January 16th, 2005

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There's a meme going around LJ where you write five truths and five lies about yourself. Does anyone have the header to this? The only LJ on my friends list that has it is down. Or can someone tell me if you write the statements in one post and reveal them in another or if you do it all in one post?
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I've been with my boyfriend for over a year now, and I plan on marrying him in the near future (mostly so we can get independent student status and score financial aid, but still). So I wonder:

Would there be any point or important reason for me to come out to my (and his) family as bi?

I've been wanting to, but it's not like it's because I have to explain anything (because I'm with a boy and all). It seems like it would just be an egotistical show-off moment more than anything else, although maybe they'd "understand" me better if they knew.

I dunno...Thoughts?
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How would I go about taking a nice picture of myself?
I look terrible in all pictures (and I know that everyone says it) but I always do. So bear with me.
Any ideas, angles, tips to get a picture of oneself? A nice one?

Anyone want to post up any pictures of cool (although actually possible) wild/etc hairstyles for people with hair around chest-level?

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please help me.

yesterday i drank about 8 shots of vodka around 3pm. i woke up around 4 this morning, puked stomach acid, had water, puked that. i didnt eat anything yesterday. im so thirsty, but everything i drink i just puke. i also feel like a ton of bricks smacked me in the head, but im afraid to take medicine in case that comes up (which would be the most disgusting thing ever). should i try to eat? sip water, or juice? what do i do if everything just keeps getting thrown up? the alcohol was absorbed a looooong time ago, i dont know what function this puking has. my friend told me to have juice and toast. please help me, i feel so sick.
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So. I've been wanting to give myself a manicure. I paint my nails a lot, but everything just ends up looking all raggedy and sloppy. How would I go about doing this? More specific questions that also need to be addressed:

-In manicure sets, I see this pointy piece of wood called a cuticle pusher. I don't know what it does, but it looks painful--explain please?

-I have very thin, weak nails in the winter, and I never grow my nails long (I'm fortunate to have a long nail bed, so even with my nails cut short, they don't look all short and stubby). This time of year, the top layer of my nails at the tips will often flake and wear away. Anything I can do for that?

-And finally, the skin at the base of my nails tends to get all dry and red and irritated, and I get these little bits of skin peeling off. Wha?? What do I do for that?


I need a haircut, it's getting kind of long and shaggy. The problem is I don't know how I want it cut so I figured I'd ask for some good styles; however, there are some regulations that it has to go by such as: it has to be business-like, and it has to be a natural hair color (which means I'll just be keeping my brown hair brown). Can anyone tell me some good styles, or show me a reference?
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Is there anywhere where I can find the names of the actors in commercials?

(For some reason that question doesn't sound clear to me, but I don't know how to make it better.)
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does it cost a lot of money to send something across a country border? basically, i'm wondering if it would cost less for someone to send something from, say.. Buffalo, NY to Los Angelos, CA than from Buffalo to Montreal, Canada because they're in the same country (though obviously much farther in distance), or is it only the distance that matters, and therefore Buffalo to Montreal would be a lot cheaper? thanks. :)

Weight Barrier.

I am quite thin and athletic, and a few of my friends are heavier than I am. They never want to go shopping with me and oftentimes exclude me when they go to the mall. On the rare occation I get invited, they make cracks at how thin I am. It's actually making it hard to be friends with them. They make weight such an issue. How can I approach this in conversation without hurting their feelings? Why do you think they do this? Have you ever discriminated against someone because they were too big or too small?

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So, for my Engineering term this year we have to present an idea for a project with a $400 budget between 8 people. The most popular ideas get picked and we get split up into groups of 8, so we contribute 50 bucks each to our project. I have no idea what to do, so I'll ask you great people...

what is something that you wish was invented, but hasn't been yet? or

what is something that already exists, that you would like to improve upon?

Last term there was a heated doormat, so as to melt ice. Neat, eh? However it was like three inches thick, haha. I'll share my one idea with youCollapse )
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Where is a good vacation spot for June/July?

My good friend is giving me a trip with her for my birthday/graduation and I need to pick a place. So not like Japan, or Australia.
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a) Do you sing in the shower? Any favorite tunes?

b) Are you a member of any LJ communities where you just lurk and observe what goes on?

c) How would you go about making a computer room (two windows, a bookshelf, eggshell white walls, and some extra furniture from another room -- it's kind of a storage room too) more inviting and comfortable?
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Golden Globes

Weren't there any freaky looking, too much skin showing, "who forced you to wear THAT" outfits at tonights Golden Globes? They all looked fairly normal and okay to me (from what I've seen so far online and on TV)...