December 29th, 2004

abby genius

Actors Between Movies?

Does anyone know of any websites and such where one can input the names of two movies/TV shows or something, and it could list all the actors they have in common? Or even something where you put in two actors' names and you get the movies they're in together or something like that.

I Googled it, unsuccessfully, but I'm also not quite sure what to Google for.
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Questions... duh

Could you please answer the following questions? Thanks in advance.

1) If you were asked to send one thing representing your country to an international exhibition, what would you choose? Why?

2) If you could invent something new, what product would you develop? Why?

3) "It is better to be a member of a group than to be the leader of a group." Agree or disagree? Please explain.

4) Long vacations each year or short vacations throughout the year. What do you prefer as a student?

5) If you are given some land to use as you wish. How would you use it?

6) Plants can provide food, shelter, clothing, or medicine. What is one kind of plant that is important to you or the people in your country?

7) People remember special gifts or presents that they have received. Why?

8) What events (experiences or ceremonies) make a person an adult?

9) People listen to music for different reasons and at different times. Why is music important to many people?

10) You are going on a trip for a year. In addition to clothing and personal care items, you can take one additional thing. What would you take and why?

11) If you could create a new holiday, what person or event would it honor and how would you want people to celebrate it?
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(no subject)

What is your New Year's resolution?

My List
To work out more regularly.
To practice piano and violin more regularly.
To study harder and make all A's next semester.
To save my money and stop spending it friviolusly.
To read the books I meant to read last year.
To actually create the clothes I designed.
To get my driver's license.
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(no subject)

For my psychology project, one of the options for us to do is pick two types of music we dislike, and then say why we don't like it, why others might like it, and what message they recieve from those kinds of music.

I figured I would ask before making something up, since I have no idea because I don't listen to these two types.

If you listen to either rap or pop, could you please tell me why you like that kind of music, and what message you receive from it?

Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

I have an older sister who may be getting married in the near future, and she has just asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. Although my sister and I are not as close as we used to be, I am saddened that she didn't choose me as her maid of honor. I always just assumed that she would, since I am her only sister.

What is your opinion on maid of honor/best man selection? If you had a sibling of the same sex that was close to you in age, but also had other friends that you were closer with, would you choose your sibling out of tradition or your best friend?

Edit: I'm not looking for people to make me feel guilty about being sad. I know it's her day, and of course I'll support whatever her decision is. I was just explaining my feelings- don't feel the need to judge them.
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Access databases

I want to import an Excel worksheet into an Access table. For some reason probably known only to a certain Mr Gates, Excel stores dates in numerical format. Apparently 8th January 2004 is 37994. So when I import into Access, the number is all that comes across and it won't let me convert it. There are hundreds of records and I really don't want to type in the dates manually. Anyone know how make the numbers into dates?

(no subject)

for those of you with iPods...
can i put a playlist on my iPod, then modify the list later on? id assume i can, but i thought id ask before i put all of three songs on my iPod and not be able to change it later.
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Halloween 2008

(no subject)

Say you're invited to a nightclub for New Year's Eve with your ex boyfriend, now just a friend. You're both 18, and it's cold (20 degrees F) outside.

What do you wear? Do you wear anything special?

Would it be safe to leave a leather coat at the coat check, or wear something less valuable?

Any other neccesities I should bring, or know about?

(By the way, you're a girl)

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I know when your body tries to fight infection you quite often end up tired. But I have a urinary tract infection so should I still be ending up tired? I've just been exhausted for the past two days (I started medication but I was exhausted before that) for no apparent reason and I was just wondering if that was why.
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Cell Phones****

Well I want a cell phone serive to where I don't have to sign a contract. I would preferably like to have unlimited night and weekend b/c I plan on being on it alot. I have Virgin Mobile right now, but the 25 cents for the first 10 minutes and then the 10 cents after that is killing me in costs. I wanted the AT&T GoPhone b/c I could get a $39.99 plan w/unlimited night and weekend. But since Cingular bought them out or is now the Take Charge phone and the rates are higher. Does anyone have any suggestions...I am VERY Desperate b/c I need a cell phone ASAP!!!!! Please Help!!
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Detroit Rock City

(no subject)

Does anyone have that problem where the little bud headphones won't stay in your ear? What the hell is happening? Is my ear just funkily shaped?
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(no subject)

The new year is coming, school is coming up, I have to order books online sometime soon, I haven't accomplished what I set out to do this winter break, I'm going to start walking a lot after the first of the year, I still haven't heard back from that stupid memory company that said they won't ship to anything but the billing address, and I just generally feel insecure about everything.

What would make me feel better? (Food is not an option.)
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(no subject)

Okay so i like this guy...again. We dated at the beginning of last year and then we ended it because of...i really don't know why. Anyways i like him again and he told me he hadn't fallen for me, but then he told me he loved me. Umm, i have no clue what to think or do. I saw him today for the first time in two weeks and he seemed really happy to see me. Okay so do you have any suggestion to what i should do? Should i try it again? Should i just give up? should i just wait it out?
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Kill it with fire?

I'm in my early 20's, and I've just about had it with shaving my legs. The idea of doing this for the rest of my life is maddening.
I dislike body hair in general so I won't stop getting rid of the leg hair any way i can. Though i respect other women who choose to not shave at all.

I don't have the money (and probably never will), but if i could, would it be wise for me to seek electrolysis? And do away with this inconvenience forever? I'd have to win the lottery first, but still. I'm giddy just imagining it...the hairless dream.
I know it's expensive, but in the long run it will save money and tons of time.