January 5th, 2005

nyc museum

Middle Eastern Tsunami

The United States and some other nations have been criticized for the amounts of aid that they initially offered to the nations affected by the tsunami.

However, a recent political cartoon brought up the idea that Middle Eastern nations have not offered much, if any, aid. This is strange, since those nations have quite a lot of money that they could offer.

Are there are any websites that show what different nations have donated so far?
Is it true that Middle Eastern nations have offered no (or very little) aid?
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jury duty

I have some questions about jury duty, which I am scheduled for next Monday. How likely is it that I would have to attend more than one hearing/case? I'm concerned because I have it on the 10th, and we go back to school on the 17th, and I really don't want to miss any classes during my first week or two.

Also, what happens when you first arrive? Do they interview you or something? Should I express my concerns about college classes, call them, anything? Thanks!

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So a few hours ago my friend sent me an old Hi and Lois comic that I found quite hilarious. I don't know where he got it & I don't know how old it is, but I really wish I had saved it to my hard drive. It's not in my AIM logs & I've been searching google for about a half hour for this one specific comic.

I wonder if anyone here has it, or knows if theres an archive somewhere that I can search. I've searched through a few archives, but they only go a little while back, & I don't know when it was published.

It went something like this:
Chip says to his dad "I'm going to start a straight-edge hardcore band!" and his dad says "What does that mean?" then Chip says "It means you'll love that we swear off drugs, but you'll hate the music." then his dad says to his wife "Sometimes I really miss the Monkees."

Damn, that's humorous.

[edit:] He sent it to me again. Gold.
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Why do I burp/belch/whatever when I'm hungry? I've never heard of/seen anyone do that before, and I've only been doing it the past year and a half or so.
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Does anyone here own an Akita? I am getting an Akita puppy (he'll be 8 weeks old) on saturday and would love some tips. This will be my first dog! Thanks -
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mall pagodas

How to people get jobs working at those pagodas in the mall? is that even what they're called? the little mini-shops set up in the middle of walkways for people to buy crap like native american-esque jewlrey, novelty toys and special face creams?

(no subject)

is there a way to "turn off" all the annoying red and green spelling/grammar lines on microsoft word? i'm trying to write something in a foreign language, and as a letter to a friend (informal sentence structure and non-existent capitolization), and it's really getting annoying. thanks!
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I'm on a roll

Music is a wonderful thing... but why? What's so great about it? I'm trying to put what I'm thinking in words and I'm having a hard time of it.

On a related note... what can you do with a degree in music performance? Is a career in music a viable option and I'm just not seeing it?

And for the sake of randomness... do you take a shower in the morning or at night?
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(no subject)

ok, im trying to open up a song on my computer and i just got it fixed today. the signal was messing up.
and now it says i need to have a "program.exe" to open compressed files.
anyone know how to do this?

also-my computer keeps freezing up and i tried to defrag it, but it would never start.

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(no subject)

What is this whole deal about everyone backing up their LJ for the switch-over or whatever it is? Is everything supposed to be lost? Or is there just a chance that we'll lose everything?

Is it bad to do a Disk Defragment to your pc?

Why is brownie batter addicting?
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someone told me that most people dream in black and white, but that there are a small number of people who dream in color.
i don't know if this is true...i feel like my dreams are in color, but when i try to think back on them, no specific colors are present.
does anyone know whether or not this is true?

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does your cellular phone interfere with speakers on a regular basis? my phone interferes with my computer speakers and most car stereos too. i don't even hear it ring usually, i just hear this really loud buzz (like ground hum) as soon as it makes a connection (before it rings or even lights up) and i answer it.
there's also something that makes creepy staccato kinda high pitched buzzing noises on my speakers, which i think must be other peoples' cel phones.

is this normal?