December 31st, 2004

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Im having alot of trouble breathing and there is tightness in my center (my ribcage, lungs, back, but at the same point in my body).

My friend says it could be stress. Im not sure. What could it be?
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I have a problem that I'd like to explore. It sounds stupid, but it's actually very difficult to live with.

Garbage doesn't bother me. The floor and backseats of my car are literally piled two feet high with trash. I'd say 90% of it is paper, plastic wrap, and bottles, but 10% of it (on a good day) is banana peels, Chinese food cartons, lidless tupperware full of spaghetti, and other stuff that a normal person would immediately dispose of. Here's the grossest part: I often have my belongings (clothes, books, etc) scattered throughout the piles. If I find a stain, it's never a big deal. It's not like I enjoy trash, or that I like keeping things, I just don't see any reason to get rid of it. I'll never be at the point of saying "My car is getting gross, I should clean it out". I just don't care.

My boyfriend thinks it's related to me having unmedicated ADD and being unable to organize, but I'm not so sure. I think if that were the case, I'd at least be disgusted by the mess. The thing is, though, outside of my car and home, I appear to be a very neat person. I have good hygiene, I dress nice, I take dainty bites when I eat, and my work space is always perfect.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to clean out my car completely. I want to start off 2005 clean, and maybe I can keep it that way. My boyfriend promised to stop making jokes about sitting on half-eaten peanut butter sandwiches, and will instead prod me to throw things away. So, I'm not going to live with this anymore, but I'm still curious. Is there a psychological explanation for this type of behavior, or am I just really weird?

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For Nintendo DS, and the game The Urbz, has anyone figured out how to buy things?? My girl is bitching and bitching that she wants a tv or whatever, and I have the money, but I can't buy one, no matter what I try!
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Does anyone know of a good online store based in the US that sells Region 2 (or other non-Region 1) dvds at a decent price? Or, a store based in another country, but accepts US dollars?

I'm trying to see if there is anyplace outside of eBay where I can buy Region 2 without having to convert to another currency... if possible.

Also, the same type store but for books/editions published in other countries.
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Cats - The Musical

A friend burned a copy of the musical Cats (the original broadway soundtrack). On individual tracks, it seems like songs cut in and out. There will be a main song, but then other tunes will quickly cut in and out.

Is it supposed to sound like that?
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Are you going to donate to the tsunami relief effort (or have you already)? Who are you donating to? Which organizations do you think are the best to donate to?

We're trying to decide which organization we want to donate some money to (so far we're thinking UNICEF). I encourage you all to do the same, even if it's a small amount...

Plumbing issue

Our toilet tank keeps running, and doesn't fill (or fills really really slowly). We thought it was the toilet tank assembly, but my husband looked at it just now and called me and said that it works fine (when he fills the tank up by hand), but there isn't enough water coming in from the hookup on the wall. The water shutoff valve/knob thingy may be busted and not letting water in - even when we try to turn the water all the way off it still trickles into the tank. Anyone know if that's what the problem is, or what it could be and how to fix it? :D (I haven't looked at it and the hubby's no great mechanic, so who knows what's broken.)

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Why do so many people feel the need to be abusive?
Example would be if someone posts in a community something that is incorrect, community members correct them, original poster shouts, swears, posts a huge rant etc. If someone comes into a community as a troll, which are best ignored, but all the members respond with wild abuse. Another example would be if someone posts something and others give him or her some advice contrary to what they are currently doing and they erupt in a fit of rage slagging off everyone who tried to help them out.
Seems as though more and more people act like this, why?