January 7th, 2005

sexual harrassment

Ok. I have a friend who has a second job and is being sexually harrassed by her boss. It's making her very uncomfortable and she's told him that. It didn't work so she was very aggressive the next time and that didn't work either. She really could use the second job and it's very convienent for her to work there because it's close to her house as well. However she is afraid to work with him now. What does she do? Does she ignore him? Does she quit? If she wanted to file a sexual harrassment suit against him how would she do that? Has anyone else here had a problem with sexual harrassment?
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I've heard this a couple times, that fish only have a memory of 3-15 seconds. What does that mean? How could a fish survive if it was always forgetting what a predator looked like after only ten seconds? How do they remember to breathe, swim, or that when a Hand approaches there's likely food coming, etc.?

MSWord keyboard shortcuts

What keyboard shortcut do you use to accomplish Table > Delete Rows in Word? It's marked Delete Rows, so I tried Alt+D, but it doesn't do anything. Alt+F selects File, shouldn't something also correspond to Delete Rows?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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im thinking of renting a car from this place in los angeles called excelrentacar.

anyone ever heard of it?

they charge $379.99 a month plus 4 free extra days.

they offer the choice of a geo metro or ford aspire.

anyone know if these are good cars?

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Is there any way to set things up so that HTML mailto links open a Gmail compose window?

I'd like it so that its considered my default mail app run through Mozilla. I'm thinking a short bit of code, batch file or perl script, that launches Mozilla, automatically going to gmail and its compose window?

Or can I save a shortcut to the compose window on my desktop, and have the Windows default mail app point to that shortcut rather than an actual application?

I imagine logging in properly might be the largest challenge of this sceme, and the most likely reason I'd need to hack together a script to do this. A Mozilla extension would also be viable probably.

OS is Windows XP Pro, scripting languages available are old school DOS batch files, VBScript(which I don't know), Ksh, Csh, Bash, and Perl. Others can be installed as needed if you know of a script doing what I want in another language. Browser is Mozilla 1.7.

breaking up is hard to do

There are a million breakup songs for the dumped, and approximately five for those doing the breaking up. And I'm finally getting around to making the mix CD I should have made months ago.

What are your favorite songs from the point of view of someone doing the breaking up?

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So Next week when I go from my check-up at the gyno, I have to drink the Oral Glucose Tolerance Beverage(GTB:050) for the testing of gestational diabetes. Does anyone know how it tastes? Is it a bad taste or is it actually good? It seems like it is just a mix a sugar, water and orange flavoring. Doesn't seem too bad.

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earlobe plugs.

I'm beginning the long journey of stretching my earlobe piercings tonight. The first step is to cram some 14g posts in there, when they've spent over a decade with only little tiny standard ear ring sized posts (what is that, like 20 gauge?). But I've read up on this, so i know what to expect, i hope. I know it takes months, but i'm not trying to get them to popcan size.
I can't even decide if i like the look of large-gauge earlobes. I think i'm just bored.

Anyhoo, i guess my question would be-
Is earlobe stretching too overdone at the moment?
Is it threatening to be in the near future?

I realize that when it comes to changing your body, you should just do whatever you want, and fuck the trends. But you may remember back in the late 90's EVERYONE seemed to be getting their tongue pierced, and it became absurd and annoying. Or it was to me anyway. Then the trend moved to nose rings, then navel rings, and if i liked them before, i surely hate them now.

And lets not even talk about Chinese/Japanese symbol tattoos.


p.s. it hurts it hurts oh god it hurts


also- should i do both ears the same size, or one larger than the other?
I can't decide.
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has anyone here ever had surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome?

if so, what kind of tests did they do to find out if you needed surgery?
what other sorts of things did they have you try before surgery, if anything?
how was your recovery? how long was it and what sorts of things could you not do during it?
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alright everybody:
who uses axe deodorant and does it work?
also-who uses herbal clear sport?
im thinking of taking the second back for the excellent auroma of axe touch.



Do you do any volunteer work? If so, what kind of work do you do? How often do you participate (eg. once every now and then/a couple of hours a week)? What inspired you to become a volunteer? Do you enjoy it?
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brought on by lordindra's question

a person is on death row and has the date for their execution. they are allowed their 'last meal,' but somehow they manage to drag the meal on long enough that they miss the schedualed execution time. do they get off scott free and just spend the rest of their life in jail, or do they get a new date.
similarly, what if the person gets sick & is hospitalized during their execution date. does the gov go ahead and kill them as schedualed, or do they have to wait until the person is healthy to kill them.
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A friend and I have to creatively interpret the book of Revelations in the Bible for a class. We want to step away from what everyone else is doing (ie, a skit or a computer presentation). If we had known that this assignment was going to happen, I don't think we'd have picked this particular book, haha.

Any ideas?
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Insanity defense and pointless computer architecure question...

Heres a hypothetical situation.

I become legally insane. I then kill someone. Between the murder, and my trial for said murder, I become legally sane again by some means. I go to trial. Since I was legally insane at the time of the murder, a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity is reached.

What happens then? Remember, at this point I am no longer insane.

And a pointless computer architecture question. The modern intel and AMD chips do not directly implement x86. They have an internal instruction set and hardware translation units so it can run x86 code. Is there any way for a programmer to target the internal instruction set, and if so would there be any potential benefits to doing so?