December 18th, 2004


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What do you do when your mommy dearest totalitarianistically tries to make you do the dishes in the middle of the night and locks you out of your room from the outside so you can't go to sleep?

Help me before I slap someone!

Okay, I work at the YMCA. One would think that working at the Y would be pleasant; after all, the Village People made it sound like the greatest place on Earth. I have a huge problem right now with people complaining. They complain about the songs on the radio (too loud, too fast, I don't like the words), the shows on television (the Ellen talk show promotes homosexuality-yes, someone actually wrote this on a comment card), and even the free t-shirts that we give out (why do I only get two?). It's been awful lately, and I haven't been the only one who's noticed it; other employees are talking about how ridiculous things are getting. So, now that my fifteen-minute intro to the question is finished, I'll get to the actual question. Is there some Bible verse or poem or pretty piece of writing that basically has the message of be grateful for what you have and quit whining? I would prefer a Bible verse, but anything would be good at this point. I want to put said quotation on our display board in the entrance, then when people come up to the desk to complain about something, I'll gently remind them to think about what the board says (okay, I'll probably do it in a not-so-gentle matter, but can you blame me?). Thanks to anyone who can help!
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Question For Chess Geeks


Does anyone know where I can find freely available chess books in .CHM, .HTM or .MHT formats (not .PDF)?  I found Edward Lasker's Chess Strategy in TXT format on Project Gutenberg, but it would be nice to have chess openings/strategy books with chessboard diagrams in graphical format.

Thanks in advance.
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Whilst doing some hardcore cleaning during the night, I cracked my toe (middle toe) against a wooden box pretty hard. It's not broken, but the nail is all surrounded by blood--I though it would stop bleeding after awhile, and I think it mostly has, but there's still more blood when I wipe it away. It's not gushing or anything, just my nail is outlined with blood. The top half of the nail is all purply-black, and it hurts a lot whenever I touch it to something, though I'm walking more or less okay. Is this just going to be gross and painful for a few days, or did I really do a number on myself this time?

(For the record, cleaning is dangerous. I also dropped a teapot and it broke all over my other foot, but I escaped that with just a few scratches.)

Book recommendation

Has anyone read Alexander McCall Smith's "The No.1 ladies' Detective Agency" books? I got them for my mom for christmas, but I am not sure she'll like them. She reads TONS of mysteries (Dick Francis, Sue Grafton, etc) and has traveled often to and really loves Africa, which is why they caught my eye in the first place. However I've noticed the term "uplifting" is used to describe them on the back and I don't know that my mom would really be drawn to a sappy book (I realize uplifting does not equal sappy, but this is why I'm asking).

At first glance they seemed perfect, but if anyone has read them I would really appreciate an idea of what they are like, or maybe if you liked them other types of books you liked (to compare to my mom).

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2 questions

I'm at work monitoring security calls people made on credit card accounts. One call brought up two questions:

1) How does the European economic system work? I heard a call where the person wanted to make sure his card was ok so he could make a purchase for 1000 pounds. When do Europeans get to decide to use the old currency instead of Euros?

2) How do accents develop? This person actually said that their purchase was for wan thoosand pinds. I'm pretty sure Scotland uses the same alphabet as the rest of the UK, so how did their pronunciations get so far away from everyone else's?
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random acts of curiosity

1. You get report cards in elementary, middle, and high school. Are they still called report cards in college?

2. For those of you with unruly hair, do you have a secret for getting it to behave? Is it impossible for you to straighten it out? If it isn't, what do you do?

3. Has anyone tried Veet? What do you think?

4. Has anyone used a Casio 9850+ calculator? I have to have one for next semester and I've found two on ebay. Even google didn't find anything for me (in English, at least). Is it that much different than a TI83 that I absolutely have to have one?

5. Notebook, loose leaf, or unlined paper?
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When you first get glasses, does it take a while for your eyes to adjust to them or should it be immediate?

I just got reading/computer glasses and my eyes are having issues focusing.

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has anybody seen the 1964 film "santa claus conquers the martians" aka "santa claus defeats the aliens"?
we watched it in my band class friday because my director called it "the most amazingly bad movie ive ever seen". ill was hysterical because it wasnt supposed to be.
id like a copy of this movie...anyone know where i might find one?
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Christmas gift idea...

My 16-year-old nephew is really getting into theater/acting, and is on the school newspaper as well. I'd really like to encourage his interest in theater, and have thought of giving him a book of plays, full-length or one-acts... my boyfriend suggested theater tickets, but I think I want it to be a little longer-lasting than that.

Any suggestions?

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I just got a nokia 3200 cell phone as an early Christmas present. It's the phone where you can make personalized covers and then cut them out to use. I know that there is a website where you can go to get designs and stuff for the phone covers but I can't seem to find it. Do any of you know where I could go to make covers? Any help would be appreciated.
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Do you use a fountain pen? If so, do you use bottled ink or cartridges with it? Is bottled ink significantly more messy than the cartridges?

I ran out of black ink the other day while doing Christmas cards, and I'm curious as to whether or not it's worthwhile to try to use bottled ink instead of the freakishly expensive cartridges.
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1) What's the worst advice you can give someone?

2) What's the best?

3) Best / Worst moment in your life

4) If you could change one thing about your life / body / personality, what would it be?
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All Things Just Keep Getting Better

Would you participate in a show like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for self-improvement?

They're making a Straight Girl version also.

I'd like to do it but I'd feel really embarrassed to have the world see my really messy house.

EDIT -- I'm adding an additional question to this post.

Would you consider wearing a Bust Free bra? I just saw a commercial for it.
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Computer help question!!!

Okay, my computer savvy folks:

Everytime I start up my computer, I get a pop up message stating that the INETD.EXE file cannot be found... and a second pop-up that says it is referenced in the WIN.INI file, and to either reinstall INETD.EXE or remove the reference to it in the WIN.INI file. (All of this makes no sense to me, basically.) So, I found the WIN.INI file, and this is where the reference to the missing file is stated:

device=EPSON Stylus COLOR 640,EPIJNL20,LPT1:

Now, can I just delete the "INETD.EXE" part, leaving the "run=C:\WINDOWS\" part? Should I delete all of it? Or should I just deal with the annoying series of pop-ups upon start up?? The computer works fine once I click "OK" through the pop-ups, and I really don't want to fry my computer... so I thought I would ask here before I do anything drastic on my own!

Thanks so much!

Question Regarding Used Digitial SLR Cameras From

Recently, I have been interested in purchasing a digitial SLR camera from However, the price of a brand new one is quite expensive. So I checked in Used link of amazon and found, for example a Canon 20D, originally priced for $1,599 dollars brand new, in the Used link it was $600 dollars. Within the Used camera summary of that priced camera, it stated it also included the lense. Should I trust them? Has anyone ever purchased a used Digitial SLR camera, especially a Canon 20D, for almost a third of the original price from amazon?

Thank You In Advanced,