December 16th, 2004

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locker paint

I go to a pretty liberal school where students are encouraged to express their opinions. One way they allow us to do this is by letting us deface their property in the form of decorating our lockers. It's not a bad idea, I think, until I come to realize that people I don't know write profane things on my locker because the ones next to mine are too full. But that's not all. I mean, my locker just has these stupid looking stickers all over it that would make everything look worse if I wripped them off.

I had an idea. I want to paint over it and decorate it my own. Here's where you come in. How would you recommend I clean it off before I go to paint it? Because painting over all the stickers and junk would be a bad idea, right? And also, what kind of paint would I need? My school is color coded, and my locker is in yellow, so I'd sort of like to keep it that color. My goal here is not to stand out or anything, but rather just to start fresh and new, as I feel I have in all other aspects of my life. So I think there's some sort of metal underneath the paint and writings and stickers, and I'd need the paint to be thick enough so it would stay and so you couldn't see the things underneath it.

Thanks so much. I really appreciate your help. :-)
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Charity and such

Hypothetical situation:

You are living comfortably, not rich or anything, but say, $50,000 a year American or so. You do not have to pay any taxes.

How much would you give to charity, and what kind of charities?
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You've run out of clean scanties, but you don't have time for a load of laundry and you need to work tomorrow. Do you: go commando or wear today's pair tomorrow?