December 27th, 2004

Detroit Rock City

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To what are people reffering when they speak of $20 bills? (Ex: Brand New - Mix Tape "I got a $20 bill...")

I know they could mean just money, but I've heard it a few times and wondered if it had some special meaning. Maybe something concerning 4:20 (or that could just be the Berkeley in me)?
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I'm technologically unadvanced

Okay, I got a new MP3 player for Christmas, and I have a question. I want to turn my CDs into MP3s, but everything I've seen requires me to buy software to do this. Does anyone know where this broke girl can find a free site to do this, or is there a way to do it with what's on my computer already? I haven't downloaded the software that came with it, so maybe I'm missing something...
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There was a show on the History Channel last night about how people have viewed Armageddon throughout history, and as part of it they were showing all kinds of paintings. When they were talking about the bubonic plague, they showed a painting done in sort of a sketchy style of a reaper figure (it looked female, a gray face, empty eye sockets, long black hair) riding...maybe a big black bird? and flying through a city. I know that's a crappy description, but does anyone have any idea what that painting might be?

And on the subject of paintings, do all art museums sell prints of all the paitings they have? I know ours does, but it's not very big and has more sculpture than paintings. Barring that, how hard/easy is it to find prints of fairly famous but not greatly popular paintings? (Not lithographs, because I certainly don't have that kind of money, but just prints.)
Stargazer Lily

credit cards

i'm looking to refinance a credit card (who is currently charging me 15%, i've called, they cannot lower my rate).. i have a capital one card which i love..

i'm looking into getting a bank one card or citi...

anyone have any experience with these cards? is your rate decent? annual fees? balance transfer fees? (i'm going to do my homework on some other cards also)

please tell me any experiences you've had with these... thanks!

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For those who have had this happen to them,

What does it mean when your water heater starts to make funny noises, like it is vibrating, when you turn on the water from the outside hose.
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Queen lyrics

My husband bought a Queen greatest hits CD a month or so ago and I've been subjected to it almost daily ever since. I don't actually mind Queen too much - but wtf is with that bicycle song? ("I waaant to ride my biiicyycclllle....") Is it some sort of weird metaphor that I am just, like, not getting? I don't understand!!
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  • kit_n

Could this be anything serious?

I hit my head on a metal bar a few days ago at work, and then again on a table (it was bad day believe me, lol). Both within two days and within the same region of my head (about an inch above my right eyebrow). I've had this really bad headache (but just on my forehead and right side) ever since. But what hurts even MORE is my neck. My neck is killing me non-stop. It feels it's best when I first wake up in the morning, but about 10 minutes into it, it hurts like hell 24/7. Everytime I move my head I hear something crackling in my neck. Ice or heat doesn't help, and neither do any over-the-counter medications.

Could this be anything serious?
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Overall I'm rather slender, and I suppose I should probably wear one size in pants that is smaller than what i usually wear, because pants i usually wear are baggy around my hips and my legs... so in styles that land on my hips, i can wear a size smaller. the problem is, most pants don't fall on my hips, but somewhere between my waist and hips... and there's no way i could get a smaller waistband to sit comfortably in that area. my mom says this is a hereditary trait and there's not really anything i can do about it... but i'm willing to try.

what can i do as far as exercises go to reduce that little potbelly i have? even when i'm very skinny it's still there to an extent, and people get mad at me when i lose weight because i'm already not big. ;x
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Map of the Tsunami

This morning while looking up info on the tsunami, I found a particularly useful map of the event that I cannot now find. It showed the epicenter of the quake as a little black square, and then where the tidal wave hit on the coasts. It included some small islands off the southern tip of SirLanka and to the west of Indonesia that aren't on a lot of the other maps. I saw it on either, or, but I can't for the life of me locate it now. Help?

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new member *waves* i was referred to this community for help w/ choosing a digital camera.... i apologize in advance if you all get a lot of these questions. with that said....

anyone out there have experience w/ digital cameras... i got a sony cybershot p73 for xmas and havent decided if i'd like to upgrade... i'm looking at the nikon coolpix 4100 as a possible upgrade (mostly b/c it's in my price range and i'm partial to nikon) but i'm looking for info on what to look for and what to ignore when picking a digital camera. i have a nikon n65 and love it, so something similar would be nice. i often taken pictures of architecture and people... scenic stuff, parties, my dog, etc etc. i just need a camera that's not too complicated, but that i can grow's a review of the two i'm comparing right now:

i would like to stay between 200-300 dollars and any suggestions besides these two are also welcome... i am just a little illiterate when it comes to these things... i've been to and looked it over, but a lot of it still seems like jargon... so any helpful hints in layman's terms, would be great! :)
thanks in advance guys

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I am making a cd of favorite songs....
nothing by like brittany or like nsync or something but...good songs. You know the ones you used to sing or know all the words too with the radio? Even ones that were overplayed, new and old that you still love...

Got any you love?
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my other ride is your mother

True Ceramic Pro

Does anyone have (or have you tried) the True Ceramic Pro hair styling wand? I was watching an infomercial for it today and I'm intrigued. My hair is mostly straight but it curls out at the ends, mostly on the left side. Sometimes I'd like to straighten the left so it's more even with the right. And mostly I'd love to curl it.

so :

a) do you have it/have you used it?
b) has it been more a positive experience using it, or negative?
c) how have you found its straightening abilities?
d) and more importantly, how are its curling abilities?
e) and was it worth the $120?!?
come hither

I don't have a question...

other than to ask you to ponder the incredible, awful power of nature. My local news is reporting that an estimated 80,000 people perished from the tsunami. 80,000 It's hard to conceive of that many people... that's a good-size town. Just gone.

Sorry... no question. Just pondering.
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Drink Me

inspired by another 'question' EDITED

these questions are inspired by onesweetworld's 'question' about the 80,000 people who have died because of the tsunami.

1. why? is it really just an act of nature that could not be prevented.
2. who? do you think you could ever really identify with 80,000 people for something other than tragedy. (you can leave out the who part if you want, just basically: how many people have you associated w/ in a tragedy)
3. what is the biggest tragedy you've ever had to face? (your def of tragedy, not mine)
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i have naturally brown hair, but for the past year or so, ive been dying it black. i want my hair brown again, though.
i found a dye thats almost exactly my natural color, put it on my hair, and nothing!
my question is is there a good medium brown hair color that will cover up black, or im i going to end up spending a ridiculous amount of money to have my hair taken back to brown at a professional place?
vnv nation

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i have always been attracted to boys much younger than me. i cringe at the thought of being attracted to a "man". are there any girls here in their twenties who are attracted to younger boys? are there any younger boys ((when i say that, i mean teens)) who have an opinion on this? do you think it is weird//wrong//cool//etc.?

i posted this in my personal journal:

i want to live in my own apartment in the city. i want a pomeranian. i want to name her miss sasha or miss chloe. i want to decorate my walls with my favorite artwork. i want the biggest industrial//ebm//synthpop//electronica music collection. i want to be financially secure. i want to learn how to drive. i want a car; a silver jetta to be precise. i want to lose ten to fifteen pounds. i want to find a lifelong companion (!). i want to meet new people. i want to go to art museums, concerts, restaurants, meetings, and plays with respected friends. i want to have confidence in myself. i want to awaken each day, exhilarating in the now and newness of it. i want to travel. i want to go back to europe. i want to be an advanced traveler, and know exactly where to go and what to do at train stations, airports, bus terminals, etc. i want to learn how to cook delicious food. i want to continue my knowledge in spanish. i want to get a vnv nation tattoo. i want to have my makeup done by a professional, and i want to learn how to do my makeup like said professional. i want a new computer with a fast internet connection. i want to be happy everyday. i want to expand my vocabulary, and broaden my writing. i want to perform. i want to have foreign pen-pals, and i want to send them mix tapes. i want to have friends all over the world so that i may visit a lot of countries and have friends wherever i travel to. i want nice manicured nails. i want to not feel unbearably alone anymore. i want to walk down the street and receive greetings and compliments from random strangers. i want to take road trips and live out of my suitcase. i want to have lazy days sitting around watching 80's movies and smoking cigarettes and cloves. i want to have midnight conversations in diners. i want to have my lip pierced again without it getting infected. i want to meet ronan harris and mark jackson of vnv nation. i want to have my photograph taken in aesthetic poses. i want to create a book of my poetry. i want to be the poetry that i write.

& i just want to be.

& this:

i want someone who will drink chai tea lattes with me at 2:00am on a weekday & go to the cinema with me to see a really horrible movie, but to laugh at it for being quite horrible, and to see the excellent ones & someone who will drive me around and listen to sigur rós & rasputina & air & tons of other wonderful music & sit with me without saying anything & sit with me and talk about silly, random things & go shopping with me & go to the city with me on holiday and visit art centers, hipster stores, and vintage book shops & coffeehouses & someone who will dress up with me and go to a ridiculously expensive restaurant & dance with me & sing with me & make fun of the horrible articles in my cosmopolitan magazine & will help me stay on top of things -- academic, mostly & will watch mad tv with me & rent movies with me & take silly online quizzes & play madlibs (!!!) & cards & board games ((monopoly, life, clue!!!)) & someone that does not need to have sex with me in order to be with me & someone who actually takes an interest in my writing and is interested in it & someone who inspires me and helps me to be a better person & someone who teaches me things that i never knew & is willing to be taught & is a role model for me & is not afraid to tell me that my outfit is mismatched & is there for me 24/7 & does not obsess over me & does not control me & etc...

does anyone else here want to do and have those things?

[ also, does anyone here suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder that is quite serious and affects daily functioning? ]
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Insaniquarium again, hooked on this game and get figure out what's the best 3 things to have in the fish tank. I'm on level 2-5,
I have:
Itchy(helps attacks enemies)(floats),
Stinky(collects coins at the bottom),
Niko(gives pearls that are worth money),
Prego(pops out guppies),
Zorf(helps feed guppies/fish),
Meryl(sings to make coins come out faster),
Rufus (helps kill enemies)(at the bottom),
Vert(gives gold coins and doesn't need to be fed) and
Clyde(floats around helping collect coins).

Which 3 are the best to have? I'm thinking Vert, Rufus, and Niko. Because to get the egg it is 10,000 dollars. Vert and Niko will help give me more coins. Anyone else agree?