December 28th, 2004


i dont know how to really ask this but i will try!

Lets say you met this girl that is great, sweet, caring, but was a slut! every guy loves one but lets say you fall in love with one. always in the back on your mind you think of all the guys shes been with, and the number is about 50. Your a guy that has been a good guy you been with about 5 girls. has anyone ever fallen for a girl like this? would you marry a girl like that? this ever happen to anyone? i know it should matter but is it normal to think of the stuff shes been thru.

girls would you fall for a guy slut? the same questions but the guy is a slut and your not.

P.S. I dont really care im just wondering how people feel about this. Im totally cool with a girl having a past like that.
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winter brrrr!

Is there anyone else out there living in a place without heat??? We've been using little space heaters but I think my feet are frozen.

And why do cats always want to smell your mouth? What are they looking for?


How does POP3 e-mail work?

I'm being contracted for a work-at-home job and they prefer that I have POP3 e-mail (but as a temporary solution, they are forwarding directly to my Yahoo!).

I think I heard that Gmail can do it, so maybe I can do it via Gmail? :::scratching head:::
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Mr. Mom

Obviously this already may apply to some of you, and it assumes you are in a family type situtation (though obviously hypothetical situations apply as well)

Gentlemen of the community: Would you consider a situation in which you would stay home and care for your children while your S/O went to work

Ladies of the connunity: Would you consider a situation in which you would go to work while your S/O stayed home and cared for your children.

Me: Of course, if it suddenly made for a better economic situation I would do it in a second.

(no subject)

What albums/artists are good to listen to for concentrating? (I hear classical is good... but I need more specifics)

What hair remover wax brand is good, easy-to-use, mess-free, and won't put a dent in my wallet? (I've given up on the whole pain thing)

Avatar user icons

Ive been trying to find a website which will let me make a personal avatar like so many people have on livejournal - something like theborogove, goth33fairy or creativepain would be nice. But my Google skills are letting me down somewhat. I've got no clue what these sites are called, and running a search for various permutations of "user icon" and "avatar" is bringing up nothing useful. Can anyone give me a hint of where I should be looking, or what search terms I should use? Much appreciated.
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lead me

(no subject)

Has anyone else had their hair naturally change colors? When I was a kid my hair would go from bleach blonde in the summer to a sort of darker blonde in the winter, and then when I hit puberty all of a sudden it turned dark dark brown. I'm guessing this has something to do with hormonal changes but has this happened to anyone else?
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(no subject)

A close friend told me about a co-worker's bizarre over-reaction to carrying a shipping crate of condoms. This led us to wondering about something.

Is there any difference, besides the packaging, between regular condoms and the ones that are labeled as 'larger size'?

Neither of us has ever seen a 'larger-size' condom out of the box, much less done a comparison of the two.

We both assumed they are identical except the packaging, and the extra dollar or two is to buy a boost to the ego.
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(no subject)

Who would come knocking on your door at 10:30, 11 pm on a Sunday night? You don't know them, they're not in uniform... so what sort of business would someone like that have knocking on your day so late at night?

(no subject)

i think i am addicted to spending money because i have randomly decided i want to buy a new video game system. i used to rock out on nintendo, sega, and even nintendo 64, but then fell off the bandwagon once all these crazy new systems started coming out. so, help a sister out!

gamecube, PS2, or Xbox?

what's good, better, best? pros and cons?

i'm leaning toward gamecube, but that's only because i'm partial to nintendo and trust it the most. there's something about games being stored on CDs that just urks me, and playstation controllers just confuse the hell out of me. i guess i'd just have to get used to it, eh?
Stare into the very eyes of evil.

(no subject)

Three stupid questions.

1) In my "C:\Documents and Settings" folder, should I have "Admin" AND "Administrator" folders? (Note, when I turn the computer on, only my one username shows up) Is this normal, or has my Evil Brother added an extra Administrator name?

2) I seem to have lost the ability to "switch users", which I used to be able to even though I only have one username. Now I can only log out, or shut down. How can I find that option again?

3) And this is the most embarassing thing, but I couldn't seem to find an answer on Google. Should I keep my CDs and DVDs away from magnets?

Thankya mates.
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Lab Classes

I'm signed up for Anatomy and Physiology lecture AND lab next semester. Despite being a junior in college, I've only taken one other lab course before, and that was a telecourse. So, my question is, does the lab part of a course usually have homework, or is it stuff you can do at school without having to bring home?

Thankee, loves.
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drive time

What's your choice of noise while commuting?

(music, talk radio, audio books, other)

If music, do you sing along?

IF talk radio, have you ever said: "damn straight" or something similar outloud or have you ever called the station.

If audio books, do you play them while others are in the car?


So, I'm restringing my ukulele. any tips to make this not be a pain in the ass?

Also, the notes denoted on the pack are different from the notes I'm familiar with- why? (I just strung them in the order it gave, i figure I can tune it to what I'm used to....)
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mp3 players

I'm interested in buying an mp3 player to use while I work out, but I'm having trouble finding a reasonably priced and durable player. I've read the reviews for a few players (Creative Labs Muvo, Digitalway MPIO, iRiver iFP-190T, Memorex Biomorph, Nike Sport, Rio S35S Sport), only to find a mix of rave reviews and comments such as "the worst player ever." I'm struggling to find one that several people have been happy with. Can anyone suggest an mp3 player that will be worth the money... preferably in the $100-$150 range?
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I have to buy a car and I need some advice.

How reliable is a Dodge car? (Namely a Stratus)

What about a Chevy Malibu?

Or a Grand Prix?

Which would you suggest for someone who has to drive long distances a few times a year?

(no subject)

Is it possible to have a rebound relationship with someone you have already gone out with? Like, if you went out with them, then broke up, then started going out again? I'm so very confused right now. Heh.

Embrace Diversity

(no subject)

What would you do if you found a questionable phone number in the pocket of your significant other's pants pocket?

Sorry for the wordiness, just wanted everybody to be able to answer.
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(no subject)

I was wondering about craft copyright issues. As an example, I used a diagram to make a beaded necklace from a published book. While knitting and sewing patterns usually have explicit not for commercial use written on it, this book has the general 'all rights reserved'.

This is what is says exactly:
"All right reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form without the written permission of the publisher."

The way I read that is I can make whatever using the diagrams but as long as I don't copy the pattern (like photocopy) or distribute any part of the pattern/diagram it should be okay. Am I wrong in thinking this? The thing that is confusing me is the "portions thereof in any form". Does the actual necklace fall into the "any form" category? Or is it just the actual text/graphics of the book? I don't want to do anything illegal, with my luck I'd get sued for selling one little necklace I made using the diagram from this book!

(no subject)

alright, my "almost boyfriend" (we haven't gotten to the asking out part yet) got me a present but won't give it to me until school starts back up, in the meantime i have to get him something. What do yo get a 17 year old boy who doesn't have any real interests. (no porn) what's a meanigful gift from a girlfriend (almost girlfriend)?