January 20th, 2005

Being "alone"

I really don't understand why people have such a hard time with not having a lover/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/whatever you want to call it. Can someoen explain to me what is so horrible about being alone?
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So in the book 'Nine Stories' by J.D. Salinger, there's a story called 'Just Before The War With The Eskimos'. Basically these two girls play some tennis then they go back to one of the girls house. While there, the other girl discusses some random stuff with her friend's brother and has a sandwich.

The last paragraph of the story is, for some reason, permanently fixed in the forefront of my mind; probably coz I can't ever figure out what it means. Rather, I know what it says, I just don't understand what it's all about, you see? And sorry, I don't have the book with me at the moment, but part in question is after she leaves the house.

Instead of throwing the uneaten part of the sandwich away, she puts it in her pocket. The last sentence, and the one that I'm always pondering goes something like:

'She wouldn't throw the sandwich out right away; it took her six weeks to get rid of the chick [baby hen] that had died after she recieved it for Easter.'

Huh? So, she, like, kept a dead baby chick? What? Why? If anyone could clarify this for me, I'd be ever so grateful.

for the drinkers out there

Are there certain brands of alchohol that you feel is for sipping and it's inappropriate for shots? Which brands would that be?

And to the tequila drinkers -- do you feel that Patron is a sipping tequila? And that it's tacky to do it as a shot?
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(no subject)

I have to write a persuasive essay on a situation of progress versus nature, but I can’t think of anything interesting… so I’m asking all of you.

I don’t want to do anything too common… aye, there’s the rub.

And, just for fun, what did you have for breakfast this morning?
I had a bagel.
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I'm writing an essay for school and I have this incredible source book thing, full of all the writings there were about Druids. But, I don't know how to credit it in my bibliography.

Do I use the compiler/editor of the book, the title of the book, the title of the original source, or some other way of doing it?

verizon cell phone users...

if you had a cell phone (like me) who has verizon (like me) and enjoyed talking to people here on LJ...would you be willing to talk to them on the phone to say wassup and start having like a real offline/online friendship goin? I've done it...was just wondering if anyone else has or is interested. This is why my friends in Connecticut are my bestest friends. Im in California. We talk several times a day for free cuz its mobile to mobile and free national. I was just wondering.
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why do people write comments in bathroom stalls? (it sort of reminds me of a discussion board!)
so what's the strangest thing you've read in a bathroom stall?
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Weddings galore! (And some other questions)

2 questions:

1. My sister is getting married and I'm the maid of honor. Traditionally, what role do I play in the planning of the wedding? As in, I know I'm supposed to organize the bridal shower. But is there anything else?

2. I'm also a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. What is my traditional role in that as well? Other than walking down the aisle, etc.

3. What song makes you really really happy anytime you hear it?

4. What song makes you depressed anytime you hear it?

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Led Zep.

What's with the constant misspelling of "Led Zeppelin" as "Led Zepplin"? I mean, why do so many people do it? Given all the results one can get on say, Kazaa if they look up "Led Zepplin" it's certainally not an occisional mistake, but a common one. Or am I the one being ignorant here and is "Zepplin" a perfectly acceptable spelling of the name?
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(no subject)

I live in the UK and I was wondering what is it that you would have to do to be admited to a mental hospital? How bad would you have to be before they would accept you if you chose to go in of your own free will? And what is it like in there?

Any more information would be great.

Just wondering.

For those of you with small pets...

Can you keep a dwarf hamster in one of these? How about a black bear hamster?

The bars are spaced wide enough to fit my finger up to about the second knuckle, but not two fingers. Sorry, but I can't find my ruler! d'oh! I used it as a quarantine cage for my rats, when one would need to be separated from the other for short periods of time. My brother wants a hamster, and I'll keep the cage for him if it will work. :o)

Cross posted a bit. Sorry!
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movie questions

did any of you ever notice how in those old cowboy movies, the hero always comes riding out of the west, but when the movie is done, he rides off into the sunset? he's going around in circles!
did u like titanic?
what's you fav. little kid movie?
fav moive in general?
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american psycho.

(no subject)

How much is the extra weight charge for suitcases at airports?

While on vacation here in Seattle, I did a ton of shopping and fear that now that my suitcase is packed I've gone over the allowed pound limit.
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Is there a way I can find out what the number 1 song on Billboard (US) was for a given week every year for.. 19 years? I've been looking and I've been able to find a few of them but not really.. and I don't feel like buying the books! ;p

I'm looking for the week of March 4, from 1986 to the present.. I have 1986 [Starship - Sara], 1987 [Bon Jovi - Livin' On a Prayer], and 1988 [George Michael - Father Figure]. I've been googling different variations of the idea and I've gotten stuck at 1989. I'm going to start from 2004 now and work my way backwards until I get stuck again, and any help would be much appreciated!!

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hey. my computer is acting up. i cannot use the pull down tabs on the livjournal toolbar. i cannot upload pictures. every once in a while my comptuer tells me that pages wont display properly because im running 'active x' in my security settings.
so i turn off both my internet accelerator that has security options, and norton anti virus... but the issue will not subside.
i have no one else to turn to.
what can i do?
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I am responding to a job ad online.
My problem is that this is a BIG DEAL job (joining the graphics department of a major international company!) and I don't know quite how to approach it. I'm sending a formal letter outlining my skills and education/experience in the field, but i don't know if i should send a resume as well.
I'm perfectly qualified for the position, I'm not worried about that. I'm confused because for the past few years I've had nothing but retail shit jobs. Sure, i worked in the graphics department of another company for 3 years, but before and after that was all basic retail.

I can outline the graphics job within the letter itself, so is a resume still needed?
Should i still send a resume, even thought it's all retail crap?
Or make a new resume with only the one job and education on it?
Any tips?

I'm freaking out :(

Female body hair question

This question is mainly aimed at guys, but I wouldn't mind some female opinions as well...

I'd like to know how much body hair is acceptable on a girl? For example, we all know females have arm and leg and armpit hair, but at what point does your opinion on body hair go from "Ok, that's normal" to "Whoa, that's just weird"?

I mean, do you freak out at hair on arms.. legs.. stomach.. what?

Please be 100% honest. Thanks


Is this legal?

My mom is about to apply for some need-based student loans for my younger brother, who is currently a college sophomore. She told me that she got denied last time for me due to having too much income and money. So this time, she's taking several thousand dollars out of her bank account and giving it to me so I can hold onto the money for her in my own bank account for a while. This is to conceal how much money she really has while the application goes through.

I was kinda wandering if this was really legal. Any legal experts here?
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(no subject)

Before I ask this, let me clarify that my aim here is in no way to start up a political argument or anything. I'm simply in search of information if it's out there. Please, I don't want my in-box filling up with political pissy-ness or anything (to put it bluntly).

In my school, you are required to write a Thesis in your U.S. History class. Because it seemed such a hot topic during the elections, I decided to write my thesis on Roe v. Wade. It says here in one of my books regarding the final decision made by the Supreme Court, "... the Court spelled out exactly how the states could, if they chose to do so, limit a woman's right to abortion." Is it illegal if I don't cite that? Uhmmm... page 83 of ... *scrambles to turn the book cover up* Roe v. Wade: The Abortion Question by D.J. Herda... ok? Don't sue me!

Anyways... until now I had always thought that the Supreme Court made the whole trimester idea essentially law. But this quote leads me to believe that if a state wanted to have abortion laws, they would have to follow the guidelines regarding the trimesters. My question is this: Are there any states that don't have any abortion laws? Are there states that just never got around to putting any in place or never got around to modifying them after Roe v. Wade. Is there a website I can go to somewhere that lists all the states and their respective laws regarding abortion? I don't really need it for my thesis as much as I need it out of sincere curiosity at this point.

Sorry if half of that (or more) wasn't coherent. I've been hunched over on my bed all day researching and taking notes and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Everyone in my school right now is super stressed out -- especailly everyone in my year. So yeah... if you could help out, that'd be awesome. Thanks!!!

(no subject)

I’ve been reading ‘Slut! Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation’ by Leora Tanenbaum (defiantly recommended) and I have a few thoughts, I’d like to see what other people think.

If a man is flirting with a woman in a workplace, making sexual innuendo would this count as sexual harassment, and if the women reciprocated would it still be sexual harassment on his part, her part of both? Would that suggest that the woman has little self-worth or that she just wants some fun?

If a woman is a ‘tease’ she does not deserve to be raped, however if she makes promises that she does not fulfill does that make her a bad person? If it is kept as strictly flirting, with no promises of sexual activity, simply innuendo or flirting and she does not have sex with him does that make her a bad person or just someone having some innocent fun?

If a girl was sexually abused in some way, and went on to be sexually promiscuous as a way of taking back control is she really doing the best thing, where is the distinction between having sex to gain back control or to have fun and having sex in a way that is emotionally damaging, what could she do instead of trying to use sex to take back control?

As a woman do you feel you really know why you have sex, do you think in today’s culture it is hard to tell what you are supposed to do when it comes to sex? – Actually going on a conversation I had earlier, other genders please answer this question too, does culture seem hard to interpret or hypocritical to you?

[Edit: When I say "do you think in today’s culture it is hard to tell what you are supposed to do when it comes to sex?" I mean as in whether you are having sex for yourself or for your partner, whether you are a slut for being sexual or do you feel that you are sexually free? - The question relates to double standards and hypocrisy.]
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Windows XP

Help! I was playing a game on my laptop and the battery died so the laptop shut down. When I plugged it in and turned the power on everything on the screen is larger then normal. All the icons, text, everything. I tried looking it up in troubleshooter but all the suggestions such as changing the DPI or font size made no difference. Anyone have any suggestions?
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(no subject)

I found that my ex had installed "KeyboardBug - System Monitoring Software" on my computer. While my Add/Remove Files allows me to remove it, I'd like to find a way to open it up to see how long this was going on before I do so. If anyone knows the secret way to open this up (and I've tried searching for it in a number of ways), please please help!