December 20th, 2004

Monkey Business

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What’s the name of that ice cream type of cake that i think starts with the letter V ... it was always shown on commercials on top of the finest china being cut oh so eloquently and never eaten.... Cause that would just be too base and human. It was like this product was above mere consumption...what was it?

sex sells

Has anyone worked in the sex industry in any way? (video production, phone sex, internet, etc.?) What did you do? And what were your likes and dislikes of the job?

If you haven't, would you? It doesn't necessarily mean "Would you be naked on camera," but even if it was something like video editing -- something that doesn't expose your identity?
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Is there a way to rip/extract audio from a video?

I have a media file and I'd like to take just the audio from it and make it into a audio file.

So there is there a way to do that?
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my journal font

Everything in my journal all of a sudden has huge font. And it is pissing me off. I probably am being stupid and clicked something to do it. But i dont no what i should click to undo it. Anyone know?. Thanks.

video game question

In KOTOR2, on Telos I went and spoke with the guy in the medlab and he now wants me to meet him in apt b3 with the money. I show up and he tells me to come back alone but when I do he just keeps saying the same thing. How do I get him to let me in? Thanks

Hi. First question.

I think my brother has been looking at child porn on the family computer in our home. I noticed in the documents section of the startup menu that there were some files names like "pedo-girl-13-fucked-incest.jpeg" and such, that had been in his kazaa folder (but apparently weren't there when I looked, must've erased them).

Also, I noticed in the Internet Explorer's pulldown list under the address bar that there were URL's for search engine image searches like "child+porn" and "child+panties".

This shit is scary. I don't know for sure, but I'm worried this could cause trouble with the authorities. And he's only 15 years old. What should I do about this?
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Monkey Business

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Has anyone here ever telephoned a seller on ebay who has been less than forthcoming on email responses and never came through with the goods? How was it? Did it make any difference?
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In the movie "Kissing Jessica Stein," there's this one scene in which there's a truly happy chirpy jazzy song sung by a high-pitched woman, with the lyrics being something along the lines of two best (female) friends going out shopping (or something).

Tried googling it, to no avail. What is the name and artist of that song? (It's not "It's Crazy," "Put on a Happy Face," or "I Wish You Love.")

me: in glasses

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I *really* want yummy sushi pajamas, like the ones SMG wore on Buffy. Does anyone know where I could get some that don't cost $70 or more?? I was hoping to pay more like $20-30.
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fight club

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So if you have a mattress that got soaking wet, what can you do to try and dry it out and prevent it from getting moldy or musty? I really don't want to come back from winter break to a moldy mattress or a musty smelling room.
(in case you're wondering, a pipe burst 2 floors above me and it seeped through the ceiling)

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If you have iTunes or some other program that measures it … what are your five most listened-to songs?

(mine: 1. 'The March of the Black Queen' - Queen
2. 'She'd Rather Be With Me' - The Turtles
3. 'Who Could Win a Rabbit' - Animal Collective
4. 'Wish You Were Here' - Pink Floyd
5. 'My Fairy King' - Queen)
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what happens if you lose a check that someone made out to you?

i can't believe i lost a friggin check. argh. and i think i lost it at wal-mart, of all places.