December 15th, 2004


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Somehow, at the bar earlier, we got into a debate about whether or not four million quarters would fill up the bar. So, how many square feet would four million quarters be?
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Mental state

I'm a bullet that's been shot out of a gun in slow motion. Spinning, tip burning up, heading right straight towards a target, where I'll stop dead and just remain lodged there, hidden, maybe recovered and kept in a baggy somewhere marked as evidence of a crime...or just some nutjob with a happy trigger finger. I haven't hit the wall yet, but I'm spinning and burning and losing my wits. The world flies past in a blur of confusion, fear, and panic...yet still, almost inconceivably all in slow motion, stuck in time, moving through a thick, invisible molasses. Fast but slow. Dragging. Insane panic. I cry but nobody hears me, because I'm just a bullet being shot at a target, or a wall, or whatever. I don't know where I'm headed. I just know I've been flung in a direction I have no control over, and it's frightening.

My question is, what emotion or mental image does that bring to mind in you as the reader? Why do you think that is, and what do you think the writer is trying to get across?
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Is the actual quote "This above all: To thine ownself be true" or "Above all else, to thine self be true."?

When googling the latter, I get more results but I thought the first one was the correct one. I don't have the original text on hand and google seems to be giving me skewed results.

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Does anyone else google friends' names out of boredom or curiousity?
If so, have you ever done an image search and actually come across a picture of the person you know?
I do, I did, and I found it interesting.

Sex and the City Question

I've borrowed Season 3 DVDs from a work mate. However, I notice Carrie wearing a big (usually red or pink flower) on her left hand side in almost every episode. As she barely wears the same thing twice I was wondering if this flower had any significance?

Or am I just reading too much into this?
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What's the best and or cheapest broadband phone service? Is that what it's even called?

I have it stored somewhere in my brin and I can't seem to get it out! I'm trying to tell my co-worker what it is, and I have no idea what I'm saying.
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I have a lot of joint problems, mostly in my knees and elbows. I walk with a very slight limp. It's barely noticable unless I'm having a bad day, which has been the case quite frequently of late. Walking can be painful and going up and down stairs is a nightmare. If I actually try to run, 9 out of 10 times my ankles will give out. I'm constantly having to bend backwards over counters and tables to crack my back, too. If I don't, my back feels like jello and I feel really uncomfortable. I was tested for Juvenile Rhumatoid Arthritis about 5 years ago, but I came up negative. I'm not overweight at all and am otherwise physically fit. My knees are slightly bent inward, maybe that has something to do with it?

My boyfriend keeps nagging me to go to a chiropractor. I'm suspicious that I'll end up paying $50 for some guy to tell me about Ace bandages. I know there's a Seinfeld episode about this, and I recall Howard Stern being really pissed off about a chiropractor calling himself a doctor. Other than that, I know nothing about them. I'm not even really sure what they do.

Has anybody gone to a chiropractor and had their problem solved because of whatever the chriopractor did? It doesn't count if you also saw another type of doctor.

what do you get....?

i still need to finish christmas shopping.

i can't figure out what to get for my fiance's aunt. (i am shopping for both of our families, as he is overseas.) i don't want to get your generic bath stuff/candles, because she has been really good to both of us this year. (she gave us lots of money to help us out of a bind, did whatever she could do 'cause we were broke.) what should i get her? she's kind of a tomboyish type, to the extent that she isn't the type who wears make-up or likes chick movies or would want to go to a spa. to the best of my knowledge, her hobbies include watching tv and sleeping, but i am sure she does other things. i just don't know her that well yet, so i don't really know.

i am uncomfortable calling his family to ask what she would like because i know they'll ask about him and that will make me cry, because he just shipped out yesterday and i'm not handling it well...but that's another story altogether. point is, i just need to kind of wing it with her gift, and i'm stumped.

what should i get her? please help me. they have their christmas celebration this saturday, since his grandma is a nurse and works the actual holiday weekend. that means, i have two days. shit!

Desktop publishing

Hey all,
I've been using PrintMaster Gold (aka version 3) for years now to do cards, coupons, flyers, etc. It's obviously time to upgrade so that it's compatible with WinXP (home) and 2000 (work). Has anyone used a higher version of PrintMaster (it goes up to 16, and the reviews aren't great), or another program? How about PrintShop? I definitely need features like included clipart/pictures/borders, etc., ease of use, compatibility with both OS.

Suggestions, please?
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When you don't catch what a person has said/asked, which do you say:

"Pardon me?"
"Excuse me?"
"I'm sorry?"
or other?

How can I train myself to say "excuse me" instead of "what"?
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So mom downloaded and installed an update for RealPlayer, and now none of our sound is working. No idea what to do - checked the plugs, the soundcard is recognized, sound is turned on and up.

Ack. Any ideas on what to do/check?

fa-q fha

attention homeowners:

my husband and i have started thinking about house browsing. unfortunately, we can't even come close to agreeing on how much we can afford.

i've always heard you should stay under 3x your yearly salary.

he doesn't want to go 100 over what we pay in rent.

so... my question is, what is a for-real monthly payment on a let's say $100,000 vs. $150,000 vs. $200,000 house, assuming a 30 VA loan with prime interest and nothing down after you tack on taxes, insurance, etc? we're in a sort of small city/big town in south central pa if that helps.

thanks! this is turning into a bet.
Guu Dance!


I just bought a very nice Sony 19" LCD for myself, and right out of the box there are two pixels out. This thing is a real pain in the ass to find right now, and I'm not sure if I should go through the hassle of bringing it back for a new one, since I know this is a common problem. Then again, I notice stupid crap like that and it's probably gonna bother me.

Should I bring it back for a different one? =/
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First off, I know practically nothing about cell phones. :)

1. Does anyone have the Samsung a660 phone? Good/bad?

2. If you have a prepaid phone, with no plan, and therefore no web browser on your phone, does this mean you can't download ringtones and games etc? Do you have to have your phones Internet enabled to be able to do this?


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After giftwrapping, I have these long strips or a bunch of pieces of giftwrapping paper that just can't wrap anything. Is there any way I could make a bow of of them or create something constructive?
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memories, sweet memories... need to go away

How do you move on from a failed relationship? I went through a nasty breakup almost two years ago and I don't want him back but I've had a really hard time just letting go and getting over him for good. I'm going to do some major cleaning tomorrow and get rid of everything he ever gave me for starters. I'm just ready to move on... I have to.
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which words do you always mispell?

which words do you always mispronounce?


i always always always write 'add' when i mean 'ad' (as in the short form of advertisement)
and i always want to spell 'believe' as 'beleive'. actually all of those words with 'e' and 'i' together.

i put the emphasis on the wrong syllables all the time. if i hear someone say a word wrong (even as a joke) for some reason it always sticks in my head. like instead of DOWNload i say downLOAD.

Mozilla Thunderbird/email question

I have to send a mass email using Mozilla Thunderbird, but I want to be able to list everyone as "bcc" so I don't publicize other email addresses. In my Contacts list, it only gives the option to send "to:" or "cc:" ... is there any way to select all and make them all "bcc"?

The reason I'm doing this is I finally ditched my dialup and have cable internet - is "hibernating" good enough when I shut down at night, or do I need to shut ALL the way down?

Any help is greatly appreciated!