January 17th, 2005

Monkey Business

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Is "subject to dismissal from the university" a euphemism? do they really mean "we gonna kick you out!"

and who else can't believe that arrested development got beat out for best comedy series by desperate housewives? now thats funny!

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How much would be too much to feed a snail? He'll eat any of the fish pellets I drop down... including getting on the top of the fish tank and dropping into the plastic plant to get pieces that snagged on leaves... which is really cool to watch.

What's your stupidest injury story? Last night I crawled over/into a knife on the floor(That I had just set there about 40 seconds earlier) while entering a cardboard box fort. 2 stitches.

Has there been any people angsting over the LJ blackout and blaming it on sixapart? I know it's not their fault, but have their been wank sightings?

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It´d be great if someone could give me some suggestions on some good books about international politics/ economics written from a left wing perspective for the non-specialist reader?
ones like Globalization and Its Discontents and Why do People Hate America?.
or a better community to ask this in?
THank you!!
Drink Me

random related questions

1. if u could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
2. if you could be a character from a book (fiction) who would it be and why? (author & title of book please!)
3. how often do you (happy now?) update your lj?
4. moo like a chicken
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Hey!Well I have a question...after my boyfriend and I had sex, later that night when I was praying (I pray every night) I asked for forgiveness for my sins. I don't believe if you love the person and feel in your heart that you will spend the rest of your life with them that it is a sin to have sex before marriage. My friend is a strong believer in marriage before sex and she said it was good to ask for forgiveness, but if I do it again then it will be wrong b/c it's like I didn't mean what I was praying for. What if my boyfriend and I have sex again...I don't want to be punished for it, and it would be a double-standard type thing to ask for forgiveness for the same thing twice. I don't believe that having sex with him is a mistake, we were ready and I know we love each other...any opinions?
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what do you call your grandparents? do your kids/are your kids going to call your parents the same thing? i'm having trouble figuring out what i want my soon-to-exist child calling his grandparents. personally, i call mine "mema" and "papa", both of which i think are a bit ridiculous.. and anyway, i'd want my child to call those particular individuals by those names, instead of getting confused with two people (my mother and grandmother) by the same name, etc. just looking for ideas beyond "grandma". ;) thanks.

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I have a friend going to Florida this week, which is about a 3 hour plane ride. He wants everyone to write him plane letters, so I put in a little note, a personalized word search and well, thats it... What else should I put in?

And yes, by letter I mean it is more of the in-the-air-bordem kit....
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Okay, this is kinda complicated so I aplogize if I confuse anyone, but I need outside opinions 'cause I'm not sure of the situation.
At my apartment, we pay the water bill and it's in my name. We live in a house that has two apartments in it, and the guy who lives in the other apartment does not directly pay the water bill, so it's up to me and my 2 roommates. So, the way it is now is that we split the bill 4 ways, for the 3 of us and the guy who lives in the other apartment. This month's water bill was $145.96, split 4 ways that's $36.49. Then, on the next months's rent payment, we take the other guy's share of the water bill off of each of our rent, which is $275. So we split what would be his payment of $36.49 into our rents, so next month's rent will be $262.84.
So, my question is, is this fair or am I getting screwed? I mean, since the water bill is in my name, shouldn't *I* be the only one taking the other guy's share of the water bill out of my rent? The full payment ultimately comes out of my bank account, so really taking out 1/3 of the other guy's water bill doesn't seem fair to me. I feels like something isn't right, but I can't find the right way to put it into words and explain it to my roommates. I could be wrong in this, and I fully acknowledge that.

Any advice is appreciated. I'll clarify more if anyone needs more in order to help with advice.

Thanks :)
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Help me identify this picture, please. Found in a National Geographic, long ago.

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So, my question is:

What is this building (proper name)? What city and country is it in? Is it always lit up like this? And, most importantly, where can I find more images of it lit up?

Thanks in advance!