January 10th, 2005

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Canadian law question regarding visiting with a criminal record

Are these offenses considered indictable or summary? They are both misdemeanors locally.

operating a motor vehicle without owners consent
driving without a license

Also, if these convictions were under youthful offender status, were both stemming from the same incident, or the records were sealed, would they be a bar to entering Canada?

The convictions were in the state of CT if that matters. The sentence was completed in May of 2000

Properties of JPGs

I have joined a photo uploading service and, even though I resize and change my photos, I was surprised to find that when they are displayed online, the website also tells me exactly when and at what time I took each particular photo! I think this is quite interesting and a nice feature. When I right click .jpgs on my desktop, the date the photo was taken does not show up in the properties.
What other information can be detected from .jpgs? I believe that the type of camera that took the shot can also be identified. Are there any other properties embedded in there?
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MISC: Go Ask Alice

Free dvd player software?

A festering obsession with a certain Irish actor, a lame attempt at fancy-dancy icon-making, and a bank account drained by the purchase of textbooks leads me to ask the following:

Are there any freeware dvd-playback programs that will allow me to make screen captures?

Thanks in advance!
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How reliable is your hosting provider?

To their credit, my hosting provider usually seems to have someone on hand to fix problems when they arise. But I'm starting to wonder if the amount of downtime I'm seeing is considered acceptable. I've never dealt with anyone else, so I have nothing to compare it to.

On at least three or four occasions in the ~9 months I've been with them (one of which was my fault... heh) the shared database on my server has crashed under heavy load and remained down for several hours. And a couple times (like right now) I've seen it in a state where my entire site is 404, but I can ssh in and my files are there.

Should I expect more for the paltry sum of $5 a month?
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Ma Vie en Rose

I Tivo'd Ma Vie en Rose a few nights ago and I guess I should have set it to record a few minutes longer than I did. Anyway I was watching it last night and it was almost at the end, I guess there were a few minutes left yet, and it just cut off on me.

Collapse )

And that's where it cut off on me. Will someone who's seen it please tell me what happened after that? I don't want to have to rent it just for a few minutes' worth.

Drink Me


1. do u sleep on your stomach, back, side (right or left) or other?
2. pjs, nightshirt, nude?
3. socks?
4. average # of hours per night?
5. average bed time?
6. light or heavy sleeper?
7. do u need noise or scilence to fall asleep?
8. do u thrash around or stay still?
9. anybody share your bed? (SO, dog, cat, teddy bear)
10. have i put u to sleep?
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(no subject)

If I were looking to rent a display stand, what sort of categories may I look under in the local telephone directory to find someone who may be able to provide me with afore mentioned display stand?
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(no subject)

anyone know why everytime i try to download the yahoo toolbar, it says "An error occurred while attempting to install Yahoo! Toolbar.
Click here to try again." and the i do and it says the same thing?
The Receptionist Classic

Hello! magazine of 1693? Yes please!

Does anyone else have an interest in weird historical stories and gossip? The weirder the better. This weekend, I read a little chapter about Napoleon and his willy. Or rather, his lack of a willy. (Apparently it was removed after he died. And it's in a hospital in New York. How'd you like *that* in your office?)

Okay, so, if you have a thing for the historical scandal and oddity... Know any good sites for some quick reading?
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The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

Sorry to post again so soon, but I have another burning question...

Why is it that there are 7 dog years in 1 human year? Is there such a thing as, say, hippo years or chinchilla years?

And why is it that when you pay buttloads of money for fancy fish, they die right away, but when you win a goldfish at your sister's winter carnival in 1985, it lives forever?
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(no subject)

I was in the bath last night, and since it tends to have a leaking problem (meaning the water will slowly drain into a hole due to a loose metal thinger), I always keep the hot water running. The heat runs out somewhat quickly, so I often will turn it off and turn it back on after a few minutes. So, last night, I turned it back on and put my foot under it; it was cold.
Then I put my hand under it, and it was warm. So I put my foot under it again, thinking maybe it had just warmed quicker than usual, but no, still cold.
Which one was lying to me?

(no subject)

What's a good "objective" to put on my resume? Obviously I know my objective, but I don't know how to word it. I'd like to say something like "i want to work in a professional environment" because I'm looking for my first engineering work term and I don't really know what to say. Help? I'm so bad at resume writing.

Also, any other resume writing tips?
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(no subject)

In the Oxygen channel movie, Untamed Heart, the guy dies. He died in the car, but why? Is it because he didn't get the problem with his heart taken care of?

On the Battles of the sexes road rules/real world challenge, Do you think it sucks that the girls can't suck it all up and be a team and win a mission? What do you think about Coral(I think this has been asked)? Do you think she should lay back a little on the attitude towards people, Do you really think that is how she is or is it just an act for the cameras? Just wondering.

I think it sucks that the girls can't get it together. It's really getting old seeing the guys win all the time. :-(
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the hotness

there are many levels of hotness

somethings are 'hot' like...Los Angeles in the summer

but there are also people who are hot, which is where different levels of hotness come in

did you ever know or see someone who is so increadebly hot that you cant look at them? the hotness is blinding! this is level 3 hot

how about someone whos increadably hot but not blinding?These people are sometimes nice, but there hotness may keep many from being able to form coherent sentences. this is level 2 hot

finally, there is level 1 hot. this is the best level to be hot at!
At level 1 hot, said 'hot' person is hot but still of this place of existance, thus level 1 hot person is often referred to as 'cute' or 'chill' .

Do you know anyone who qualifies on any of the 3 levels of hotness? Do you yourself qualify? Speak to me!



at my all-girls school, there aren't very many subjects that are taboo, but masturbation seems to be one of them.
i was wondering...
question for girls:
a) do you and your friends talk about masturbating? if so, how often is it a subject of conversation?
question for boys:
b) same as a)

for everyone...
how often do you masturbate?
how old are you?

sorry if it's too personal or taboo here too.
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(no subject)

1) girls, in your opinion, what brand of jeans is best-made?

2) the tips of the leaves of all my spider plants are brown and dead, is there something I can do to make the leaves stay green or is this just the way spider plants are?

3) cat owners - what have you done to reduce litter tracking outside the pan?

4) would/did you sign a pre-nuptual agreement? why or why not?
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I don't even know what that is!

Yet another WinDVD question! Or rather a question in general that's related to playing dvd's on the computer.

Basically all I'm using the Windvd trial I got for is taking image stills. You can do that with Gold, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy gold. One thing that my boyfriend isn't sure of is that is says with Platinum it has "MPEG-4 file playback including DivX files" and that's not on Gold. I'm not going to use this to watch dvd's, just get images from them.

Do I need that? Platinum is $20 more. (And what does that mean anyway?)
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I'm a slob

Okay, so I'm a slob, and I have a few questions for the masses to (hopefully) help me cure my slobbish ways...

1. How do I make myself clean regularly? I've made a cleaning schedule before, but I never stick with it. I know that when I have my own house, I'll have to clean the whole thing, so I need to start cleaning regularly now.

2. How do I make myself get rid of all of the unnecessary crap that's plaguing my room? I always talk myself out of getting rid of things by telling myself that I "paid good money for it." Well, now my room is full of unused things, and I'm broke!

3. Let's say that I happened to get too much dust in my printer and stereo and now they won't work. Would a can of compressed air get all the dust out, or would I have to go to an electronics store?

Thanks all! =)

Relating to Seattle, Washington

Whereabouts in Seattle would one be able to buy a bag of salt water taffy? Preferably the kind with all sorts of nice and wonderful flavors like "rum", "peppermint", "butterscotch", "chocolate", and many others...
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