December 19th, 2004

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A few questions

1) I'm not sure if it's an Eating Disorder or whatever you want to call it. But should it cause worry that when my friend eats anything, 'bad', she drinks about a gallon of water afterwards. She said it'll help "Flush the fat out"?

2) Also on the subject of food. If you're following a strict diet (lifetime diet health maintence type thing), do you think it's okay to have one day every 3 months where you can totally go crazy and eat whatever you want? Like a binge of sorts? Would that do serious harm?

3) Besides rest, how can I help ease my carpal tunnel?
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do you write 'private entry' pages in your journal, along with entries others can read? it partly because you have a part of yourself that you don't want others to know and read about? are you painfully honest and put everything into your LJ? how do you personally decide what to put in and what to keep out?

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Have you ever had a sore throat without any other typical cold or flu symptoms such as headache or stuffiness?

For the past three days I've had a sore throat and nothing else. I originally thought that it was the beginning signs of a full blown cold, but no other symptoms have appeared. I mean I'm glad I'm not feeling completely miserable, but the fact that this has never happened before alone has got me slightly worried.
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At what age did you start living alone? I'm 20 years old and am living alone in my own house. Do you have any suggestions for someone who is really young and scared out of her mind? Any neat ways to make my house feel less lonely when I come home everyday? I need all the help I can get.
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If I intend to both manage a house on my own AND feed myself, it looks like I will need a raise so in preparation for me popping the big question to my relatively friendly yet somewhat stern boss, I have some Q's.

1. Have you ever asked for a raise? What was the outcome?
2. Were you scared?
3. How did you react when the answer was no?
4. How did you react when the answer was yes?
5. Did you tell your supervisor how much you wanted or did you accept what they deemed right?
6. Did you compile a hard copy list of evidence for why you needed/deserved a raise?
7. Have any suggestions for me?

That'll do for now.

Writing prompts

For part of a Christmas present, I'm trying to think of short little writing prompts... fiction or nonfiction. Like "What was your first memory?" "Describe your worst day in high school" "Describe how your life might be if you had ended up doing what you wanted to be 'when you grew up' when you were 5" etc. This is for someone older, so the prompts don't have to be limited to youngish sort of things... any ideas?
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I actually asked this question a while back, but because of the lack of answers, I figured I would ask again and attempt to be clearer this time.

One fine evening, I was watching a few Stuart videos from Mad TV. Everything was going fine. I opened the last one I had, and it was funny-looking. It almost looked like when you turn up settings on your tv. All the skin tones had a blue tinge to them, and everything else had the brightness and contrast upped a ton. So much, that it made it hard to make things out. I assumed it was bad video quality..but then ALL video files I tried to open looked the same. The only files that work properly are Quicktime files. Even Windows media players and Real players on people's webpages and myspace profiles turn this color. Does anyone know how I can possibly fix this? Settings? Updates? It's driving me insane. I will try to find a way to cap how it looks, but every time I try, I get errors.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Uhh that's weird. I opened a file and capped it, but when I looked at the image, it was normally colored..yet the video is still messed up.
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.wav files.

where can i download a short .wav file, like a movie clip or something?

i want to set it as an alert when a certain person comes on. i'm sure there are sites just for this, but i want to know if there are any that are reputable because i don't like just downloading from random sites.

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How would you dress hawaiiany when you don't have any hawaiian clothes?

(it's a tradition to dress tropically on the first snow delay of the school year =D)

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what can i do with shrinkydink paper?

it's that plastic that shrinks when you put it in the oven... you draw designs on it & they get smaller, but i wonder it there's anything interesting i can do with it.
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Stress. . .

Anyone know of a quick and/or easy way of getting rid of stress or atleast calming and stressed/angry person down? I really need to know because I am that person, and I am also pregnant, so I really can't be having this stress. . .thanks.

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One: suggestions of what may be wrong with a semi-old (early 90s), 136k mile car that made the alfred hitchcock (rEEE, rEEE, rEEE) for about ten minutes? (my parents suggest cold weather, and I almost agree, but judging from the car's habits it could also be possession).

Two: If the mechanic finds nothing wrong with the car, and it makes that noise again when warmed up, how could I perform some sort of excorcism or purification of said demon car?

Three: let us say you are a computer technician, someone brings in their computer for repairs, and they have illegal things in there- what's protocol? and is protocol different for such things that suggest illegal, like floor plans of banks showing the blind spots of the security cameras; versus extremely illegal, like child porn?

Four: Please convince my mother that installing firefox did not cause her old computer problems(slowing down, errors on startup, eventual crash/reformat/recrash[although I think she may blame the last bit on a different program that deserves it], and that she should install it on her new machine. She's fairly computer savvy in terms of the guts of computers and fixing shit my father fucks up, but not, like, geeky. She now has windows xp, the previous computer had either 98 or 2000.