December 25th, 2004


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I went to post a mini-whine about the temperature in my lj earlier, and apparently put it in a community. . . . here, I think. So I want to apologize for any confusion, "grrrrrs", or anything else that may have caused for anyone :-P

And onto my question - What' s the weather like, right now, where you are?

(as I had said in the one that was supposed to be in my lj "it is -1 degrees F outside right now. Thankfully, there is barely any wind. Bugger, it was cold to be out there!" ;-)
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I've added essential oils to unscented lotion before, but can you do the same thing with eau de toilette, or will the higher alcohol level upset it?

And--What are your favorite Christmas movies? Mine are Night mare Before Christmas, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Nationa Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and Holiday Inn. Elf is also in the running--depends on if I crave it five years from now or not.
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Christmas memories

My late grandfather's second wife came by earlier today to give me a gift that Grandpa left for me. It was a book of his life and memories. One of the pages was about Christmas. So I'm going to ask you guys these questions...

What is your fondest Christmas memory?

What is your saddest Christmas memory?

What is your most memorable Christmas memory?

When you look around the world (any time), what do you see?

What bit of knowledge would you like to leave to the world (or at least your offspring)?
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Questions. Yay!

1. If you're Christian, do you think its wrong to have sex on Christmas? A friend and I got into an arguement about this.

2. What does it mean if there are white spots on your nails?

3. Why do communities get upset when someone x posts?
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What do oranges and tomatoes have in common?

I've always been allergic to raw tomatoes. If I eat them, I get all these puffy, itchy blotches all over my face. I usually just eat bananas and apples for fruit, but the other day I tried a Clementine. My face got all swollen and itchy, just like with tomatoes! What would be in both things that would cause an identical reaction?

Also, if I'm allergic to tomatoes and citrus, why can I eat spaghetti sauce and orange juice without any problems?

(no subject) won't hurt to ask here...
Does anyone have any good suggestions for web sites or books regarding male sexual anatomy and sexuality?
Compaired to female sexual anatomy and sexuality it seems pretty hard to find.