January 9th, 2005

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A very odd question. . .

So I was thinking about how much toliet paper we go through, and since I'm pregnant and I pee more often, I sue more toliet paper. Now to my question:

How much toliet paper do you use when you go to the bathroom?
Do you use too much you sometimes? Why?
Do you use to little? Why?

I know it's odd, but I'm just curious. lol
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What is the significance of silence?

What is the most random (and first thing) that pops into your mind. Could be a word or phrase. But you can't think too much about it.
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leastlikely  brought up the "last meal" question, so it made me think of this.


You have one day to live. What kind of things would you do, good and bad?  What would you say to people? What would you eat? What kind of things would you do to people? Ect.


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you know when you send an e-mail to 100 people and it lists all the e-mail address to any recipient, so they have to scroll through a million names before getting to the content? how do you do that thing where it just says From: (whomever) BCC: (one name) on every e-mail, so the recipient only sees their name? i use AOL to e-mail if it makes a difference. thanks!
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Lyric Meme Questions

I tried asking these questions in community_quest with no luck.

Have you seen/played the little LJ game where you (*sigh* How do I explain...?) put your playlist on shuffle, and write down obscure lines/lyrics from the first ten songs that pop up, and other LJ users guess the song and artist? Some people play to win, but others just to test their musical knowledge.

Example entry here.

What is it called? Lyric meme?

Is there a LJ community solely for playing this game? (If not, I'm considering opening one.)

Thanks in advance!
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When you go to reply to questions in this community, do you click on "reply to post" or the previous comments and read other people's comments first?

How about when post comments on regular journal entries?

a velvet underground question.

everyone always says that nico ruined the velvet underground. why is that?

of course i love v.u.'s work, but i also love the work they did with nico. it's *all* good, in my opinion.

do you think nico ruined v.u.?

do you think lou reed's solo work was better than his work with the velvet underground?

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fun game! (im trying to write a paper on political assasinations and google is being useless...)

hoooow many significant political figures that have been assasinated can yooou name?

(thank you.)
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if you told your partner that your father was just diagnosed with cancer and they decided to go out without you the next day out of the blue ...just how mad would you be
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Hi! I recently started trying to read the Bible and I have a question.

I'm reading Exodus, chapter 4: the burning bush story. Specifically Verse 24.

Why does the Lord try to kill Moses after going through all the trouble of showing him the signs to convince the people of Egypt?

And why does a circumcision save him from death?

Italian help

Can anyone tell me the correct way to spell the Italian word "bellissimo", meaning "beautiful"? Google is giving me several variations, including both one and two Ls, one and two Ss, etc. Also, when using the word to refer to a woman, would it be "bellissima" with an a? Thanks.

Social Security

Okay, so social security is being privatized. What next? What books should I read? How do I prepare for this?

Will people who were expecting social security just not going to get the money they've put into it all this time?

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Anyone out there use iPhoto? I need help flipping my photos. Not rotating, but more like a mirror affect sort of thing. I can't remember for the life of me. Anyone know?

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For those of you who have experience using dell.com to order things...how quick are they in sending out their orders? For my new laptop it says estimated ship date is 1/18/05. Does that mean that it should arrive by the 18th or that they'll send it out by the 18th?

weird kitchen utensil.

i got a set of kitchen utensils for christmas. the set included this thing:

what the heck is it, and why would you need one?

my mom always had one, but never used it. she said she had gotten it in a set when she got married, and it had always been there. she has no idea what it's for, either.
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(no subject)

1. what notifies AIM that someone is not idle? Is it the mouse moving? Is it any activity at all on computer? only internet? only IM ing? How long does there have to be none of this said activity until AIM says the user is idle?

2. I asked this before and no one answered so I;ll ask again. How do you find out which communities in LJ are the most active? Most posts per day? Does anyone know which communities these might be?

Question about IP addresses.

So, i have a little bit of code from a website that allows me to track visitors to another blog of mine. if the person is logged in, it also gives me their username.

how many numbers of an IP address have to be the same before it's the same person/house?
ie, if i have one thats, and one that's and according to the information it gives me about the ip addresses, they're in the same "NetRange"...?

same? close together?
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Sociology majors

For those of you who majored in Sociology in undergrad or are currently doing so, when did you find your area of specialization? I'm a junior, I've taken about 6 Soc courses, and I still haven't found a certain area that really does it for me. When, if ever, did it happen for you?
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I was wondering if any of you are familiar with digital cameras. im deciding btwn a canon powershot A75 or a fujifilm finepix A340.
Also, do any of you have the Canon powershot A80 bc that looks nice, how much did you get it for?
Which do you suggest/have?

Ah so many questions, Thanks in advance.