December 11th, 2004

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Is there a specific reason why the Banana Splits theme song and the chorus of Bob Marley's song Buffalo Soldier sound exactly the same? I figured whoever created the show just smoked a lot of pot.
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Do You Know What Happened on this Day in the Old West?

Today's Headlines in the Old West...Dec. 11th

1832: James Biddle, who commanded Company K of the 1st Cavalry during the Modoc War in California, is born at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in Collapse )
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why is it that virtually all electronics made are the same silverish grey color. i noticed this on a circuit city commercial. every phone, tv, printer, camera, etc was the same almost metallic silvery grey color. anybody have any insight?
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Vegetarians/Vegans- provided you haven't been veg your whole life, what was your favorite meat-based dish before you switched?

Do you have a replacement? (like BocaBurgers if you were a hamburger person, or spinach lasagna if you were a lasagna person...)

Also: what's your favorite stupid thing? I play AdventureQuest(, enough that my boyfriend got me a paid membership for (Holiday), but most people who just watch me play it think it's incredibly stupid.

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Whenever I make a CD for someone, I tend to make the last track something goofy, a bit of a stand-up routine or something. What would you think? Should I be slipping it in the middle instead, or would that just be more obnoxious?

Prank Call Help!

What's a really good serious sounding thing to say on the phone to someone as a prank call?

I need to prank call this guy who got me really good the other day. I was thinking telling him he has an outstanding parking ticket, that his stolen digital camera was used in a crime, but I can't think of anything really good. I want to have it go on for a long time before he knows it's me.

He'll know it's me when I say the word foible (long story), so any ideas including foible would be extra awesome! LOL, this is what I do at work.
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Flight Training

How much could I expect to pay for training to get my Private Pilots certificate?

Does the GI Bill cover it?(I can ask the va but I'm already asking something here so I might as well ask this too)

1 1/2" Galvanized steel strap

We are looking for thin metal strapping that comes in a roll with holes every few inches. The Home Depot website list it as the following, but the stores don't carry it.

"25 Ft. Galvanized Steel Strap Model 25'STRAP-26GAUGE Multi-purpose bracing can be used for earthquake, wall or water heater bracing. 1-1/2 in. wide."

We have tried Menards, Home Depot, Fleet Farm, Northern Tool & Equipment Co and True Value. They all look at us like we have 3 heads.

Where in the name of all that's holy can we buy this? It has to be 1 1/2".
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How do you get the alt tag to work in Firefox? I mean this both as in a) there must be a slightly different HTML tag for it, because I see it work about half the time and b) can I set my browser to read all of them? (I figure one's a yes and one's a no, so either answer is good.)

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Is it Chanukah or Hanukah or something totally different altogether?

What day of [insert correct spelling of that holiday here] is it?
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another christmas gift post

I heard this discussion topic while listening to the radio the other day, but they only aired two answers while I listened and they weren't very insightful....

So, what DO you get for someone you've been dating for two months or less?

Somehow, the usual game, CD, or DVD idea doesn't seem to cut it for a relationship. But, I don't know him well enough to know what other kinds of things he'd like, and I don't want to make it OBVIOUS by saying "So, honey, what do you want for christmas???? *flutters eyelashes*"

I do know that he loves anything Japanese (pop culture or otherwise), and David Bowie and glam rock. But I can't come up with anything in those areas that he doesn't already have.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Also, maybe this will help other as well--I'm sure plenty of new relationships have started in the past couple of months, or it wouldn't have been a topic on the radio!! :D
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Ebay Question

Hi everyone I've never used ebay before but i want to get something for a friend for Christmas and I was just wondering how safe ebay is...Like is it okay to give out my credit card number to purchase something?

Also approx. how long will it take to ship from the US to Canada??

Buffy Question

So, does anyone here know the name of the episode where Xander gives Dawn a big talk about not being in the spotlight? Season Seven? I need this for a paper.
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okay, so i really like this guy, and last week he supposidly liked me. but this week my friend went and asked him about what he though of me, and he said he didn't like me anymore. BUT the guy that asked him likes me too, so that would give him ground to lie to me so i'd give up. so my question is: what should i do? should i believe the 'cupid'? should i talk to the guy i like (though i'm scared)? or should i wait it out?

bad films, good actors

1. Can you name an actor who is often or always in bad films?
2. Can you name an actor that you think pretty much guarantees that it'll be a film you'll like?

For me, (1) is Angelina Jolie and almost any hip hop artist except Ice Cube. I also say Weslie Snipes, with the exception of Jungle Fever. For (2), I think Ed Norton or Tim Robbins.
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OK, so there are mental disorders where people will hear voices that prompt them to do things (such as commit crimes), but what about someone who is pre-lingually deaf and their first language is sign language? Do they see signing hands in front of them, as in a hallucination? Or do they see words, or do the thoughts just come to them?

All right, I tried not to make this offensive, and I can't think how it would be, but I apologize in advance if it was!
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