January 6th, 2005

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So I'm watching The Daily Show and that doesn't really have anything to do whatsoever with my question, but there you are.

Anyway, I'm watching the show and since it's on late at night, a lot of the commercials are ads of an adult nature. I find them very amusing. Some of them have *really* bad actresses in them. I mean, she's trying to look sexy and seductive, but all I'm thinking is that that crink her in neck must be *really* painful. And there I go again.

Anyway, this one ad comes on: I think it's HotHeadLines or something like that. Whatever. It's an ad for phonesex, I guess. This one woman pops up looking all seductive and says, "It's ain't cheating if it's on the phone."

Is it?

What do you think? For those of you who say say that viewing porn alone isn't cheating on your partner, do you think getting off on the phone with a stranger is cheating? I'm not trying to incite anyone; I'm very curious.
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what does it mean when you have dreams about your teeth falling out?

i've had dreams before of some of my teeth falling out. but in this dream i had rows and rows of teeth, all different. at first, i'd put them back in when they fell out. but after awhile i gave up and started taking them all out until i had a huge handful of teeth.

also, i usually have nightmares when i take naps, but very rarely otherwise. why is this?

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In I, Robot, who plays the rioting guy who fights back against the robots? The one who's there when the scientist starts shooting at Will Smith with her eyes closed. He looks like Warren Beatty from Empire Records, but IMDb doesn't have a comprehensive cast listing, so I'm not sure.

the new year

when should people start and/or stop saying happy new year?
when does a NEW year start aging or getting OLD?
how has ur 2005 been so far? anywhere near HAPPY?
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If I have short, big legs... (I'm not fat it's just my goddamn leg muscles are so big from hurdling and track) what clothes can I wear to give my legs a longer and sleeker look? A smaller bum would be nice too, lol! Thanks!
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The Receptionist Classic

Cleaning & Cellular: Unrelated

How often do you...
a) Change your shower curtain liner?
b) Clean your toilet bowl?
c) Scrub the soap scum off your soap dish?
d) Clean your bathroom mirrors?
e) Clean the inside of the medicine cabinet?

And unrelated to the above...
Does anyone else have Cingular / AT&T Wireless for their cellular phone and have the Motorola V220? This user guide is Greek to me, I need someone who speaks non-techogeek to bust an assist.
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Changing your name

Has anyone ever changed their last name for reasons other than getting married?

I've been thinking alot lately about changing my last name to my mother's maiden name. My father has only been a source of aggravation in the short time he actually was in my life, and I'm entirely a product of my mother's family.

Is it had to get used to? What do you actually have to do to change it?

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how would one go about writing one's will? im young, 17, and i dont know what monetary assets (if any) i have. i know, for example, my grandmother/parents/sister have money for me when they die; would i include that in a will or would i assume theyd make adjustments on their own? what about my savings bonds? do i need to see a lawyer, or get it notorized? is the will where you say what you want done with your body/organ donation/things of that nature?

sorry for the abundance of questions, if there is a website or something that explains this perhaps someone could direct me?



When you get photos developed, do you choose Matte or Glossy paper?

The general answer I got when I researched it a bit, was that it is "personal preference." What I want to know is, is one better than the other when it comes to putting photos in a photo album or displaying them in frames? Or does it really not make that much difference?
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Just how sturdy are cellphones made these day? Say, for instance... someone dropped their new cell into snow in -10 degree celsius weather and it was left there for oh, four hours or so... would this have any adverse effects on the phone? >.
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So who hates it when you have to go to the bathroom REALLY BADDLY and you don't even bother to check a public toilet, and you find pee on the seat?

I think it's disgusting, even if you aren't in a hurry. You always find somekind of fluid at school. It's very disgusting. And girls at school are too fucking lazy (sorry for the language) to flush their used tampons down the toilet. They just leave them to rot. I'd like to find out who does that, so I can strangle them. It's bad enough having to handle my period, let along starring at someone else's.

[/ end rant]
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Does anyone know any way to get into a 18+ concert, if you aren't 18? I'm dying to go to the Laser Light Pink Floyd show, but it's only a 18+ show, and one of my boyfriends olds friends got in, with his girlfriend, and I think he was 17, and she was 16. I have no idea how they did it, but we aren't friends with them anymore, but I'd really love to go to this concert, but I doubt I'll get a fake ID or anything, because you can get in deep shit for that.

Any ideas or anything? Here's the info about it. So I'm guessing they are pretty strict about it =/

FRI FEB 18 2005 DRS 6:30PM
Pink Floyd Laser Show
House of Blues Chicago, Chicago, IL
Fri, Feb 18, 2005 06:30 PM
US $24.00
Performance begins at 8:00 pm.
Must have a valid Photo Identification.
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Can anyone recommend some good full orchestra music? I'm talking the more...modern (?) sounding stuff I guess... If you remember the Two Towers commercial with the song Requiem for a Dream, I mean stuff like that. I'm sorry I can't explain this better...haha

edit: if you've heard the song Bacchanale from Samson and Delilah, and know anything that sounds remotely like it, please tell me! It's one of my favorites.
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Livejournal rule here

I haven't asked a question in a very long time, so here goes. We have a rule in this community that says you can't ask Livejournal questions here, which is almost universally ignored and pretty well never enforced.

Should it just be removed entirely?
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Random questions

1.) For the ladies: At what age did your Aunt Flo first visit you? (LOL)
2.) Why does beer taste so frickin gross, and how can so many people drink it, so often?

*as she drinks a heineken*

3.) What other things are you doing on your computer *right* now, besides reading LJ?
4.) Which is better, ninja cats or ninja monkeys?
5.) Please won't you be my neighbor?
6.) Don't you love this community? I do (obviously).
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Today was my 18th birthday (yay) and my boyfriend bought me a little Japanese fighting fish. He put a couple cool sea shells in its bowl, but nothing too exciting. I don't mind that the fish isn't really doing anything, but I feel bad for it. Are fish capable of being bored? Is there anything I can buy to brighten up the little guy's life?
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How old were you when your parents told you about sex? Do you think that had any affect on your sex life (or lack thereof) now?

I think I was about 2 when my mom first read me "Where Did I Come From?" and I haven't yet had sex.