January 18th, 2005

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Ok, first off, this isn't anything to do with me personally.

If someone discusses that they have pedophiliac fantasies on their journal, stating clearly that it bothers them, that they were happy to have resisted when they had a really obvious, easy opportunity to satisfy them and get away with it, and said they wanted these desires to go away, should they have hate heaped on them, or given support in their desires for recovery?

IMO, they should be supported and encouraged in their desire to overcome these desires. In a situation like this, the person realizes that it is wrong to act on such desires and has expressed a desire to get better. While even having the desire to molest children is quite disturbing, if the person is fighting the desires and wanting to reduce them, that shows they are at heart a good person, that just has a mental illness of some sort and deserves to be healed, not hated.

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What's the phrase used when you've gone through all of the people you have to go through to get something done?

IE: You go to your shift supervisor, then unit manager, then asst. general manager, then general manager, etc.
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Bad form?

So I saw a very, attractive woman at the gym yesterday and was tempted to introduce myself, however, something in the back of my mind is telling me that the gym is really not the place for that.

Would you consider it bad form to hit one someone at the gym?
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Black tongue.

My boyfriend swore that when he took the Pepto chewables before bed he woke up with a black tongue in the morning. I thought he was crazy until it happened to me. O_O But why does it happen?
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For those of you who have college degrees in the job market, or those who hire people for higher level retail/marketing jobs:

How influential is it to have "Honors" attached to your college degree? Does it at all affect your resume, interview, standing, etc.? Does it have any effect in the way an employer views his or her prospective candidates? Does the presence of "Honors" give you an advantage, whereas the absence of "Honors" would give you a disadvantage?
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What product or gadget has made your life just a little bit easier? (And I don't mean your battery operated Boyfriend. *ahem*.)

For me, it has to be the Mr Clean Magic Eraser.
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Has anyone heard about/had experience with the drug Metformin? What have you heard? What was your experience?

My gyno said I'm a good candidate for it, but I want to talk to people who've encountered it before going on it. :o)

Question for both ladies and men

When you see a woman adjust her bra in public, does it bother you? In other words, do you find it something that is distasteful to do out in the open? If/when you do it (assuming you're a female), do you ever feel uncomfortable doing it? I do it all the time and it never bothers me.

Just to clarify (hoping I explain this right), when I say "adjust", I don't just mean pulling up the strap if it slides down, I mean noticeably taking and adjusting any other part of it.
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Do you think a 27 year old male dating a 20 year old female is strange? Do older guys really have ulterior motives?

My older brother keeps telling me that the 27 year old guy I'm seeing is "deficient" and only interested in me as arm candy. The guy I'm seeing is a really decent guy and we've discussed, at length, how I am in no way being used or viewed as a trophy.

I'm starting to feel hopeless in my defense though.

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What is something that you would give to a guy that is the equivalent of giving a woman flowers? I guess I could get my boyfriend flowers, but I'd feel a little silly.

I'm basically looking for something thoughtful to give him that would make him feel the way I would feel if he gave me flowers out of the blue. Ya know? :p

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Ok, this is EXTREMLY generic, but I'm curious. It's exam times, and all my friends are stressed and tired and anxious and I really want to do something nice for them all. Now, things like group dinners or whatever aren't really an option, because everyone has such hectic schedules, but I reall want to do... something.... Has anyone done something in the past? Or have any good ideas?
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I have a habit of zoning out and just thinking about random things and I usually think of something I had found really funny a while before, which causes me to burst out in hysterical laughter.

I was going to say, do you ever find yourself lauging hysterically at nothing, but that's not the case, because I'm actually lauging at something. This happens to me quite often, a lot of the time it's crippling laughter at in opportune moments (like in the middle of tests or while we're counting music in orchestra).

But what I'm getting at is, does this happen to you? Because, I never see this happen to anyone else.

Maybe I'm just a freak. Or my mind wanders too much.
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clampy things.

So, I got stitches about two days ago, and the doctor let me keep "thingies" because they'd have to throw them away. (I swear I didn't ask for them, which I'm sure a few of my friends are thinking.)

Both thingies open and close like scissors, and have a locking thing near the finger-holes, so that if you squeeze them tightly enough shut, they'll stay shut until you squeeze them and press a little.

Thingy one is curved at the end and is... I want to say serrated, but that isn't it. the parts that meet are like ^^^^^ instead of flat, to fit into eachother. I think it was used to hold my little wound shut while it got stitched. I don't know, I wasn't looking.

Thingy two is not curved and is flat. I think he said it was a needle-puller.

What are the official names for these thingies?
Any ideas what I could use them for? (Right now I'm using them to clamp together some cardboard for a fort)

Blue Birthmarks

I was following my brother up the stairs this afternoon as we were bringing in groceries. I happened to look up and see a birthmark smack in the middle of his back above his bottom, where his shirt had ridden up. I had forgotten all about the thing until then. Thing is, it's blue and about the size of a pencil eraser. Which got me wondering, how common are these things? Because he's the only one I've ever seen have one. I looked online and apparently they're called Mongolian Spots, I'm assuming because a large number of the people who get them are of Asian descent or somethingrather, which I thought was interesting. Does anyone here have one or know someone who does? And what's your/their ethnic extraction? My brother and I are half Filipino, by the way.
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Sometimes I'm in bed and I wake up and I look at the clock. The clock reads a time, 12:00, we'll say. Then I lay my head back down and it feels like I've only been laying back down for a second but then the clock reads 2:43. Why does this happen? It happens to me very often.

Why is it once I open my eyes I can't remember my dreams anymore?

Also, why does sleep deprivation make you go insane and is there an illness that causes someone to never fall asleep?
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Which came first - Cosmo the drink, or Cosmo the magazine?

Also, what exactly does "Slide" mean in the context of Goo Goo Dolls' song? Does it mean slide over in bed, or what?

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To who and for what reason did you say 'thank you' last? And what did you do last that you were thanked for?

Do you think you say 'Thank you' too much? I think I do, but only to show people I appreciate what they do for me. :P
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I'm leaving for college in August, far away from home. All of a sudden I think it has hit my mom, and now for days she is crying uncontrollably. I can't seem to do anything to console her. Even when I just speak to her, her cries grow louder. What should I do?
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An the amazing race. . the couple John and the blond(high pitched annoying scream/voice), what happened to her hand? She was throwing the manuer(sp?) at the wall and then ran away screaming. Just wondering what happened. thanks.
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Man am I hungry..

So, how often does your family (or just you if you live alone) go grocery shopping? Is it enough? Ideally, how often would you go?

It seems that the older I get, the less my mom goes. I'd say now we go maybe once every six weeks.. maybe it's longer than that. I lose count. Better yet, I hardly scrape enough money together to go out to lunch every day. Needless to say, I go hungry a lot. =/

I can't wait to find a good job and afford myself some food... and a place of my own. x.x!
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i am always random.

do any of you have a husband/wife/significant other of some kind (specifically one that you live with,) in the military that are overseas? if so, how do you deal with it? it's really hard dealing with separation, worrying about him, and learning how to live alone. do you have any tips on dealing with these things? any pointers, suggestions, etc.?

where can i get a wedding dress made in "native american" style out of suede? is that going to cost me a million dollars?

do you like cold or warm weather? what do you do for fun when it's snowy and you don't feel like being cold and wet?

what is the difference between "all wheel drive" and "four wheel drive"? because to me it sounds like the same thing. my car has four wheels, and that is all of them?

and when is gran turismo 4 actually going to come out?