January 19th, 2005

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So, i'm looking to get a credit card (for credit)
I don't care too much about interest rate, as I will be paying off the payments every month so I will never accumulate interest.
I guess low interest is best though.

But, I heard about..i think it's matercard that you can do sky miles, I fly a lot to see family so that works, and you can pick any airline.
but there's an annual fee I believe of like $80 something.

I guess i'll ask a generic question:

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Weight Watchers

I have a question about Weight Watchers.

Basically, I'd like to know how the diet plan works. From what I can glean online, foods are assigned a number of points. The dieter is assigned a point-goal for each day. That's as much information as I can find without paying for a Weight Watcher's membership.

This is for a report for a Diet & Fitness course at school, so I'd prefer not to pay $10-15 for membership, just to find out how their diet system works.

Any information would be much-appreciated.
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At the end of this year I graduate from University (degree in Info and Communications Tech), but i want to do something different for a few years.

Id like to be a flight attendant for a year or two. Only domestic, because I couldnt handle being away from home for lots of days at a time.

It wil be in Australia, and i understand alot of you are american, but i just want some ideas about it...
Ive looked on the Aussie websites and i have all the requirements apart from first aid which i can get before i apply.

Does anyone know the pay for a short haul flight attendant?
Has ayone been a fight attendant or know anyone that is? If so, got any good/bad stories or suggestions?

thanks :)

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I'm buying a new computer before I go to university, and I;m still trying to decide whether a laptop or a desktop PC would be better. I know a laptop would be easier to transport, but I've heard that desktop's tend to be better overall.

So in your opinion, which would be better to get?
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Have you done any random acts of kindness lately? If so, what were they?

This isn't anything major, but I was just getting a snack out of the vending machine, and I accidentally pressed the wrong thing... so I left the snack in the retriever thing and got something else, so now the next person to use it gets a free snack. :)
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Tax Time!

The W2s are here and I smell IRS forms in the breeze. My favorite! No really. I'm not kidding, I love doing my taxes! I look forward to it every year.

Do you hate tax time? Is it the filling out of forms or the realization of how much money you had to fork over for the last twelve months that makes you hate it?

Or are you like me and are totally thrilled when you open your W2?

Do you have to fill out state tax forms in your state? Have you ever noticed that the state forms are more complex than the Federal? (Maybe it's just CA or it could just be me...)

And finally, do you file them yourself or do you use a tax prep service, like H&R Block?
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Sublet advice...

So I am desparately trying to find a sublet-er for my bedroom in a 4 BR apartment. I moved out for finanacial reasons, and am getting desparate, because, come February 1st, I will have to pay 2 rents.

I have put ads on craigslist and on my university's off-campus housing website. I am making fliers to put up around my campus tomorrow. I just don't know where else to list this room for rent.

Any advice?

I am in Chicago.
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Investing Our Taxes?

Anybody got any opinions on the Bush plan to allow people to invest a portion of their federal income taxes in stock in order to have a retirement fund? I am coming to the opinion that, if this is meant to replace social security, that it is not a very practical solution. Social security was designed to help the poor, while this program appears targeted to help the rich and highly educated. After all, if the amount of money you invest is a certain percentage of your taxes, the people who will get to invest the most are the people paying more income taxes...the rich.

Secondly, those folk didn't reach the upper-classes by accident. They had the education and business knowledge to know how to use their money effectively and where to invest (or their parents did). So, they have the know-how needed to take advantage of a system which offers them more money to invest with. Investing is a risky business. You have to be familiar with the ratings of particular businesses, and how to diversify. How are blue-collar workers going to know where to invest smartly, without screwing themselves over and losing the money they need for retirement?

And really, which is the lesser of two evils? A social security program which could run out when the baby boomers need it (not to mention later generations), or a program where one's nest egg depends upon using taxes in the ever-fluctuating stock market in an economy where many people (esp. the lower to middle classes) don't know how to invest?

It seems to me like the people who have the knowledge to take advantage of this program could benefit greatly from it, espeically if they are already wealthy. But the people who really need help with funding their old age, and their families, won't have the knowledge to take advantage of it, plus they won't any longer have social security. So, you potentially have a greater number of poor people either working all the way through old age, to the end of their life, or you increase the poverty level in America.

That's my take on the info I've learned so far, but if I am misunderstanding something here, or have misinterpreted something, feel free to correct me. I really want to figure out whether or not this program will benefit America as a whole.
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I haven't made oatmeal in a REALLY long time, and it says I can add either milk or water. I can't remember for the life of me which one is better. Does milk give it a more creamy taste? I'd think the water would just make it bland. . . What would be better?

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Are you for or against declawing your cat? Why or why not?

Edit: I have 3 DECLAWED cats. People who say it's cruel to cut part of the knuckle...well, my cats don't even realize they are missing it. In fact, they still scratch the scratching post, bed, couch whatever (of course nothing happens because they are declawed), they even still try to climb stuff. So in that respect, the cats really have no idea and don't experience any pain (I say so because they all played and pawed at toys when they came home).

Some say it makes cats more likely to bite, all I can say is, I've never been bitten. Like a GOOD, CAREFUL owner, I make sure my cats don't go outside. So it's never even an issue if they get out. But should the chance happen (like if my cats learn to somehow travel through walls), they have the chip inside their teeth.
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IP addresses

I have two computers set up on at home (desktop with a wired web connection and laptop with wifi, all linked to a cable modem with a wireless router). Do they have different IP addresses? How do I find out what the IPs are? I have a PC and a Mac.
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Anyone ever had a cat that would "attack" you when you played an electric guitar (on headphones) in the same room with it? Anyone know what the cause of this might be? (It's not me, but a person that has a LJ and I still probably couldn't pummel them into posting here, so I'll ask for her. :) )
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A letter to the editor of my local paper claimed that, in addition to the 1300+ killed and 10000+ wounded, about 5500 American troops have deserted and fled to Canada.

Has anyone heard this claim before?

Edit: I did some googling. It appears that the 5500 figure was first reported by The Daily Telegraph and parroted by anti-war sites across the Web. The Telegraph looks like a normal, reputable news source. Can anyone shed any light on this?

what kinda thing can make my life more fun to live?

I tried medications, talking to psychologist regulary.. but doesnt help.

i dont feel content about my life. there's nothing wrong with anything but i feel just so not connected and everyday feels same day... repeating and repeating..

so i thought if i do something maybe it will make life more interesting..
then i joined a lots of clubs, after school activities, sports... learned to how to bike..
i am involved in 3 to 4 clubs , choir, fencing, and etc.

but it doesnt stay. its all templorary relife.. i need to find something that would hold me strong and still.

there are two things i found that makes me so happy and feel alive.
talking and socialize with friends and going to movie or a show.

besides those, i feel totally empty inside..

some ppl suggested me cutting myself, weed and etc.
but cutting doesnt seem effective, and weed, i'll rather not try it since its not essential solution to problem and its fake amusement that will last only the moment.

is there any kinda thing that would make me feel alive?
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2 work-related questions

1. Collapse )

So if you're still with me at this point -- what is a good way to bring this up without sounding unreasonably defensive, nor accusatory? He is the boss, after all, and can do whatever he damn well pleases, but I really do need his support when people get all sexist and just in general won't accept my answers that are well within reason, or else people won't listen to me at all, after a while.

2. How long should I be at my job (if you don't feel like reading the first question -- I work in an auto body shop as a receptionist/accounts payable/general office clerk) before asking for a raise? I have been there not quite 6 months and that's definitely way too soon, but would a year be reasonable? 18 months?

I am very efficient and get all my work done on time if not early and in fact run out of things to do so I have to create busywork for myself. I've revamped the filing system and added little touches here and there that make not just my job but that of the estimators and shop guys a little bit easier. If these factor in... I do not have a degree nor any formal secretarial training. I do get medical benefits (which started when I hit 3 months) but the company pays only 20% and I pay $50 a week for them myself. There is no 401(k), profit sharing, or similar thing offered by the company.

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Today my acting teacher assigned us to find a two to five minute scene from a movie, and the only requirement is that the scene is between two people who love eachother, but not romantically. My scene partner doesn't do drama well, so the scene would be best if was from a comedy. Any ideas?

Edit: The scene is between two girls.
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Hi, first-time poster here. I was directed to this community from a user in anyquestion who told me that this is a little more active. Here's my question:

How do you save animated icons to your computer so that they remain animated?

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This question is not for me, but for a friend. She's been with her boyfriend for a little over a year now, and ever since the semester started, she's feeling a little unsatisfied with their sex life. To put it bluntly, he's done too fast, and she's just getting started. Foreplay is nonexistant and, to her at least, sex has become one of those things they do when they are bored and don't want to go out.

Now, here's the question: how can she talk to him about this without making him awkward or feel inadequate? She said that before, things were great and she was more than satisfied, but since the semester started and they went back to school, it's like this. She doesn't want him to feel bad, and doesn't want to make it awkward later. Also, she's shy, and extravagant experimentation to "boost their sex drive" is pretty much something that won't work for her. So, what do you guys think? How should she breach the subject?
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I got an email in my inbox today marked as spam. I usually check the spam just in case something goes there that accidentally. The email I got today was marked as from eBay.com, but I didn't catch the com at first (I'm a member at eBay.ca)

I ignored the Warning at the top that said "This message may not be from whom it claims to be..." etc because I am stupid and was panicking just a little. As you can read below (pics under the cut), it says follow the link below to verify your personal information. There was nothing at the link (it went to eBay, but it said that page didn't exit). It wasn't until after I checked my eBay account to make sure everything was in order and that no charges had been made to my account that I realized it probably wasn't from eBay.ca or eBay.com. Going back to the email, I read the email again and found spelling mistakes - understading, apreciate - which is classic of hoaxes.

Now, my question is, did I just shoot myself in the foot here? By entering that link into my browser have I done something irreversible and/or really really stupid?

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does anyone know a good place to download sheet music online (it doesn't even have to be free?)

I need to know ASAP for class tomorrow...

thanks, so much!

::edit:: any instrument will do, but preferably piano

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What's a good way to tell someone you have feelings for them without using the phrases "I have a crush on you" or "I like you?"

(I may still be in highschool, but those phrases annoy the crap out of me. Time to stray away from the immature pack of "OHMIGAWD HE SAID HE LIKED MEE!" girls. sorta.)
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What do you think of the new show Point Pleasant?

Personally, I didn't really care for it. I thought it was actually kind of dumb. =/.

On American Idol tonight, did anyone think that the triplets were fat like simon said?
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Break-up advice?

I'm aware this totally varies from person-to-person, but I love this community and you people always give such sound advice. So. Er. Hi, I'm Julie, sixteen years old and my first real boyfriend just broke up with me.

We were together for a month and 24 days, to be totally exact, and, uhm, it didn't get too serious and we didn't have as much communication as I would have liked -- we didn't spend enough time alone or be really couple-like -- but things were nice for a while, and I did really really really like him. And he was my first actual relationship.

Sooo. Uhm. Basically, I just have a few questions:
A) Any advice on how to act from now on? I really want us to still be friends.

To be utterly honest, a part of me desperately wants us to become utterly close, uber!best friends. Because I love that feeling of, well, irreplaceability when you're so close to someone. (I have that kind of connection with 3 people -- none of them in my daily life, though, sadly.) I don't know if this is me hoping that we might possibly get together again if this happens, or if I'm trying to go for the 'second-best thing', or if I just honestly want to be friends and nothing else, or...

I'm really not sure what my head is up to. I just know I want to be good, good friends with him. Best friends if possible.

B) How can you tell if you're in shock or denial regarding matters like these?

Yesterday, I couldn't comprehend how I would manage if we broke up, because I couldn't imagine not being able to kiss him whenever I liked or, or, anything really. Even though it wasn't a perfect relationship by any means, I'll still miss it. But now that my worst case scenario has played itself out, I'm not exactly that upset. I haven't really cried or expressed too much sadness or anything. I feel cheated of a rightful amount of depression and angst, damnit. XD

Uh. So yeah. Someone I know suggested that I might be in shock, because half of me is all mixed up and jumbled and not sure what to feel, and the other half is being amused at the situation and imagining all the hilarious things I could do. Like stumble around in pyjamas with red eyes, eating cookie dough out of a gigantic plastic bucket and oh man, it would be so comedic.

BUT BACK TO MY QUESTION. My friend said it sounds a bit like shock to him, admittedly clueless in psychology that he is, but that I might not be exactly accepting what's happened. It's either that, or I'm incredibly well-adjusted. Or something. This has never happened to me before, so I DON'T KNOW WAH.

C) Is the "It's not working out, I think we're better off as friends" line as cliche as it seems, on hindsight? Is it ever actually true? If it isn't, am I naive for thinking it might be, this time around?

Though it must be the most overused excuse ever, I actually believe him. Is this dumb of me? 8D

D) Consider that he's never had to break up with someone before, since the girl always did it in his previous relationships. In this case, he mulled it over for 2-3 weeks and acted especially cold and distant in the last week to imply imminent!breakup, before finally having The Talk.

Would this have pissed you off?

I'm not angry about it -- I think it'd be better than if it suddenly came out of the blue, with no advance warning whatsoever. But I'm just interested in seeing what other people's reactions would be.

E) And since I've rambled about my problems for so long in this post, feel free to share your own woes and troubles and similar experiences. Since we all love doing that. <3333

Thankyouuu. *love and cookies*

PS: I'm probably making too big a deal out of something tiny and trivial, but I love totally overanalyzing things and working stuff out. Pander to my eccentricities! XD And again. I'm sorry for talking so much.
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New Rule in School

My school has just imposed a new rule. Everything in the cafe MUST BE LOW FAT FOODS (Even though they still serve Pizza and chips, go figure). So with this new rule they got rid of cookies, bacon, beef etc. I happen to like my sandwhiches with beef and bacon but alas, I can no longer order that. But anyway, I don't agree with this. We're High School Students here. I full heartedly agree to have low-fat options (even though I don't like the low-fat diet). But do you think it's okay that they have the right to take away all the foods except the low-fat ones?
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A friend told me that in the first types of ketchup, blueberries were involved (in addition to the tomatoes). Any ideas about whether it's true or not?


What d'ya suppose is in that thar chest???