January 3rd, 2005

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school daze questions

1. Can you multiply a double digit number by a single digit number in your head? How about two double digits? I used to be able to but then I lost that ability somehow.

2. Have you ever had a sign language interpreter in one of your classes?

3. You're standing in the computer lab. What kind of floppy drive did the computers have?

4. Top or bottom locker? Or were they the tall ones that were side by side? What colors?

5. What book have you read that's changed your life?
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Does anyone know of any [UK] charities that take old mobile phones?
I have seen a link to a site that didn’t work, and packs in The Body Shop for such ideas, but never really picked one up.
With mobiles that are too old for them to be able to use - how do you dispose of them?
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When people in movies cry the tears always seem to run down from the center of eyes. When I cry, however, they come out of the corner of my eyes. So, is there something wrong with my, uhm, plumbing or do the movie makers have it wrong? Or is there some other reason for it?

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This is for those of you that DO NOT smoke pot.

Have you ever tried it? What did you think?

[edited to add]: While I smoke pot sometimes I totally respect anyone's decision not to. If you don't ever want to try it I'm not going to encourage you to. This just randomly popped into my mind so I decided to post it. :-)
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Okay, I know I asked this like a year ago but I really have NO idea where I put the answers, besides things may have changed. So I ask again!

Does anyone know where I can get a trial of a good program where I can get screenshots from dvd's? I was going to just buy one at Best Buy but my computer nerd boyfriend insists the internet is the best place to get one, soooo I figure while I'm at it I might as well try it before I buy it. ^^
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I'm on a crusade to find some awesome music. I know that a post like this was made a little while ago... but what is your favorite song (or songs)? I'm just looking for a completely random variety of everything fabulous. ;D Thanks!

lord of the rings questions

these are likely things that have been asked already, but anywayz i was just thinking about them and i'm curious:

1) in the lord of the rings, how come gollum never tries on the ring? is it perhaps that he did at one point and they never mentioned it?

2) how come sauron never uses his power through the ring to get gollum to bring it back to him with all those hundreds of years that gollum was holding onto it? why only make the effort to get it back when frodo has it?

3) where does sauron get his power from to come back from being dead and all that jazz when he's no longer possessing the ring? is it that he's so closely tied to it that he can draw power from it even when it isn't in his possession? i mean, sauron was a mortal human at one point right?


What do you think of musical acts who don't write their own music?

What about if they just write the lyrics? Or just the music?

How do you feel about cover songs?
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A while ago I was playing around with my digital camera and for no good reason, decided to take a picture of my monitor, and it came out like Collapse )

Does anyone have any clue what in the world that is all about? Every time I took a pic of my monitor, it came out looking like that (with variation. . . . sometimes the bar was thinner, sometimes it was at the bottom, sometimes at the top). And so I tried taking pics of my partner's monitor, and there was nothing of the sort. So what is going on? (it works fine, thank goodness!)

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Two completely unrelated questions:

1) Which of the 7 deadly sins do you think is the most harmful?
(Just so you don't sit there trying to remember them all: Sloth, Anger, Envy, Gluttony, Pride, Lust, and Greed.

2) When you buy a new album, do you listen ot the songs first and attempt to figure out the lyrics, or do you look them up upon the first time hearing a song?
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This is related to my earlier question. My boyfriend downloaded the WinDVD Platinum trial and it does the dvd capture stuff I want, but it's $70. The Gold version is $50 but I don't know for positive that it does dvd captures and when he tried to download it he got Platinum again.

Can anyone tell me 100% for sure because you've used/owned it that gold does dvd capture? Not like the print screen crap where when I try to move the image it goes away. I mean something I can save, move to another computer, make icons out of, print and fold into paper airplanes, WHATEVER I want. Anyone? (PLEASE!)
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A friend of mine just asked this, but I don't have a laptop and don't have an answer for her.

does anybody have a laptop or knows about this, i have one question.

-okay so about charging it...how do you do it? my mom says you have to leave the computer on but when i do it loses the battery but when i have it off and i charge it that doesnt work either. and when it does charge (not like i know when it does) it will be at 100% and then in 15 minutes its down to 85 and then before i know it its at 44%. im confused.

computer stuff

Are any of the following harmful to a fairly new computer?

1. Leaving it on for days.

2. Shutting it down every night.

3. Putting it in hibernate/suspend every night.

Does shutting down/restarting constantly REALLY wear out the hardware? o.o;...
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how do i get fat?

i have some ridiculously high metabolism, so although i barely ever exercise and more often than not wind up eating junk instead of healthy food, i maintain this tiny figure of mine. i want to go on a diet. not to lose weight, but instead to gain some. but i also want this to be healthy.

 i don't want to get fat or particularly muscular, else i would just go for the all-cake diet, or start exercising like mad. what would you recommend for me to do? i want to stop being mistaken for an anorexic chick. what are some good, nutritious diets i can put myself on. or, what are some good nutritionist-type websites i can check out that will help me on my quest of plumpification? (it is late. i'm allowed to make up words. do you do this?)

also, i am scared that my small stature will effect my ability to have children safely. is this an unreasonable fear?

and for somthing completely unrelated, are you supposed to refirgerate maalox? it tastes better that way, and because it's so milky i am weary of taking it when it has not been refrigerated after opening. how long does it stay good?