December 21st, 2004


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In terms of black rights etc. were the Black Panthers a positive force for race rights?
Would women like Assata Shakur also be considered an influential feminist figure?
How are your views on Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.?
Who were other influential black rights activists?
Equally as important, we hear a lot about black rights (well...sort of) how about influential figures in other races fighting for equality?
Which race rights activists have not been such positive influences – i.e. held the movement back?
Most of this is American based, how about race rights in the UK, or in deed anywhere else in the world?

question to all

how did everyone get their names on here? feel free to leave a story :D

My nicknames are Pinky and C-Roo...its NOT Pinkycroo (crew). I can't stand it when people say that. Heh. I <3 Pink.

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I'd like to switch my e-mail program from Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird. I like Thunderbird's e-mail just fine, but it doesn't have a calendar or "to-do" list feature like Outlook does. I wouldn't mind horribly using a separate program for this, though. So what do you recommend (that's free)?
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Meant to post this here instead of my personal lj. But, I was happy to hear those responses too. :D

When did you start your live journal?

I've been around since August 2, 2001.

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Can anyone tell me the title of this movie?

It involved a grave digger who lived in an apartment either in or on the cemetary. People started rising from the graves as zombies and he would try to keep them reburied.

In or toward the end the object of his affections died and returned as a zombie.

In the last scene he was driving away from the town and came through a tunnel to a cliff overhang. That was where it ended.

Can anyone tell me that one?

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What are good songs to listen to when you're pissed off at an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend?

I currently have Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill but I feel like a change.
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I got hired with a temp agency. On my resume, do I list each individual place they send me to work (even if it's only for a week or two), or do I just put the name of the temp agency and list the type of work I did? If it's the former, is there a proper way to indicate that those positions were temp? Do I need to list them all- like if I go one place for just a couple days, do I still include it?
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Christmas Gifts for guys

Ok I have read a bunch of articles online and in magazines that said you should not buy clothes for a guy unless you've been together for a really long time or else they'll see it as you trying to "mother them" or some crap like that.

Now I am paranoid about what I got my guy for Christmas.

Here's the scene:
We've known each other for 8 years, have been really good friends for the past 2, and started officially seeing each other 2 months ago. He has to wear a shirt and tie to work everyday, so that's what I got him for Christmas.

To me, that seems practical... It's something that he needs and will use. I even snooped in his closet to find out his shirt size and matched it to a blue suit that I know he has.

That's practical, right? He'll like it, right? He won't think I'm being motherly, right???
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"Black tee with B&W photo of band and LIVE logo in white with red outline below photo on front. Also has small bird emblem in red on each sleeve."

this is a description for a t-shirt for sale on the LIVE (the band) website. but theres no picture! does anybody have one or know where i can find a picture?

Stare into the very eyes of evil.

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Hey! *outrage* Where'd the online Lego Brick Game go?

I LOVED THAT GAME (hey, I even play it offline with real bricks) and I've looked and looked on their site and can't find it.


I wonder?

Wonder why people say the hate Xmas shopping and then continue the practice of it anyway? Are they masochistic? Does it give them some kind of kinky thrill to persecute themselves? Why would someone year after year after year after year continue to do something they HATE so BADLY?

Seems kind of foolish to me!

Help my brain!

I have terrible memory.

I can easily remember dates and numbers, and things like what I have to buy when doing groceries and where I put my keys.

However, I can't remember people or events well. Recently I had a very important deep and meaningful with a friend which must have lasted about 30 minutes, but I can't remember anything that we talked about, except for a couple of sentences here and there.

The more I sit and remember things, the more those memories seem to fade or get horribly distorted, especially visuals - like the way somebody looked when they smiled at me for example. One of my most important and meaningful memories is getting so bad that I can't even remember the person I was talking to's face.

Does anyone else have a similar problem? Is there anything at all I can do to improve my memory?


i have a number of digital christmas pictures that i am severly attatched to on a floppy disk that my computer is telling me is not formatted.

tell me theres some way to save them?
thank you.
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have you ever been on a game show? if so, which one? what did you win, if anything?

if you haven't... which game show might you like to be on?

ohh i guess these questions can include radio shows too, like the kind where you answer trivia to win concert tickets or something.
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Has anyone taught themselves how to play an instrument? If so, how long did it take for you to become...fluent (persay) in it?

Also, did you have a rigerous daily practice schedule, or was it a less planned out bit?
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