January 13th, 2005


Which do you think should become the next reality show???

a. Who can eat the most shit in one hour??? Prize: $25,000

b. Who can survive living in a cannabalistic/female or male mutilation/and surrealistic world like "Lord of the Flies" kind of territory for 12 weeks? Prize: your life and 2 million pesos..

c. Who can kill the most people undercover without being caught?? Prize: no jail time and $25,000

d. Who can live in a household of 12 individuals who each speak a different language and still be sane after six months?? Prize: a free education. $700,000

e. Who can become Richard Simmon's next Assistant...or butt boy? Prize: erased memory and $1 million.

f. Who can freeze themselves for 30 years and leave everything they have? Prize: perhaphs a better life.
ALso......If you HAD to pick one of these to participate in, which would you be on??
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OK, so I was looking at past entries and I came across Junebug's post about the dwarf who liked the rain, and it reminded me of my favorite logic puzzle ever.
(also, there's a disclaimer that should be on these, which is, you, the person guessing the answer, is actually allowed to ask as many yes or no questions as you like)


A man lies dead in a wide open field next to an unopened package. How did he die?

I don't know what I love about this puzzle, but it just got in my brain and I thought it was excellent.


which is the best band/artist........

Bikini Kill, Heavens to Betsy, Sleater-Kinney, The Muffs, Bangs, Slits, The Runaways, Third Sex, Julia Ruin, Team Dresch, Le Tigre.........

my pick- Le Tigre and Sleater-Kinney


well if you haven't already masturbated today.....then what the fuck are you on here checking messages and questions for?...damn it..... self pleasure is highly important... i already got her done today. mu wa ha.


How old were you ten years ago?. I was almost 15.....about 6 months after Kurt Cobain died.. blah
oh yea, same year Monica Seles got stabbed on court..and ummm o' killer OJ was aquitted too then..
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(no subject)

I'm going to most likley fly a sign tomorrow for a train ticket to Portland. It's only $16 for a one-way ticket and I already have $5. With such short notice my only option at this point is to spange. Anywho, my question is, what's your wittiest way of asking for spare change under those circumstances? Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

Does your cat make strange dolphin-like clicking sounds?

There is a fly in the room and, obviously, it's driving my two cats crazy. The eldest is making dolphin sounds instead of meowing, is she broken?
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abby genius

Computer fans

All right, this is the situation....

Last month, I replaced my case fan because it was making noise and then simply breaking. Now, there's new fan noise coming from my computer, and this time it's the little fan on my video card (I think, or else soundcard, or another card type thing, but I'm sure you geeks know what I mean).

What do I do about it? I don't feel confident prying it off the card myself, like Google seemed to suggest doing. Video card is a NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX/MX 400 that's about two and a half years old. Am I best off replacing the video card, or does it not matter about its fan?

Now that I write this, it's become quiet again. Figures. But to know for when it does get noisy again...
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data recovery

a friend of mine formatted his computer recently not realizing that his brother had one extremely important text document which wasn't backed up before he formatted it. he formatted it using the XP-pro CD and followed the prompts. he's already reinstalled XP-pro. does anyone know of any data recovery programs/methods that can be used to retrieve the document?

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I need to swallow... X_X

Is there an easy way to swallow tablet pills? I'm fine with gelcaps and oval small tablets, but the ones I have are 1cm in diameter, and I've ALWAYS had trouble swallowing anything circular like that. I MUST take these pills, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get them down. I've tried with tylenol pills the same shape in the past, but I'm scared...and I have to take the next one in the morning. Can you please give me some tips on how to swallow it whole without choking to death or gagging 15 million times so the pill ends up all soggy and disgusting? Please help, my mental health really does depend on this! Thank you so much...
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Give Peace A Chance


I've downloaded a couple of TV shows from Bittorent. I have updated RealPlayer and Windows Media Player, all should be well, but on each show, the screen/pane is divided vertically into thirds/out of order. When the screen/resolution is bigger, you can see horizontal lines that would mesh together to form a normal picture, but it goes away if I reduce the image size - but it's still in thirds.

Any ideas on what's up with this? What I can do about it? They're watchable but it's distracting.

(no subject)

1. What is the legal age in Canada to get pierced without parental consent? Tattoo?

2. Tea or cofee? Why?

3. I dated this guy last year, and it was REALLY serious, and we were so close and what not, and then we went through a long painful breakup. The break up was on and off, with occasional flings in the middle with each other and yadda yadda, but as of October, we are 100% over. Now I have someone else. We were fooling around the other night, and I actually felt guilty, and had to stop. It felt like I was cheating on my ex.... Care to lend advice?

4. When someone says "wazzup", why do people just say it back instead of answering?

Alias question

In last night's episode of Alias, what song was playing in the background at the party?

When Sydney and her dad walked outside, I could have sworn I heard a snippet of "You All Everybody", which is the song Drive Shaft was famous for on "Lost".
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(no subject)

I have an IBM Thinkpad (issued by our university) and the screen has 2 thin vertical lines running down it. One line showed up yesterday, and now there are two today. This has also happened to several other people that I know, so I suspect this to be a common thing. Does anyone know what the problem is? I can bring it in to have it fixed for free, but I want to know what it is before I do that (because I don't want to lose everything on my laptop if they have to reimage it or something). Thanks!

queer as folk...

I was wondering about a song they played in the background of episode 19 (Season One). The one where Brain finds out that his father passed away. The song was played towards the end of the show when it's just Brian and Michael talking about the past. It was one of my favorite episodes.
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Just curious...

Is kryptonite a rock? A jewel? a metal?

I may not be asking the right question...
What substance IS kryptonite? All of the above?

Wasn't there also a kryptonite gas, even?

Dos preguntas

1) Where I am it's 4 PM. I've been home from school for about an hour. I've got some Chemistry and Creative Writing homework to do, neither of which should take me too long to finish. Neither of my parents are home and won't be until much later tonight. I'm the only one home, I'm tired, and bored. What should I do?

2) Would you rather be a lion or a whale?
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multiple journals

Some people have more than one journal, though I doubt anyone on my frindslist has as many as I do, for their normal use and sometimes a sex journal or any other kind for any number of reasons. Just out of curiosity, how many journals do you have? If you have more than one, what do you use the other(s) for?
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Magically appearing icons!! (just add water)

I'm not entirely sure when either of these showed up...

This one probably appeared on my desktop around Thanksgiving time.

This one, I believe, appeared after winter break.

I'm running a virus scan right now.. but any idea WHAT these icons are, how they appeared on my desktop, and if it's safe to get rid of them?
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(no subject)


say question club, i have a question. is there a type of fish that has yellow and blue on it? or better yet, yellow, blue and green? and if not that, than any two of those colors?


tank girl

(no subject)

I just melted some curtain. But it melted all funny, like it was synthetic. It melted over the lightbulb. Bad lightbulb..eating pretty curtains.
It felt like satin/silk, but that burns different, no?
What type of curtain is? What material?

Oh yeah, anyone think of any bands like The Crystal Method?

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(no subject)

I know when I sing along to songs I sometimes yawn. How do singers control their yawns?

What is your favourite band at this very moment?

What is your favourite children's book of all time?

Do you have a favourite quote? If so, what quote would that be?
Halloween 2008

Inspired by the 0 and 00 jeans question..

Two somewhat gender related questions..

1. Why are females' jeans sized 0, 2,4,6,etc and males' jeans sized by waist, hip, inseam? Wouldn't it be much easier to size both male and female jeans by actual measurements? I don't really want any sarcasm.. I want a real answer.

2. When a couple is engaged, why is it only the female that wears an engagement ring? My thought is that when a person has a ring on his/her finger, s/he's generally known as off-limits to others. But when a couple are engaged, only the female wears a ring, letting everyone kow she is taken, but the male (to the uninformed observer) is still single. Why is that? Where does the tradition come from, anyhow?
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1) Do you believe that it is possible to read peoples emotions by looking at their eyes?

2) If you and someone else make eye contact through entire conversations, only looking away a couple times, what does that say about your relationship?

I've always been curious about the second one, since I've heard various things about what it means.

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Cross-IM/IRC programs.

If you use them - Trillian, Gaim, or something else entirely? Any special advantages that one program has over the other? (Aside from Gaim being cross-platform whereas Trillian isn't.)

Also, am I the only one left who has active accounts at ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo - all major IM programs - and has only just decided that switching over to one of the above clients, instead of having all four installed separately, might be a good idea? ;)

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(no subject)

1) What's so bad about peeing in the shower? You're going to clean yourself anyways, right?

2) What's a good way to get rid of ingrown hairs, or at least make them, not as noticable? I've heard neosporn, but how can I use that with out getting it "everywhere"?

tips? :P thanks.

music. and randomness.

i never, ever buy cds. EVER. my common take on things is that the music industry / most recording artists aren't worth my cash because they have way more than i do, and 99.9% of albums they release aren't worth the 20 cents it takes to produce the damn cd i'd be buying. i think the last cd i bought was lauryn hill's "miseducation of..." when it first came out, 'cause i love her. that was in 1998.

however, tonight i heard a bit of a song that i really, really enjoyed, but couldn't find a full version of it to download, and for some reason, was compelled to purchase this overpriced album.

has this ever happened to you? (either this situation, or otherwise going against something you commonly hold your ground on?)

how do you feel about buying cds? the RIAA? downloading?

on a semi-related note, anyone else here an avid vintage vinyl collector? if yes, what's your most prized album?
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Turkey & Lebanon

I'm in the committee of a local film club. We will be showing a series of Turkish films soon and someone suggested that the fancy Lebanese restaurant here might be a good venue.

None of us have any idea whether or not the two countries are in good terms. We certainly don't want to offend anybody with our ignorance! Can anyone shed some light about the relationship between Turkey and Lebanon for me? In simple layman terms?