January 4th, 2005

Emily Porch
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Snickerdoodle Pie - THANK YOU!

Thanks, everyone, for your cookie advice. I went with the Snickerdoodles, but made a cookie pie instead of individual cookies. I remained true to its Snickerdoodle heritage by sprinkling sugar and cinnamon on the top and bottom.

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And because this is The Question Club and we're talking about food, I suppose a question is in order. So, what is a food/restaurant/dish in your region or city that is legendary to locals, but outsiders just don't see what all the fuss is about?

I'm from Omaha, Nebraska, so mine would have to be Orsi's Italian Bread and La Casa's pizza.
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it's rainy in NYC right now, and will be until thursday.
where can i take a girl i like, after 6pm?
everything is fair play, but i can't spend too much money (poor student, you know the story)

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Have you ever had plastic surgery? If so, what did you have done and are you happy with it?

If not, would you ever consider it? What would you consider having done?

I've never had any and I probably wouldn't get it, but I am so freakin' fascinated by it for some reason.

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Have you ever played Pitfall for the Atari 2600?

What's the object of that game, exactly? You're dropped in the middle of a jungle, but why are you there? What is it you're looking for? Are you trying to escape the jungle? And I can go either left or right... which way do I need to go?

Yay Google! I found an answer!

For those unfamiliar with this classic gaming experience (shame on you!) we’ll go through the high points for you while you’re searching eBay for your copy. The game consists of an Indiana Jones type figure named Pitfall Harry as your main character. Your job is simple. Guide Harry through the steaming jungle to find 32 pieces of treasure. In order to do that, you must traverse 255 “boards” and avoid obstacles such as tar pits, scorpions, snakes, quicksand, fire, crocodiles and rolling logs.
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One is going on a trip to the Bahamas. (Not me, how sad)

1.) They do not have a copy of their birth certificate, which they need. How does one go about getting a copy of a birth certificate?

2.) They need to get a passport and do not currently have one. What is involved in getting one? How long will it take?

3.) Are any sort of Visas required to go to the Bahamas?

4.) Anything else?


I had two fillings this morning, one in my bottom right set of molars, one in the top left and had injections for each one so am all kinds of numb. What I want to know, is how long is the numbness likely to last, and how long should I wait before I eat something?

Any ideas?
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Where can I find some really nice, *thin* form-fitting gloves?

Almost like the evening-wear ones, that are satin, but I'd prefer ones that aren't so slippery.

But they have to fit snug, because I need to be able to do stuff while wearing them, like operate camera controls, type, etc.

Or am I just asking too much? hehe.

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How do you measure words per minute – i.e. how do you define what is to be written so that it is a fair test?
How do you measure accuracy and words typed I take it that vowels etc. don’t count?
What is good for WPM - I believe 45 words per minute with 90% accuracy is fair, but what would you consider really good?
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What should I make for dinner tonight?

A)Hamburger Helper: Lasagna

B)Hamburger Helper: Potatoes stroganoff

C)Tuna Helper: Cheesy Pasta

I would actually make lasagna, but I don't feel like having to make everything. It's a rainy day, and on rainy day's I just like to be layed back and relaxed.

The Winner is B. I would make lasagna, but I don't have everything I need. :-( I will make that when I can get to the store, and yes I will save left overs. teehee.
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I'm working on a seminar about Duddy Kravitz the novel, and my topic is: "French/English relations in Quebec in the 1930s - 1980s. How does the author see this and how is it reflected in the novel." Now, I've read the book, and frankly, isn't it all about the jew/non-jew relations? Has any one read the book who would like to make a statement? It's driving me insane.

Also, should I wear pajamas to school tomorrow?

What body moisturizer do you use?
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(no subject)

What's good software for driving directions?
MS Streets & Trips 2004 is pretty stupid.. dunno if 2005 is any better, but maybe there is something else that's good out there?

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Are you a virgin? If so, are you proud of the fact?

Also, why is it called "I Love the 80's/90's/whatever" if all they seem to do is make fun of everything? They don't seem to love it at all.
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A couple related questions.

Who do you consider your first love? What happened?

Why do you consider him/her your first love? Was s/he the first person you crushed on, dated, fell in love with, etc?

Is it true that you never stop loving your first love? If not, how did you get over him/her?
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Was anybody watching Wheel of Fortune just now?
At the final thingy, when they asked who the guy had in the audience, did he refer to the chick as his "future girlfriend"?

My mum asked me if he did, and I answered that I had been just about to ask her that...

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I am seriously considering attending a boarding school (Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan). Has anyone been to a boarding school? To this borading school?

What should I expect as far as academics and atmosphere? How much is tutition and how much financial aid is available?
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so, now that i know what to buy, how do i go about burning them onto a disk?
my burner and digital camera software arent compatible, so i cant burn them directly from that.

i have a dell with windows xp if that makes any difference.
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New Computer

As a gift, my Dad is buying my a brand new computer for college. I'm debating on if I want a laptop or a desktop. I REALLY hate laptops, so I'm leaning towards desktop (flat screen of course). I want it custum made... should I get a Dell, Sony, or Gateway?

So I guess my *real* question is...

What EXACTLY do I ask for if I want a system that will run games really well? How much memory should I ask for? RAM, speed and other junk like that? Video card, Sound card, etc...
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Does anyone know if they ever made a soundtrack to the movie "Newsies?" I love that movie and was looking to purchase the DVD and soundtrack if I could find them. Thanks.
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how do you find out what the communities with the highest number of people or the most activity/entries per day are? Is there a list of the most popular lj communities? If so, what is it?