January 11th, 2005

Car problems.

I'm having issues with my car, and it has both my mechanic and I stumped. So, I figured I'd post it here and see if anyone else has had this issue and figured it out.

I have a 2002 Ford Focus, 36k miles, automatic transmission, which I bought on loan from the bank in September. It's a nice car except for one thing-- every so often (it used to be every two to three weeks, now it's more like every three days) it won't turn on. All the electrics on the inside turn on, I can put on my lights, use my windshield wipers, and the radio comes on no problem, but the engine doesn't start. There's no noise, no clicking or growling from the engine. It just... doesn't turn on. I'm turning the key the whole way, I have it in park, but the damn thing won't turn on. Usually I'll fight with it a bit, try changing gears and rolling and whatnot, but that does nothing. About the only thing that remedies it is time. When it did this to me yesterday on my lunch, it took me 17 minutes to finally get it to turn on. If I wait a while (anywhere between three hours and overnight) without fooling with it, it'll work again, but that doesn't exactly fit into my schedule. The problem is, my mechanic has never had this happen when he's had it, but he has come to check it out when I've been trying to get it to turn on and wasn't able to get it to turn on for at least another twenty minutes.

We're really both stumped as to what this could be. So has anyone else had this problem with your car? What did it end up being? Any suggestions as to what it could be?
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Hotel California

Does anyone really dislike the song Hotel California? I'm not talking about people who haven't heard it, or don't are one way or the other about it, but does anyone just think "man I hate that song" if it comes on the radio?

I've never heard of anyone hating it! (And hell, I love it!)
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Makeup question - pressed powder

What do you all consider your all time favorite, really good, pressed powder makeup? I have really fair skin that is really translucent, so my skin tone always looks really uneven, and it's really hard to find makeup I like that gives coverage but doesn't make me look like I have 2 tons of it caked on.

Ideally, I'd like a pressed powder that can be worn either as my primary everyday makeup, or as a finish over creme foundation. Something silky with good coverage - but I don't want a flat dull powder, I'd like something that has "glow" and a little shimmer to it and doesn't make my skin look powdery and dried out.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have food allergies? If so, what are you allergic to?

Is the allergy oral or digestive? (What I mean is, does the allergy affect your nose and mouth or your intestines?)

Do you think same sex marriage should be allowed?
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My professor went MIA

At the end of last semester, there was a pretty big discrepancy in one of my grades - in my communications class, 20.5 points were missing from the calculated total, which SHOULD have been a B+ rather than a B, and having that B+ would make the difference between a 2.947 GPA and a 3.something. I sent her two e-mails over winter break asking for an appointment to discuss it with her when school was back in session before it was too late to change it (although it probably already is). She never responded, so I stopped by her office yesterday afternoon. She had a schedule posted outside her office stating that she had office hours 10-11am Tuesday.. and since my first class today isn't until 12:30, I trekked over (it's about a mile and a half away). I got there at maybe 10 past 10 and she wasn't there. My note was still on her bulletin board. I waited around for about 15 more minutes and I looked at the schedule again and realized that it was for LAST semester. I have no idea where she is, but I really need to talk to her.

So anyway, questions. Is it ever too late to change a miscalculated grade? Also, where would you recommend I look for her? I'm going to try to find out who the department head is so I can e-mail that person... but is there anything else I can do? =\ thanks.
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Has anybody used Avon's Clearskin line of products?

If not... what are your suggestions for an acne treatment/prevention system that actually works? Preferably something with at least 1.5-2% salicylic acid in the treatment part of it and something I could get locally, but any and all suggestions welcome. Glycerin soap and astringent isn't working, prescriptions haven't worked, and anything with triclosan doesn't work.
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Me--State Fair

(no subject)

Due to the fact that I have bills to pay off before I incur more for school past what I already have, I am doing two somewhat crazy things:

1. I am 25 and I moved in with my mom.
2. I took a telemarketing job.

I am getting so bored living here. It is a small town, not much to do, I have watched tv to death it seems, and I do knit and crochet, but since it is just my mom, and the house is 2400 square feet, it is a constant 60 degrees in the house, because her gas bill is expensive. (I offered to pay some of it, so she'd turn the damn heat up, but she refused, which is good for the bill situation.--oh, and we live in Iowa. Brrr.)

So I'm bored. And we work the same hours, and she is pesty enough and snoopy enough to be a pain. I'm on dialup and suffering, and would like ANY suggestions for things to do. (No cable either--if I want to really watch something, I have to walk a half block to my brother and sister-in-law's house.)

I haven't lived in the area for five years, and any friends I do have around here are in the nearby large town (half hour away, and one is actually moving! *tear* but her husband got a good job, so I am happy for her) and most of my new coworkers are complete idiots, so not a lot of luck there.

Well, since I mentioned it...I'm working at a calling center that makes business calls, outbound, during the day. Today was my second day, and I am so much smarter than 95% of these people. It's sad. I am smart, and I want to go back to school this summer, but so many people I say that to are like, "oh, I said that." I don't want to get sucked in and trapped!

Also, the calls randomly pop up on the computer, fairly fast paced, but there is usually some down time inbetween. One of the girls I sat in on while monitoring suggested getting something to keep my hands busy. Any suggestions? I guess that's the thing--is there anything I can do to keep tedium away, in very little time, and keep my intelligence level up? I am also worried I will forget a lot of my French (I'm hoping to be a language studies major when I get to a four year college) and I can't read or look at anything, only thing I thought of was writing words down or something.

Anyway...help! My life has gotten very boring, and very tedious, and I just am about to scream. I already cried a little, particularly because the sweet conviencence store job that was 3-1 four days a week hasn't called back. *tear*

Sorry to blather on...but I want some advice, suggestions anything!
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american psycho.

(no subject)

What will happen if I go on vacation for almost two weeks without activating Norton Anti-Virus? I don't have the box it came in (I ordered my PC from hp.com) and I've been on hold with Symantec for the past two hours without having said one word to anyone.

I just need an activiation code. Grr.

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this is driving me crazy!

what is the name of the hip hop song that goes like  this
'slow down, i just wanna get to know you, but dont turn around...'  ?

i tried searching for 'slow down' and other variations of above lyrics but it wont come up :( i love the background beat of this song. someone help??
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(no subject)

Although I know I'm probably going to get a bunch of answers about how I can't understand great literature on this one, let me pre-defend myself by saying that I do read what is considered great literature, and the vast majority of it I have enjoyed. Most of that stuff is great for a reason.

That said, what the hell is the deal with James Joyce?