January 8th, 2005

Stare into the very eyes of evil.

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If you take tofu, and make it look and taste and feel like a banana, does it become officially a banana? I mean, can they legally label it as "banana"? Or do they have to call it "tofu-banana"? Would you be mad if people were misleading the masses, like they were making things out of tofu and not labelling it as such on the packaging?

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This is a Winnie the Pooh related question. I was doing a crossword puzzle one day, and the clue was "Tigger's adoptive mother." The answer was apparently Kanga, the mother kangaroo. It's been a while since I've seen or read anything having to do with Winnie the Pooh, but I don't remember this ever being true. Does anyone know anything about this?
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why are there so many abandoned journals?
ones that don't even have one entry, or they have one entry that says "testing. let's see how long i keep this up" written yeaaaaaaars ago.
delete delete delete. some people want those names!

As the new semester begins...

...I am really really hoping that I'll finally lose my virginity. I realize that I have asked this question several times already, but those threads are so far back now that I can't find them. How do I get rid of my self-loathing, and how would I be able to lose my virginity?
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For those of you who've seen the film...

How does "Before Sunset" end to you? What happens to the two of them?

I thought it was a TERRIBLE way to end the movie, ergh. Thanks.
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how do you "tease" your hair, or make your roots stand up? i tried doing it today becuase i think it's a cute look but they stood up for a while, and fell apart, and now my hairs like greazy from their hairspray.
any tips?
New Bopp

Internet service

Internet service for the Poor Folk:

I was wondering what all y'all use for internet service, in the way of dial-up. I'm poor, so I can't get cable or dsl (tho I was pirating wireless cable for a while, before they encrypted). Right now I have NetZerof ro $10/mo, but I really don't like them because they don't support Firefox as the default browser, so everytime I sign on, I have to reset that, and IE opens anyways. It's annoying...

Anyways, I'm just curious as to my other options... something FREE would be GREAT. =)

If it makes a diff, I'm in southern CA.

Desktop Question

How many windows do you currently have open on your computer and what are they?

I have seven open. They are:

Outlook (email from a friend - you know who you are)
Agent Forte (reading alt.angst)
Explorer (icons folder)
Internet Explorer (yahoo messenger)
Internet Explorer (lf post page - this post)
Internet Explorer (google search results for "MacGregor 26")
Firefox (salon.com)

Not for the faint...

I recently saw a disturbing fetish picture of a girl in a bathtub tied up squirting liquid from her nether-regions. I was telling someone about it and they want to see it for some reason. I think she was called "bathtub girl" but I can't find the picture. Does anyone know of the picture I'm talking about? There was a circulation of it a few months ago.

Thanks. For those not yet exposed, avoid the link.
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misc - cemetery

mmm... food.

Let's say you're on death row and you're getting executed tomorrow.

What do you request for your last meal?

While we're on the subject of food, do you have any awesome recipes for me? =D
abby genius

Tabbed browsing...

Just curious....

If you use tabbed browsing (i.e, Firefox, Netscape, whatever else has it), how many tabs do you have open on average? What's the highest number ever you can remember?

On average, I'll have about fifteen tabs open, mostly LJ threads I'm keeping an eye on. High is somewhere around 40.
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art questions.

my apartment needs some artwork on the walls. i'd like to get some framed prints and put them up. however, regardless of the million art classes i took in school, i never paid attention enough to discover an artist whose work i actually enjoy enough to want to see every day.

i like a lot of dark earthtone colours, vibrant, deep, moving pieces. i like black/white ink drawings. i also occasionally like light, pastelish colours, but i don't like anything too girly. i don't like pictures of flowers or fruit. (still life, blech.) and i have to say no to dali, because if i see the persistance of memory one more time, i think my eyes will implode.

i like sex and darkness, fairies, ridiculousness...but i want something loosely along those lines that is also perhaps somewhat happy, as well as abundantly simple. uhm...something dark but not silly goth teenager art. i want something beautiful to look at, but something terrifically absurd. also, i hate most modern art.

what should i get? being able to find prints on sites such as ebay would be a plus.

and what kind of art would you hang on your walls?

who is your favourite artist?

what's your favourite colour?
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Ahh! Babies!

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im trying to find a link to when ashlee simpson was booed offstage at the orange bowl but I want to see here entire performance not just the last minute or so. Iflim and i am bored.com only have the last minute. Ive tried google with no luck. Does anyone have a link to the entire song?

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In Pulp Fiction, when these hick cops are assraping the black honcho (Marsellus Wallace), what was that red ball they attached to his mouth? (Also seen in the Director's Cut of Nine Inch Nail's music video Closer) Is it some sex toy, what is its purpose, and how much do you think it costs?

I have a riddle... I hope its okay.

The Riddle:

You are stranded on an island. You dont know which part of the island you are on but you know that it is Conac Island. The Conacians from the north tell the truth but the Conacians from the south tell lies. You see a Conacian. What question could you ask him to determin where abouts you are? (north or south of Conac)

This was posted on a message board yesterday and has been driving me nuts! Apparently, questions like 'is the sky blue?' don't help.


Ty. xx

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Why are some people against interracial relationships? I don't hear about people opposing it very often, but when I do it just makes me wonder: what's really so bad about it?
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