January 2nd, 2005

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This made me think about something someone posted earlier...

Would it be so wrong if I lived in a major city (and I do) and I wanted some money (and I do), that I dress up as homeless and see what I can come up with?? Is that wrong, you think?

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I'm looking at getting new hubcaps for my car. I have 13 inch tires. I was looking on E-bay and they are advertised by make/model. example: Toyota Camry hubcaps. Does the make and model matter or just the size?
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Indoor Excersises?

So it is Winter in Wisconsin and I can't excersise outside in the snow and ice without breaking an ankle. And currently I can't afford to join a gym, so my question is Does anyone know any good indoor cardio or other excersises to do? I have been losing weight just by cutting my intake but I would like to start getting in shape. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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How does one "remove the safety" from a lighter, or how do you know if it has already been removed?

I have to write a film review on a foreign film (Kadosh) tonight and its due tomorrow. I've watched the movie and I know it well, but everytime I sit down and try to write it, I get nothing. Does anyone have any motivation ideas, or ideas as to how I could start?
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A few years ago I used to buy this bottled drink that came in a few different fruity flavors and was a clear liquid with little colored jelly beads floating around in it. It was called like, "Euphoria" or "Euphoric" or "Utopia" or something. It was not alcoholic. I know they had a website, but my Google search came up with nothing.
Does anyone remember this drink? Is it still on the market? Am I just going crazy and remembering things that never existed?? :P

edit: I found a drink called Fruitopia, but that isn't it at all. So I've probably got the name totally wrong. Hmm..

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I'm using Mozilla Firefox 1.0. I'm trying to make it so that I'm always logged into LiveJournal. I used to be able to do this, so that every time I opened my friends page I was logged in, but now it's not working. I log in, click the box marked "Never" under Log Out, but for some reason, it still logs me out every time I close the browser window. Is there something I can check to fix this, a setting I can change, or something that may have gone out of whack?

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Two questions in one day, yikes, sorry. Ok, my friend Mercedes and I have to edit each others english projects tonight, and she said something along the lines of being able to edit on word and then email it back... Now, I know you could just fix the mistakes and send it back, but its there like a special editting tool or something that I never knew about?

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We got a cake/pie thing from a neighbor.

The texture and color are pretty much dead on for cheesecake, though its slightly dry for that. There is a definite taste of lemon and rum in there, almost tastes like poundcake, and something else harder to ID. Despite the cheesecake similarities, there is no really detectable cheese flavor, though its possible the lemon and rum interacted witht he cheese, and the mysterious flavor is the result of that interaction.

We don't know what sort of thing this is, anyone got ideas?
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I read this in some community, and I was just wondering if it was true or not?

If you only drink cranberry juice for like 72 hours youcan loose a lot of weight.

anything? *edit* I'm just wondering. I'm not anorexic or anything. I just thought that was interesting.

movie suggestions?

I finally gave in and joined Netflix. Any suggestions on what I should put in my Queue? Are there any movies that you feel are "must see" types of films? Films that have made a major impact on you and/or the world?
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What's worse?

What's worse....

-your roommate/friend of eight months making out with and having some intimate touching (but nothing below the belt) with someone you've been in love with for five years (but never been involved with),


-your roommate/friend of two years and three months having sex with someone you had been in a regular boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with for ten months, but recently broken up with?

Edit: And, additionally, for each scenario, do you believe there is an obligation on the part of either person to tell the third person? If so, whose obligation is it - the roommate/friend (roommate *and* friend, not roommate *or* friend), or the love interest (who has the knowledge of the third person's interest)/ ex-significant other?

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ok 2 questions today:

1. to determine what scale im playing when a concert pitch is given on my clarinet it says to play the scale that starts one whole pitch about the pitch given. and then the example says: if concert e flat major is given, play the f scale. isnt e flat to f a half step jump? i dont understand.

2. also, what the heck is a reaction essay, and how do i write one?
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We're having a debate over the exact definition of a smirk. Would anyone care to post a picture of someone who is, in your opinion, smirking? (For the record, I say this is a smirk. I argue that it is a full-facial expression in which eyebrows are generally involved, while my debator claims it's mouth-only. Opinions welcome.)