December 10th, 2004

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hey, i hope somebody can offer some technical assistance with this. for the past few weeks, when i start up my computer, i get this weird error box that pops up...

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it goes away after i click close, but somehow i dont think thats normal for that to be popping up. what does it mean? im running windows xp, in case you couldnt tell. thank you for any help!

Teeth woes

How long after having my (all 4) wisdom teeth out am I going to be non-functional? My dentist said they're all going to be pretty easy-outs, they're not impacted or anything.

More to the point, will I be capable of co-leading a trip of 10 high school students to Latin America 4 days afterwards, or will I still be in pain/doped up enough as to make this a bad idea?

If I schedule the surgery after I get back, it will conflict with my qualifying exams, so I'm hesitant to do that as well... I can't afford to waste much of my prep time dosed up on painkillers.

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Christmas is one of those holidays that's so widely celebrated now that in some aspects it's almost about the feeling of Christmas, the giving the love and all those good things rather than just about the religious aspect and what it's really about. I'm not complaining, I'm not a Christian and Christmas is my favorite time of year! (Right after Halloween anyway.) But has anyone heard of a non Jewish person celebrating Hannukah? Why not? Is it b/c we're just greedy? Or is red and green just more aluring than blue and silver?

I started thinking about that last year. Frankly I've been celebrating Christmas my whole life and I really want to celebrate Hannukah some year. Problem is you really need to celebrate it with someone and so I can't. Arg. Maybe next year.
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On an average day, what is your normal beverage . . . intake? What do you drink on a normal day?

(only water- only beer -2 cups of milk, 6 cups of water and 1 of juice. . .etc)
Drink Me

10 questions on the 10th REVISED

1. what was your favorite stuffed animal/toy as a little kid?
2. what's your comfort food?
3. what is your fav. book?
4. what movie made you change the way u think?
5. which band/singer would u punch your eardrums out w/ an ice pick rather than listen to?
6. can pigs fly?
7. do u find E.A Poe's stories funny/scary/stupid/classic?
8. have you ever broken a bone?
9. do u normaly take stairs one or two at a time?
10. what is your favorite color?
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Two questions today

1) What's the funniest interjection you've ever heard, whether it be one you use, or one you've heard used? For me it would have to be, "Holy dammit!" or "Oh monkey trumpets."

2) What color is the collar on your pet? On my English setter, it's green. My beagle has a Harley-Davidson one ;)

Secret Santa question

I work in a nursing home and we did an "adopt a resident" thingy for the holidays. I can't figure out what to get my adoptee though! I'm not supposed to ask her what she wants or needs (I think she's supposed to be surprised). If you were a woman who lives in a nursing home, what would you like your secret santa to get you? (and no candy or cookies because she's only allowed to have pureed food)
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There's a movie title I need to find. I just saw the movie, and it was really entertaining, but I just can't get the title right. It's got a funny one like 2K2LR or something like that. Anyway, it's a Japanese movie about 2 actress roommates who get on each other's nerves and things get a little out of control and they wind up going psycho on each other. It's new at Blockbuster, so I'm just guessing it's not that old in Japan. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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What's the absolute stupidest thing you've EVER said?

Mine has to be during this one time where my boyfriend had gone a few months without smoking, and he said "gee, I'd really love to have a smoke, I miss them" and I said "well, you've been good, why don't you just buy some, as a reward!"

Guh. Yeah, see he stopped because he knew I hated it, but I gave him permission of sorts to start up again. It's like giving a recovering alcoholic a drink as a reward for not drinking.
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I've always wondered:

What the HELL are those little packets of silicone beads for? You know, those little white sealed packets that are stuffed in the pockets of leather clothing or tossed into a box of shoes.
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Finally graduating!

. . from college. This is currently my fifth year, and I'll be done with classes by the end of the summer. Apparently I can walk in spring if I want -

If you will complete your degree requirements in the summer term and you wish to walk in the spring ceremony, you should apply for summer but submit your application by the fifth week of spring to have your name appear in the spring commencement program.

I went into college like, totally wanting to walk. Then the past year I wasn't sure. Now I think I might want to.

What do y'all think? Have any of you chose to, or not to walk. . . . and are you happy with your choice?

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i'm 17 i like this guy, but i dunno what to get him for christmas, or if i should even get him a christmas present. Anyone have suggestions on what a 17 year old guy would like?
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Cure for Chronic Singleness?

I am a 20-year-old male who has always been single, and I don't know how to finally start dating and stuff like that. I'm always afraid that I'll mess up somehow or that there will always be someone else around who is even more appealing than I am. I'd like some advice on how to finally stop being single, so that maybe I can feel okay about myself.
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1. I'm trying to compile a mix CD for myself called Wallow. I need songs that are kind of about loving someone and having them not know it, or loving someone who is attached to someone else. Any suggestions? Any genre. I'm all for variety.

2. Rating communities: Yay or Nay?

EDIT: Thank you everyone who helped with the music. Its coming along very nicely, I've used most of the songs you guys suggested.