January 14th, 2005

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i was sick last week or so with a really bad cold. i started taking an antibiotic last friday and all this week i have been feeling fine. the only thing is though, lately my chest has felt really tight and kinda achey and when i breathe in, i am wheezing a little bit. any ideas why this is???
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Can we back off Prince Harry already

Can we back off Prince Harry already?

Personally I think it was rather tasteless and I would not be caught dead in something like that, but... lets be real here, it was a costume party, no one was physically injured by him, and I would like to believe that he does not actually believe in Nazi ideals.

What do you think harmless prank or something worth getting worked up over?
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I just lost my job. I had only been working for two months at this particular job though. Can I get unemployment in New York State?

I checked the department of labor website, but I don't really understand it.

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I'm doing a crossword and a couple of the spots are stumping me. Maybe you esteemed community members can give me some answers here. The question marks are the blanks I have

Ginsenglike vegetable: ?-?-o
NBA Hall-of-Famer Bob: ?-c-a-?-?-? (last letter could be an o)
He was up before Dawn: A-r-l-a-?-?-?
They're marine and 'army': a-c-t-o-?-?
Having a bigger head: s-?-?-?-?-e-r (fourth letter could be an s)

Got any ideas, folks?