December 23rd, 2004


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im sitting here at my computer and i see this bright flash outside the window next to me. being scared of everything, i damn near crap myself. then i hear thunder for about twenty-thirty seconds. there is about four-six inches of snow on the ground.
double-u tee eff?!
in all eighteen years of my life, ive never experienced a thunderstorm in the wintertime!
what happens? my guess is its probably like a thunderstorm any other time of year: mass precipitation. is this accurate?
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For Christmas celebrators...

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?

We used to always do that and it always ended up being pajamas, so we'd have christmas eve pajamas every year. When the pajama phase ended, we were pretty much limited to opening a small gift or one from the siblings, which was usually a movie. Now that all of the kids are older (16+) we don't open Christmas eve gifts anymore. Besides, both of my parents are working Christmas eve anyways :[

Do any of you have a name for the day before Christmas eve? Here in Newfoundland, we call it "Tipp's Eve". Not sure why though, I used to just call it Christmas eve eve.
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Stare into the very eyes of evil.

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How do you feel about gamesmanship?

I find that I don't mind using gamesmanship tactics against a computer opponant but if I'm playing with a human opponant (hockey, poker, soul caliber II, whatever) I use sportsmanship.

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Are you upset when you give somebody a gift and they don't give you one?

I have limited funding and was only able to buy Christmas presents for family and close friends... and I just found out that a girl for whom I didn't get or make anything has something for me and I know she's going to be upset if I don't give her anything. ;x I know it's not about presents and personally, I wouldn't be upset because it happens to me quite often... but I know she will be hurt. A group of us was going to hang out tonight and I was going to give people their gifts then, and then I found out that she has been invited and that she has something for me. Any suggestions?
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I know this is probably annoying, but I'm losing my mind over here!

I can't think of something good to gt my brothr for christmas. He's 26, graduating from law school this spring, lives in Vermont, and is moving to DC this summer.

Is there anything a new laywer type person might need? I don't have the slightest idea what to get him, and it's driving me mad.

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God I love this community.

So, I got my tattoo touched up Tuesday, which means I get to put A&D on it for two weeks again.

Thing is, I've misplaced the A&D. I put it on this morning, and went to put it on again just now, and it's not where I could have sworn I put it.

Is there anything I can use for backup if I don't find it or until I find it? Neosporin?
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In the beginning of Ocean's Twelve, when Brad Pitt goes into his apartment (or maybe it was just a hotel room he owned), there's already some guy with shaggy hair inside. The guy sounded really familiar, but they never got close up to his face and he never showed up in the movie again. Did anybody else recognize him?

I turned inside and out, but no luck. I don't think his character's name was mentioned in the movie, and none of the names in the credits ring a bell. Anybody know who it was (or at least anything else he was in)?

I lose sleep over this stuff.

edit: what's the catch to BMG music? Ya know, that thingy where you get a bunch of free CDs if you buy 1 and then you get more. I read through the TOS but I feel like I'm missing something.
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What is the best way to pack and ship frosted/decorated cookies?
The frosting isn't gooey, but I'd rather the snowmen arrive in
one piece, with all their buttons in place.