December 6th, 2004

Just curious...

1. If a band is sent to jail do they really get to play in jail?

2. Can anyone recommend a good foriegn exchange program? Preferably one where I stay in a school vs. with a family and one that's pretty cheap or could get a scholarship into.

3. What's the usual age diffrence you have with someone you get sexualy involved with? (Mine is usualy a ten year diffrence. Older.)
A. Your gender?
B. Your age?
C. Their average age?
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(no subject)

In less than one month, I'm moving 1700 miles away.
For the hell of it mostly.

From Alabama to Phoenix..

What's some fun stuff to see on the way?
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random//my dumb face

Digital camera question.

I don't know what the odds are that anyone here can help me but here goes!

I have a Canon Powershot S50 that came with a memory card I never used. I used the big one I bought for it until yesterday when I found the one it came with. Realizing even a little space is better than no extra space I put it in there to see how many pictures it would hold. Now I'm worried (for some reason) that changing the memory card will make the camera lower the quality. I freak out about quality, I've never lowered it since I got the camera. But I'm moving and the manual is packed so I don't know how to look into this! Does anyone either have one and know the answer or know where I could look?
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Fridge malfunction

Why is there water collecting underneath the vegetable drawer at the bottom of my fridge, which frequently overflows and runs out onto my kitchen floor?

Is this fixable, or do I have to replace the fridge?
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libraries and licensing

How is it that public libraries are able to purchase computer software for the use of patrons? Isn't this a serious violation of licensing laws?

EDIT: Speaking of the software that is available for checkout for the use of patrons.

(no subject)

I want to buy my boyfriend a copy of the movie "Final Destination" for Christmas. How hard is this movie to find? As in, should I be hunting for it or can I just go to a local Best Buy or Suncoast and pick up a copy?
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Alright, my roommate and I went grocery shopping yesterday. We picked up one of those half gallon things of skim milk. this was late evening, around 6ish.
This morning(shortly before 9), I went to pick up a plastic bag and, oops... it's got the milk in it. ::facepalm:: I warned my roommate and said I'd ask about it here.

So, the jug hasn't been open, it's been sitting in the fridge ever since. Would it be okay to drink, since it wasn't opened?

EDIT: and, I'm getting my roommate's christmas present by asking for it for Christmas from my parents. They hate when I do this. Do you ever do that? I figure it's the same net gain- (one gift) + (-one gift)= 0 gift. I don't really get what the big deal is, the desk lamp will get more use from me than the clothes I'd get if I didn't ask for anything.

webmaster wage

so, i was recently hired as the webmaster for the SGA (student government association) at my university. they want me to come in sometime this week to discuss what my pay will be when i start working on it next semester. they're suggesting an hourly rate of an unspecified amount. how much do you think i ought to get paid and/or request to be paid per hour? also, should i instead ask for one flat amount for the entire project instead? if so, how much should i ask for?

Grey Hair?

How old were you when you started getting grey hairs? I noticed my first one when I was 22, and now at 25 I'm starting to get kind of a lot. Any they're starting to come in where they show. Am I a freak of nature, or is this normal?
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(no subject)

is there any way to view a users custom mood theme if they have not given you a link? (like, is there some option in their user info that says 'show mood theme list' or something)
The Receptionist Classic

Two Unrelated

Do you have a song that makes you tear up, but it has ZERO emotional logic behind it?

I feel like I'm going to bawl my eyes out whenever I hear Peter Gabriel's "Salisbury Hill" and I don't know why. It's never been a key song at any point in my life. I was at the movies on Sunday and that song was a part of a preview and I had to make a grab for tissue. *tsk tsk* Pathetic.

And what the hell... What's your weather like today/tonight? It's finally getting around to raining here. Hooray!
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(no subject)

do you consider yourself an adult? how old are you?

i'm 19 and consider myself a kid, as well as others my age. i get weirded out when someone calls me a woman, or when someone my age refers to themselves as a man/woman (and many do).

(no subject)

for geometry, we are supposed to make a picture and put it on a cartesian plane.
i have no idea what to do, and it cant be very elaborate because i have to give the ordered pairs, but it has to be detailed enough to recieve a good grade.
any ideas?
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What should I read?

I need to read a book and then write an essay about literary allusions and metaphors for my English class. I've narrowed my choices down to two books:

Lolita by Vladimir Nobokov
The Plague by Albert Camus

I have ideas on what to write for both of them and they're about the same length. Which one should I read?
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(no subject)

Hey all, I'm going on a trip this coming weekend from Detroit Metro to Portland, OR and I'm flying America West. Anyone have any stories they'd like to share about this airline? Or about the airports? I've flown out of DTW twice in college, but that was a long time ago and before 9/11. So yea, anything I should be worried about or looking forward to?

Thanks :)

contact the military folk....

if i wanted to get in touch with someone stationed on an army base, how would i go about doing it?

it's not an emergency, so i don't want to contact my local red cross, but i really need to speak with my fiance something fierce. he was supposed to call me days ago, but hasn't, and i'm pretty much driving myself insane because i'm actually really angry with him. (i really hate going to bed angry. i don't want to keep doing it every night. i need to say my peace, NOW.)

does anyone know how i can call there, before i explode?
it's ft. bragg, north carolina, if that helps anyone.

alternatively, does anyone have any good methods for stopping oneself from being ridiculously irate? i really don't feel like being angry anymore. so, if i can't talk to him, how can i make it go away?


Why is it, especially more so today than it was 30 years ago, that the friendship of Christians ends at the front door of the church and when you leave the building, they are no longer concerned one iota about whether you are dead or alive? For they do not call you. They do not stop by to visit you like in those days long ago of 30 years. They do not write you. You hear nothing from them unless you return to the building and then they act like you are one of their favorite friends in the world....


So why is that so?
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