What's up with that?
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Drink Me

correspondance schools

what are some ACREDDITED correspondance shcools that you would recomend? I know that there's one that often caters to soliers overseas because they can't have a deadline. I need something similar to that because i have chronic pain, and some days (weeks, months) can't do any work at all. other times i can do tons in a very little amount of time. Do you have any suggestions? or know what that school for soldiers is? my mom thinks it's pennsylvania U or something like that. HELP!
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  • katzies

DVD release date

Who determines when a movie is released on DVD (when = how long after the release in theaters) for sale and then for rent? What is the average time between theater release and sale release and then sale release and rent release?

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I know that the Faygo brand of pop is based in Detroit (hence, it is POP not soda, but thats another argument). But can you find it most other places? If so, does anyone else think that Rock 'n Rye is amazing?
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What exactly is a money order, and how do they work?

I was wanting to buy some things off of Amazon, but I don't have a credit card. So I was curious about how these work, and if I'd be better off begging someone to let me use their credit card and pay them back.


on the topic of voices: how important is the sound of a persons voice? sometimes a person can be fIIIne but as soon as they open their mouths its bye bye boner. It must be deep[now i speak for myself and what i like in guy's voices] but not too deep! and it must have  certain flavour, if you will. yes it must be the soft spoken kind of voice.

i once dated a man who had THE voice. let me tell you, it was the phone sex voice. THATs a reason to talk on the phone. dang.

ofcourse a voice all by itself isnt enough, but it sure makes the difference  between party in my pants and party by yourself.

Does anyone know what i mean? have you ever been entranced by someones voice? what type of voice was it?could you  describe it? [these questions  are for both sexes ]
  • kylijah

Trip to the USA

Hello! I have a question for the Americans on this communauty!

My best friend and I are planning a trip to the USA in June for a duration of two weeks or so. We want to be free to go wherever we want and do whatever we want so we're thinking of organizing it by ourselves. Plane tickets is easy but the thing is, we don't want to stay in one city only.

Places we short-listed are: NYC (flying to new york actually), Washington DC, Denver or Dallas (depends where a friend of mine is staying), and Los Angeles.

Now I had a look for trains on Amtrack but it's very expensive: $76 for a one-way ticket from NYC to Washington.
Would you say it's a normal price?
Is there any other rail companies?

Buses (Greyhound) is way cheaper: about $30 for one-way trip to Washington from NYC. Is that a good price? Is there any other buses companies?

I'm also thinking of just getting a multi-city plane ticket (which would cost around $600 which is alright) but airport transfers and all cost some money and time!

There's also the option of renting a car... any favourite companies of yours?

Overall... any tip is welcome!

Thanks a lot!!
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I keep getting ice on the INSIDE of my windshield. I'm not talking a little frost, I mean thick ice. I'm not leaving any windows open or anything, and I'm not really tracking that much snow into my car (no more than usual). This has never happened to me in the past or to anyone else I know. I brought the car to the dealership but they said it was because my floors were so wet (but they aren't). I watched them just take my car to the back but no one REALLY even looked at my car. But to the point...

Why is there ice forming on the inside of my car windows?
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I just got home today from a family vacation in New Zealand and Australia, and I now have an interesting -- well, problem is a strong word for it.

While in Sydney, we watched a fantastic street performer, the kind who called up several volunteers from the audience. We stood and watched the show next to the dad of a little local boy who volunteered (very cute and did a great job, BTW). My dad recorded the entire thing onto 80 mm DVD-Rs. The show was so long it went onto two discs.

After the show, the little boy's dad asked us if he could have a copy, and even though we told him we were leaving for the U.S. the next day, he said he would pay for the DVD or tape, plus postage.

I've been e-mailing the guy to work out details, and apparently he can play DVDs in any region, but preferably Region 4. Their VCR is PAL only, and of course, the U.S. is NTSC.

For those of you experienced in this sort of thing, what would be your advice? Should we put the entire thing onto a DVD or a videotape? I realize a DVD would be cheaper to send (and would not degrade like a tape), but would it be more costly to have copied? If we did a tape, would the conversion to PAL degrade the quality even more?

Thanks for any help you might have to offer!

Darn computer bugs.

Earlier I was sorting through some of my cds and looked at some of them on my computer to see which I don't need anymore, then I got a W32 virus (can't remember which it was exactly). My question is actually this, to anybody that knows, my Norton software said it couldn't be deleted so it was put in quarantine and from there I deleted it from the quarantine program. So is the virus gone for good, or is it still around on my computer? It might sound like a stupid question, but I want to know for sure, that's all. Thanks in advance.
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My kitten Rico is mainly Persian, he is about 3 months old and I was wondering if it was normal for his farts to stink so bad? I am not joking here it smells like someone boiled some eggs, let them rot and then shuved them up him bum, festered there for 3 weeks and then was shot back out in the form of a very toxi gas. His poo is normal and he eats Wiska's kitten food so I'm just hoping that this is a kittie thing that will pass, but I was wondering if anyone has cats where they do not grow out of the horrable smelling faze? Do you think it might have something to do with his bread or just because he is a little monster who still can't work himself yet?
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My friend the vegetarian is having a pretty hard time. All she eats for dinner is salad and bread, she's a horrible "I'm gonna burn the house down" type of cook and her dad always makes meals with meat in them. She doesn't get enough protein and she says she's a picky eater who doesn't like nuts and I was just wondering what type of foods might this picky, vegetarian teenager enjoy? Thanks for your help.

EDIT: I feel she understands that just jumping over into vegetarianism without looking it over wasn't the best thing but she didn't feel like eating animals anymore because she thought it was cruel. That is why she became a vegetarian.

Also, what are your favourite books? We're getting 12-24" of snow tomorrow and I want to get some books for the long snowy weekend. Any genre... doesn't matter. Thanks again.
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My landlord has requested a copy of my Social Insurance Number and/or Driver's Liscense and/or My Health Card (I'm in Ontario, Canada). I trust my landlord but I really don't feel comfortable giving out this information to her. Am I in any way obligated to give her this information? It's not stipulated in my lease or anything.
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You know how police officers and security guards etc have to remove all jewlery? Well how come I see them with their dangly earings? Is there acceptions to ears? Do you think that is fair or do you think that their branch is jus tvery lax on safety?

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I have a big credit card bill, I owe them around £200 immediately that I cannot pay – unable to pay rent, bills, or even buy decent food right now. I have tried to apply for another credit card, two others to be precise, but they have turned me down. Past getting a loan or winning the lotto is there any other way to get around the fact I'm going to be in deep shit if I don't get this paid off?
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.pdf question

Okay, so I backed up my journal as a .pdf file from LJBook...except I tried to save it to a CD-R and it wouldn't do it.

I emailed it to myself, and the file size was 9688k big. So...what can I save that to, short of a memory stick? (I'll do it if I have to, I have money now and a memory stick isn't a bad idea.)
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Not to offend :

What's the deal with people and their sudden obsessions with "vintage, 50's, audrey, marilyn, ect"? It seems that everyone is in love with it now, and I know there are those people that are saying "I'VE LOVED THIS LONGER THAN YOU HAVE!"

I know it's a fad, but jeez.