December 14th, 2004

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i'm involved with this guy. everything is great and we're starting to get serious about each other there's just one catch, he's jewish and i'm christian. now okay we've been together for a while and there is a hint of marriage talk in there. now to my question, is there anywhere i can look (web site, book, etc.) to find out more information about jewish traditions/customs. he has mentioned that he would like me to convert. that's fine and good. i would just like to know more about what i'm getting involved in. thanks in advance!
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I need help!

Okay, I'm using Windows XP, and IE (I know, everyone will probably bitch about that, but whatever) and whenever I open IE the little whatever it's called. . . the place where you type the address of the website you want to go to. . . . . it's not there. It was there earlier, then I put up an away message on aim, went out for a few hours, came back and went to check my email and it wasn't there when I tried to go to another site. Why?

Help. . . . ?
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LJ question

I would like to go back in my journal and take all of the posts that are friends only and change them to filtered (the same filter for all of them). I know there are programs out there that will change all public posts to friends only. But are there any that will change all friends only posts to filtered?
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hey kids!

question: what is something i can use to put up posters that won't take the paint off of my walls when it's time to take them down? i try to use sticky-tac or tac-mac or whatever you kids are calling it these days, but no matter how much i use or where, it seems to be too heavy for it. is there a kind of tape that WON'T peel the paint off (i live in an apartment, that would suck).

thanks! :)
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Why do some people make lj-interest-lists full of unique interests (ones without links) (generally through unusual word combinations) ?
Does it make them feel original in some way? If it does, they're probably not aware of the whole trend about it =)

Seriously, I'm not trying to insult anyone.. just wondering if I'm missing something. I thought the whole point of lj-intetests was to find people with similar ones
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String Instrument Players-

I was practicing my viola a few minutes ago, when I noticed a strange jingling sound coming from it whenever I plucked the G string. There isn't anything inside, and nothing looks loose...does anyone have any idea where it could be coming from?
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PDF to HTML Freeware?

Does anyone know where I can find a PDF to HTML freeware conversion utility?  I tried Googling for one, but I had to wade through tons of pages of commercial and shareware software, usually with "Free download!" teasers that don't mean squat.  I have a very, very hard time viewing PDF documents due to visual impairment.  Google has a system where it will offer an HTML version of a PDF document, and it is so much easier to see. 
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Ghost Stories

I want to know, have you ever had anything spooky happen?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

If not, have you ever seen, heard or felt any paranormal activity or anything you can't explain?

Describe these experiences in detail.
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The other day, I was in a thrift store, and I found a really great coat. There were no stains, no rips, no funny smell, and nothing visibly wrong with it. So why do you think somebody would sell a really nice coat for 3 dollars? The only reasons I can think of are:

1. The owner died.
2. It got peed on, but you can't tell, but they didn't want it anymore
3. The owner outgrew it.

Any other reasons somebody would get rid of a really nice coat?
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How do you get superglue off of skin? No, my fingers aren't stuck together but I managed to get this crap all over my fingers while trying to put an ornament back together. I took the hint and got out the glue gun but it was too late.
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Do you think young children should have a set bedtime?

My roommate has a two year old son who doesn't have a bedtime and it just seems odd to me. Last night, I could hear him playing and singing downstairs until at least midnight. I just kept thinking, aren't kids supposed to have a bedtime so they get enough sleep? I don't know, maybe it's just me.

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When are you most content?

I'm most content when I'm at home, in jammies, sipping on a glass of red wine, my man cooking me a yummy dinner, my hair still wet from a shower, the weather very cold outside, and I'm about to sit on the patio and smoke a cigarette.
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Beard removal- Nair?

Is Nair safe and effective for removing beard hair?

If Nair fails on either count, is there a product that functions in a similar way(spread on and wipe/peel away) that is safe and effective at removing beard hair?