December 12th, 2004

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Where can I find lyrics to a song called "Bat Boy Flys in the Face of Love as Girlfriend Weeps!"? I'm reasonably certain it's from the musical 'News'

I saw a number to it in a dance recital tonight and really loved the song. Now, to the best of my Google searching talents I can't find the lyrics.

Any thoughts?

kaki king

does anyone know where i can download a copy of kaki king's performance on the conan o'brian show and/or a saveable mpeg version of "playing with pink noise?"

the firewall here at school blocks all p2p and bitorrent programs.
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All that spice

When I eat spicy food, my face goes all red, my eyes begin to tear and I develop a cold. I like spicy food (and so do my friends) and I do have a decent level of tolerance, even if I don't look it. Even though I am not suffering at all, I look as if I were and it is really embarrassing to the point that I can't eat out with my pals and at any public places either.

So my question is: is there any way I can get over this? Short of destined to eat spicy food only by myself and at home all the time? :/

edit: can phsycial tolerance of spicy food be built up over time? If I keep on eatting, can I get over this one day?
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the wold is ending

there is a 99.99999% chance that tomorrow we'll wake up and all be dead. what do u do during your last 24 hours on the earth? why did u chose that. what would you do if the .00001% happened and everything was fine?
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If you know the new ashlee simpson song La La my mom actually asked me a question she said when Ashlee sings " You make me want to La La....."

what do you think la la means???
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Ancient kings used to have concubines, right? Did the queen ever have any people like that? I know they used to castrate her pages so there'd be no action, but was there ever anybody else?
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Does anyone know the health impact of dioxin? I was sure that I read somewhere that dioxin in the environment saw breast cancer cases double within a decade - does anyone know if there is any truth to this or have any sources?
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And then, boredom struck...

...leading to my first actual post here...

1. Do you believe in stuff like tarot readings, astrology, runes, etc? Ever had any experience(s) with it? (Either as someone being read/etc for, or reading yourself.)

2. At what age did you stop believing in Santa Clause? Do you remember how you finally realised?

3. And finally: Zip then fasten, or fasten then zip?
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If someone said "I know more than you could ever dream," would you think that person is saying that they knew more than you, or that they knew more than yo gave them credit for?