January 1st, 2005


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Does anyone know about legislation coming in the UK regarding banning sale of swords and the carrying of swords in public?
I know it's being discussed in Scotland as a way to try and deal with knife crimes (when knifes just aren't enough: kids forget your mothers kitchen knife, go for a battle ready claymore sword – raaah!), what is the chance of this actually going ahead given that as well as preposterous it ignores heritage and surely falls under some sort of breach of religious freedom?
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Just because I'm not so good at math...

For the CapitalOne Bowl Mascot Challenge, the online vote counts for 50% and the judges' choice counts for the other 50%. Duke Dog (my school's mascot) was completely undefeated in the eleven-week online voting challenge. So how did he lose to Monte (the grizzly from UMontana), who was in third place in the vote with a 55% wins? ;p

flight ettiquette

Are knitting needles allowed on planes these days or are they concidered weapons?

Any ideas on how one can entertain oneself while sitting at an airport for ten hours overnight?

How scary and difficult to navigate is JFK airport in NY?
I <3 Chicago

Tuition Money?

I was wondering if anyone had a way to get about $700 fast? I am working to get money for tuition but I am not going to make enough in time, and no one is hiring for one semester. Any ideas?

PS I can't take out anymore loans this year.

Microsoft Word

I'm wotking on a brochure in Microsoft Word. I have everything set up brochure style. How do I add a background or a background colour to just one page? I went to Format > Background, but the background was added to ALL my pages, and it wasn't in brochure style anymore.

Can anyone help me?