December 17th, 2004

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Beauty Products

Am I getting a "better" product by spending more money on it, or am I just paying for packaging?

For instance, is a drugstore-bought Neutrogena toner better than an expensive bottle of Nordstrom-bought brand name toner? Or vice versa? Or is it the same?
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Is coming right out (no pun intended) and asking someone if they're homosexual in appropriate? I understand that it is usually a case by case/person to person situation but generally, would it be okay if done in a discreet, friendly manner?

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How much will it cost to send a postcard from New Zealand to the United States? I'm going to be there in January and would like to send a few to friends.

I assume stamps are as easily bought there as they are the US, right? (Such as the hotel's concierge?)

And yes, I checked the NZ Post's website. ;-)

Thank you!
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Two questions about food...

1) I was watching "30 Minute Meals" on the Food Network and she made this peas and ricotta side dish. Has anyone ever had a dish like this?
It had cooked onions, frozen peas, ricotta, parsley, lemon zest and S&P. Served warm.

2) I'm looking for easy low-country foods to make at home. I know it's kinda dumb to say, but the quicker the prep/cooking time, the better. Any ideas? (I'm going to puke if I eat any more Zataran's rice.)
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ok, so i'm growing out my bangs, and they're at that akward stage where they're too short to tuck behind my ears. my sister said that my having my hair in my eyes like that (it's just on the left side, which curls more than the right, so it seems shorter) made me look slutty. do you think having you hair in your eyes (or someone else's hair in their eyes) is slutty?
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For the musicians...

My parents have offered to get me what I need to start recording demos on my laptop for Christmas. They're leaving it up to me to figure out what I need and then tell them how much I'll need to cover it. I've decided on extra RAM for my computer, an interface, and a small mixer, but the rest is up in the air. So I've decided to come up with a tentative budget for all of this instead of a list.

I don't have experience with many microphones other than Shure SM58s and even then I've only used them in live situations, so I'm going to see if I can test drive a couple locally before deciding, and I'm budgeting $100 for that. I'm also going to need two short patch cables for mixer to interface, a line cable for my keyboard (probably something like 10-15 feet long), two XLR cables (one for the new mic and the one I have now), a mic stand, and possibly MIDI cables. Given that the memory, interface, mixer, and mic combined will run me $380, how much do you think I should budget for the rest of it?

And while I'm at it, does anybody have any vocal and instrumental microphone recommendations? Or what to look for in a good mic? I'll be miking acoustic piano and acoustic guitar.
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My monitor and my computer don't like each other.

The monitor doesn't recive the signal that the computer is on, I assume, as it goes into idle.

I've tried a diffrent video card, checked all the connections, and even tried my monitor on another computer. (This one, actually.)


(Edit: The computer doesn't actually like any monitor. Sorry about the confusion.
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shopping for clothes

If you consider yourself as overweight, please answer the following:

Do you have a hard time shopping for clothes? Which items, in particular, do you find frustrating?
Are there any brands or stores that carry clothes that fit you better than others?
Are there any particular brands or stores that you like but they don't make clothes that fit you well?
How do you feel about those stores marketed towards bigger people? Do you shop at them? Why/why not?

My answers -- I hate shopping for pants. I always feel like they're made for long legged women. Not only am I overweight but I'm SHORT! Even if I get them tailored, I lose the original style of the pants. I would love to wear Ann Taylor but it just doesn't look good on me. I've discovered that Old Navy pants seem to be more "forgiving". I also wish I could find good tops. Since I'm short and top heavy, nothing ever fits right.
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question the first: why are some spanish-speaking people referred to as "latin" or "latino/latina"? they don't speak latin.

why are people from the phillipines called "filipino" and not "philipino"?

why are most spanish-speaking people referred to as "hispanic"? i though the term came from "hispaniola" but that's just one country and i have yet to meet even one person who is actually from hispaniola. calling them all hispanic makes about much sense as would calling them all "spanish" when they're not all from spain.

so how did these things come to refer to these people in the ways that are generally and widely accepted as they are now?

question the second: for anyone who uses musicmatch and has recently upgraded to version 10, how the hell can i make it do "expand all"?? i can't find that choice anywhere now and i miss it terribly.

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i know nothing about beer. i bought some for my uncle for xmas.. when i bought it, it was in the refrigerated section, and it's in my fridge now, but i wanna take it out and wrap it - can i do that? does it make it go "flat" or something to have it be cold, warm it up again, and refrigerate it again, or does it completely not matter? thanks!

EDIT - i meant, can i take it out and KEEP IT OUT now until xmas. i'm now assuming "no."