December 9th, 2004

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Is anyone here taking anti-depressants as well as using Depo-Provera? If yes, how is it going for you? Have you had any mood swings/interference with your medication?

(if you don't want to answer here, please email me at Thanks!
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I love the game Black & White, and also Fable. Since I'm currently making my x-mas list, what other games out there are like those? For PC, PS2 and GameCube only please...
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Musical SOCKS?

Um, help me out here people.

Where can I get Musical socks???

It's a request for my secret santa person, and I'm like, HUH?

Like at a department store, or... what?

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In the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", I know they were obviously high, but some people think that there are symbols and metaphors in the song, while others think it's just pure nonsensical fun. What do you think? Also, is it true that the title alludes to the drug LSD or was that just a myth?

pirate game!

yesterday, i downloaded a game from called "tradewinds". it was like a pirate/sea merchant game, where you have a ship and you have to go around buying and selling things and blasting other ships. amassing riches and destroying enemioes, and all that. it was pretty neat. i accidentally closed the window on it, when i opened it again, it said that my free trial was over. (totally amazing length of time they give you to test it out, geez, it was like an hour.) so, if i want to play this lovely pirate game anymore, i have to pay.

or do i?

does anyone know a similar game i could download that is free, or possibly where to get a crack for this game?

please help me. i was enjoying my piratey goodness.
Stargazer Lily


when mailing a card, should you put the front of the card facing you in the envelope? (so the person will see the front when they open it..

or the other way?


I showered this morning.
I do not smell bad. ::doublechecks::
Why is my hair all gross? I'd guess that I neglected to wash out my conditioner, but i think this is the second day like this. It feels like it's been two or three days since I last washed it.
I have been wearing hoodies alot lately, since it's getting colder.
Seriously. I scratch my head (not becasue it itches, per se, but to get this off) and my fingernails fill up with this fine-wet-sand kinda white shit.
books = good

(no subject)

What exactly is flirting? How can I tell if I'm flirting? I'd been under the impression that I didn't know how to do it, but recently I've had a few people tell me I do it when I think I'm just being friendly. I don't want to send the wrong message...

Does anyone make a metallic black nail polish? Not sparkly, but specifically metallic?
Izzy Puppy

Need some cash

I need some way to pick up more money, but I cannot spend more time away from home than what I already do with my main job and second job. Does anyone participate in a site where you are paid to take surveys? There are so many out there, I don't know which ones are real (if any) and which will just take my money (registration fees).

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Someone help me out here.
Has anyone done any modeling? if so do you bring your own clothing, do your own makeup and hair? Haha I joined a modeling site and currently have three photographers who want to shoot with me and I don't want to seem like a total naivette. Anyways, Come on people help a lilith out!

strippers & strip clubs

What is the most you spent at a strip club or on a stripper (like at a bachelor party) in one day?

I was with a friend today and he "accidentally" spent $400 at the strip bar before meeting up with me. That just feels like a LOT of money to blow.

Personally, I think the most I spent was $140 and that was at a bachelorette party for a good friend of mine. She had 2 strippers.