December 13th, 2004

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To anyone who knows anything about make-up:

When using a bronzer to add some sheen and health to your face, where should it be applied??

Also, does anyone know what song I am thinking of in my head?? It has the words "little girl" in the refrain, and it's from the 80's. It's kind of hard to hear what the guy who's singing is saying, but I like the song and I want to find the lyrics...?

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Also, here's a question to all the guys:

My boyfriend is into video games like Halo, he was into Grant Theft Auto, and he has the Nintendo DS. So yeah, he keeps up with it. He also recently bought a new car, a Celica, and he's having lots of fun making it look rad. Okay, so to any of you who relate to any of these things....WHAT WOULD YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS? I already bought him a poker set because he likes playing that with his guy friends, plus he said that he would like something like that. But I need more ideas!
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Pick one or take them all

1.  Which side of the aluminum foil do you face up/cook on?
2.  Men, when you have a big fart, can you feel the rapture reverberating off of your testicles? (Some one from my FL asked, and I just had to get an answer for her!)
3.  Do you journal on the weekends?  (I have very sketchy connection at home, so I usually am only on at work)

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I feel like I'm always on here asking for advice!

My latest dilema is my job. At the moment I currently work Saturdays and Sundays at a service call centre for a supermarket. Basically we supply plumbers, refrigeration engineers, air conditioning engineers etc. The job is well paid - around £6ph which is roughly $11ph in American terms. However, the job has awkward hours such as 3-10pm and then 9am-5pm. On top of this I have uni as well. I just started uni this summer and have found the first semester to be difficult because of this work load. I handed in my notice yesterday but they argued that maybe we could find just one day a week for me.

However I'd prefer to not work in a call centre at the moment. So far I've worked in 3 call centres over the past year and the longest I've lasted is 9 months.

I've already applied for a few jobs in local supermakets, department stores etc. However most of them told me they won't be looking for interviewees until after Christmas. If I took a job in a store like this, I'm likely to start on £4.50ph which is around $8.50ph. Also, I'd be doing roughly 8 hours a week - the same in my current job if they cut my hours down. However I don't trust the company enough to do this until AFTER next semester ends.

My question is what should I do under these circumstances?


1)For anyone who watches Smallville, who would/do you have a crush on? Chloe or Lana? Lex or Pete or Clark? Or maybe you go for an older crowd - Martha, Jonathan, Lionel or Nell? Or someone else entirely?

2)Forgetting Smallville, what superhero would/do you go for? Who would you bang, who would you try to ensnare in a long-term romantic entanglement?

3)About about supervillians?

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Does anyone know what the characters in Soul Caliber II are saying when they kinda go "sayah!" or "seeyaaaahhh!"...(most noticeably Link)? Is it a battle cry, a non-english word, or just some gibberish made up for the game?

Cuz I love that word. I'm always screaming it when I win at anything. Would be nice to know what I'm screaming.
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You know those freebies that companies have with their logos..the pens and key chains and calculators and such?  My boss wants me to pick one out for us to give to construction workers.  So of course I turned to you guys!  He gave me a few catalogs to look through, but I am having trouble deciding.  What do you think would be good?

I have ruled out pens, clocks, notebooks, and watches.  I was thinking maybe a flashlight or something.  What would they like?

EDIT: Nevermind. The book he gave me had just crappy stuff like pens and stuff. He just gave me a new one with coolers and chairs and pocket knives and bags. I asked the question initially because I didn't have enough ideas, now I just need to whittle it down! Thanks!!! :-)

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i saw a commercial for the game "kingdom hearts" earlier and fell in love with the song playing. problem is i dont remember anything from the song except the line "the way i feel tonight", but the same or similar line have been used it tons of songs, so that doesnt get me too far.
anybody know the name of the song and/or who its by?
many thanks in advance!
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My boss is leaving our store at the end of the month. Her and her family are moving to FL and I want to get her a little something. She said she doesn't want anything big because everything is already packed. I figured since they'll be driving from NJ to FL a gas card would be a good idea.

What gas station should I get it for? I was thinking Shell.

And...what would be an appropriate amount? She's been my boss for a year and a half...i was thinking $50 or $75...

sex, excercise, and HTML

So, I'm filling out medical forms before I go get an exam/birth control in about a month. When they say sexually active... what would count as sex? Somehow I don't think my friend's definition of "If someone asks if you're a virgin, and you say 'Well...' then it counts" is what they're looking for.

Also they ask how often I exercise, times per week. I don't, really, but I live on the fifth floor and I walk everywhere.

How can I get two pictures on the same line? like, next to eachother instead of on top of eachother?

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a question from a friend of mine:

"i was watching some old video today, and was wondering why in all the really old videos everything is sped up real fast. you know, all the old early 20th century video footage. why is is always so sped up? was that just the quality of the tape back then? was that just how it worked? or did recent jokesters just make it that way to be real creepy?"

thanks in advance!
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I live in Kansas, and I am 18. Finally getting around to getting my License, does anyone know if I still have to have a parent or guardian with me when I go get it? I know I'll need someone to drive me there. Also, my permit has expired, can I still take the test or will I need to renew my permit?

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What's the best thing to use to get cat pee smell out of clothes? One of our little bastard kittens just pissed on my coat! I guess that's what I get for leaving it on the floor, but still...AARRRGGGHHH!
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