December 7th, 2004

ripped jeans

im sure most people know the ripped jean style and id really like to know how to get my jeans nice and ripped and holey ya it sounds horrible ruining a perfect pair of pants but i think it looks awesome so can someone PLEASE tell me how to get the holey/ripped effect


The Receptionist Classic

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Is there a particular treat or tradition that you associate with the winter holidays? Something that the holiday just wouldn't be the same without?

For me, it's my grandma's fudge. She only makes it once a year and makes only one tray of it. Once it's gone, it's gone. And this year, I learned how to make it myself.
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moi with coffee

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Do you actually fold your fitted sheets or do you wad them up into some semblance of foldedness and go, "That'll do?"

It's probably obvious from the fact that I even asked that all my fitted sheets are more wadded than folded. :)
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The Receptionist Classic

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I'm not buying bags, so don't even suggest it...

How would one wrap a 6-pack of [bottled] beer? And suppose this was what you were giving someone (it's a special limited beer) - would you chill it and then put it under the tree on Christmas or would you not chill it at all?

I Know Im a moron!

People have told me millions of time dont use Q-tips to clean your ears, and i never listen i done it and once in a while i push the wax in. I did it my last time last night and i promise i will never do it again. Does Anyone know how to remove the wax that is back up in there! i really hate not being able to hear things around me. Anyone know any good home remedies or good product i can buy at a drug store.

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when you join a community, do you feel it necessary to make an inroductory post?

"Hi, I'm Amy. Wuzzup y'all? I just wanted to say that I share the same interests as you and I'm happy to be here!"

Why??? I don't see the point of these posts. Obviously you share our interest or you wouldn't have joined the community in the first place. If you have nothing to say regarding the point of the community, why make a post at all?

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1) What is this whole myspace business?
Why are people suddenly so big on it, and what is its implications to livejournal?

2) When you are meeting new people, are you generally sexually drawn to/(see yourself maybe possibly in a future relationship with) people who are
a)about as attractive as you
b)about as attractive as you are on a very good day
c)the most attractive person?

just say you were thinking "yeah, a boyfriend/ girlfriend/ partner would be cool this summer" and you found yourself at a sit-down party not knowing anyone. you would try and get seats in between two people who seemed like they could be nice from which of these categories?

obviously as you get to know people it all changes, but I was just wondering about initially.


ok, say 2 unrelated people commited suicide, who would you feel more for, the 17 year old gay highschool kid who gets beat everyday by his dad...or the 42 year old divorced businessman with 3 kids who had to file bankrupt.

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Inspired by a previous post....

Are there any covers out there that you REALLY like??? Like, maybe even better than the original? ;o) OK, I won't go that far.

I really like Goldfinger's version of 99 Red Balloons. I also like Jason Wade's cover of You Belong to Me. And though this isn't an actual released song, Green Day covered We Are the Champions at their concert in Long Beach recently (which rocked the house, by the way) and it was amazing. :o)

Journal questions.

This has been asked before, but searching through entries would take entirely too much of my time. :) And I'm curious!

- For those who use their online journal like a diary, do you still maintain a paper journal? Which do you prefer? Advantages and disadvantages?

- Do you keep a back-up copy of your online journal somewhere, like on a CD or harddrive? How did you go about it so that it is still in correct order, looks pretty and is readable?

- Do you find you write differently for yourself vs. an audience? If your journal is public, do you make a fair amount of private entries?

I've kept a paper journal for about 8 years, then switched over to Live Journal. It's taken a while to adjust, and I find myself holding back more when I know people will be reading my thoughts. It's convenient and typing allows me to write more, but you can't pass it along to your grandchildren before you die like you could a paper diary.

A Hungry Child’s Prayer...

A Hungry Child’s Prayer...

In a bountiful land so fair
Across the ocean there
“My brother, are you unaware?
“We have famine to spare.
“You say, ‘Don’t despair!’
“‘Only forbear...’”
But it seems unfair
Your devil may care
Love doctrinaire
Hear my famished prayer
I pray you care--
“Please, won’t you share?”

My question is at the end of this poem. What have you done today to share?

(All poetry Copyright © 2004 by myself and formerly published. Copyright registered at U. S. Copyright Office, Washington, D. C.)

Libertine Pirate, Secessionist & Author

"It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure...There is no more lively sensation than that of pain; its impressions are certain and dependable, they never deceive...Either kill me or take me as I am, because I'll be damned if I ever change..." --Marquis de Sade

"Comme un habitant de Sodome, Je sais la femme avec un homme...Je suis tres homme avec les femmes." Jean-Baptiste Sade [father of Marquis de Sade] Source: SADE--A BIOGRAPHY by Maurice Lever, p. 27
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Ahh! Babies!

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why is spam called spam? Who keyed that term? Is it named after the canned ham? Can the people of SPAM tm legally sue anyone for naming something everybody hates after their product? Does it stand for anything? Why don't we just call it junk mail like the mail we get at home in our mailboxes?
Ahh! Babies!

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sorry i forgot my other question and now i remembered it. Is there any way to make marshmallows at home? How do they make them in the factory? Whats in them? Any good recipes for making marshmallows?

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Have you customized your car at all? Vanity plates, fuzzy dice, steering wheel covers? If so, what?

I've yet to get anything of the sort for the car I got in September. I had a few cute things for my old car, but I'm not sure if I want to bother with it for the new car.
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number 1.

how do you get blood stains of clothes

number 2.

how do you get kitchen oil off clothes

number3 3. how do you get pit stains out of white undershirt style t-shirts?
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Few Q's fer ya..

1.) Do you find the word "gay" offensive when someone uses it to describe something? For example, "It is so gay that Bob isn't talking to me."

2.) Do you think it is any different if someone says the same thing, but with "ghey"?

Optional Questions:
Are you Male or Female?
Are you attracted to same-sex/opposite/or both?

Completely unrelated question:
Did the band Himsa (whom I've never heard) take their name from Sanskrit? If not do you know the origin?
Handbasket to Hell

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I'm making a double-mix, so …

Any songs that reminds you of daylight, sun, happiness, la la la joy! etc (already have The Beach Boys ;) )?

or how about … Moody songs, dark, meditative, preferably with emphasis more on instrumentation than vocals?

Thank you!!
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misc - cemetery

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1. Being put in a neck brace after a car crash doesn't necessarily mean you're broken, right? Like, they might do that for someone who is physically okay and just a little shaken up, right? EDIT: She's okay. Phew!!

2. What's good about beanies with brims? Seems like a pretty goofy idea to me.
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I'm filling out an online application for a job and I have a question.

When it asks what times I'm available to work, what time would you consider afternoon to start? I get out of school at 2:30, so I don't know if I should put that I am available for afternoons.

Any help is much appreciated.
Animated Kitty :)

I'm the queen of procrastination

So, we're having our work Christmas party and we're doing the whole white elephant gift-giving game type thing and I'm stumped for ideas. I can't find anything laying around my house so I'm planning going to the dollar store and getting something cute, cheesey, and cheap, but I need ideas. That's where you all come in! Help!

What is the best white elephant gift you ever got or have given out? And by "best" I mean funniest and most remembered. :)