January 12th, 2005

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Society and personal enlightenment

The Question

If you could put it into words...

what elements in this modern world keep us preoccupied to the point where we find it difficult to relax and make time for ourselves and our well being?

Origins of the Question

I'm looking for all different perspectives, but I was given the prompt "How I got there from here" in my advanced English comp class, which made me think of achieving enlightenment in today's world...and how things like money/material goods and the struggle to stay a step ahead of "the other guy" could hold us back from achieving our personal spiritual goals.

It's late, so I hope this makes sense. I'm looking forward to what you all have to say!
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(no subject)

About how much money does one person "need" for groceries per week?

School is out for a month, but I'm here for a half credit class they offer during break. Instead of opting for the 100 dollar a week meal plan, a friend and I have taken to cooking for ourselves. Having never done this before, I have no idea if we're spending way too much or what.

(no subject)

have you ever bought a CD just because of it's cover?
what was it?
was it worth it?

i normally don't, but i found this CD cover so awesomely disturbing that i could not resist buying it.

the band is called fishbone. it is rather good.

Repressed Memories

Someone suggested to me not too long ago that I might have memories I have repressed. I'm wondering if this is so and if there's a way I can find out without going to therapy. I'm wondering how often a person suspects they might and finds out they actually do.

I never suspected that I did, but I would like to make sure one way or the other. And then be able to decide for myself what I want to do with whatever it is my brain might have hidden from me (hence why I don't want to have therapy to find out).

So, anything you could tell me about repressed memories (espescially a way to get them out where I can see them without having to tell anyone else what they are) would be great. Thanks!

Fish names!

I'm looking to name my new fish . . .

Right now in the tank is a fish named
Collapse ) (I thought he had a miraculous virgin birth . . .and then it turned out it was a she, but the name stuck)

I have 2 males who killed their girl partners who need names
(Collapse ))

I have 2 new
Collapse )
(girls) who are appearing to be the tank bullys

There are 2
Collapse ), males

and two ghost shrimp, but I just really call them shrimpys so they don't really need names

I like the biblical theme, but as long as the names are pairs I can stray. I really like Jezebel for one of the black females, but I can't think of a good name for her friend.

a few questions

My husband has sheet of questions for a quiz but we can't figure out a couple of the questions I'm hoping someone here knows. These are the questions we don't know...

1)The villagers in which uk soap opera could drink at "The Cat and the Fiddle" and "The Bull"?

2)Are a "pigeon pair" of twins the same sex?

3)In "Alice in Wonderland" what was treading on the whiting's tail?

Thanks in advance.
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Literary Theory - Sartre

"There is no art except for and by others" (Jean-Paul Sartre, "Why Write?").

Agree? Disagree?

(In other words, can an artist's painting exist for the artist? Or, can an author "read" his/her own novel?)


Disclaimer: This isn't a 'homework' question, just a question of interest. I read "Why Write" for the first time the other day and found his point of view extremely intriguing. I enjoy learning other points of view on art/literature and/or theory. Kind of the same feeling I got when I read Foucault's "What is an Author" for the first time, years ago.

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books = good

(no subject)

Okay, I just woke up (as in about five minutes ago) from a very strange dream. I'm normally pretty good to decoding dreams, and this one has what I would consider extremely obviously symbolism if someone else told me about it...but absolutely none of it applies to me! In the dream, my parents were, well, not forcing me to get married, but they'd picked out someone for me to marry and they expected me to comply. I don't think I even saw the guy they had picked out at any point in the dream. I went through the whole dream working on planning things, going around with my sister and a couple other girlfriends picking out everything for the wedding...and then finally on the morning of the wedding, I declared that I was not getting married, I didn't care about this guy (whoever he was), that whenever I did get married I'd do it my way, etc. And so of course I wasn't forced into it. It was almost like a movie, really.

Now that seems very obvious. But. Right now, I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I have control, I'm actually doing exactly what I want to do, and absolutely nobody is forcing me to do anything--not that my parents would ever tell me to marry someone or really tell me to do any particular thing with my life, and not that I'd go along with such a plan for a second! Does anyone have any deeper insight into this extremely weird dream?
Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

I really dont understand this. Someone help me.

The man in the Elevator
A man lives on the tenth floor of a building. Every day he takes the elevator to go down to the ground floor to go to work or to go shopping. When he returns he takes the elevator to the seventh floor and walks up the stairs to reach his apartment on the tenth floor. He hates walking so why does he do it?

The man is (of course) a dwarf. Variants of this puzzle include the clue that on rainy days he goes up in the elevator to the tenth floor (he uses his umbrella!)

What does being a dwarf have to do with him going up to the seventh floor instead of the tenth? I really don't get it!!!!!!!

(no subject)

do you have a list that you check regularly, or that comes out annualy that you look at online? if so, what's the link? for example, bestselling books, top 10 movies in theaters, etc.

I'm Curious....

to know..............

what you think........

Is homosexuality genetic, more biological.....is it learned...is it enviromental...is it passed on, it is a disease.....is it something that is cureable?...

Is the same sex interesting to you?...do you secretly like someone of the same sex?...Do you just ever wonder?....and if u do wonder...but haven't tried anything....why is that?..are you afraid of society...are you afraid you will like it?..are you afraid that you will be judged?....are you afraid that you could be gay....? or just interested?....

You can post anoymonously....i am just curious...
By the way i am a lesbian so please......no gay bashing....that's so ignorant...
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I was high one time off of some nice nuggs and was watching Court TV.....well somehow i started to think about birds..and out of the blue and of my total duhhhh'ness and just euphoria....i started to wonder how birds populate....i mean, i can tell which birds are female and male because of their colors and body size but ummmmm i've never seen a bird with balls or extrenal organs...i even had a bird as a kid and just assumed my bird was a male....like how do birds do it?...do they have penises or what.....
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(no subject)

I'm on the speech team at my college and am doing a piece on control. Which means I put together three or four separate pieces that all have to do with control.

The problem is, I have to specify what type of control I'm talking about. Even something like self-control would be too broad. Does anyone have ideas on how to look at the subject of control from a unique angle? Any interesting literature you would recommend?

(no subject)

Hi! I'd like to create a sort of E-bay web site of sorts for my high school, just so that graduating seniors or people who are done with their classes could sell their SAT or AP study guide books. I'd like to have the functions of a timed bid, as well as requiring specific information from registered users (like home/cell phone numbers, homeroom number, real names). But after the bidding is done, I'd like them to handle the money between themselves (eg they meet at school and exchange) rather than using Paypal or credit cards or checks, since minors would be using the it. I'd just like to make it as hassel-free as possible for students to exchange used study guides for whatever (they may even barter!). But I don't even know where to start... help?
she blinded me with science!

(no subject)

Is there any difference between the grapeseed oil that's sold as a base for massage oil, and the grapeseed oil you can buy at the grocery store for about one-tenth the price?