December 5th, 2004

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This question will sound stupid when it comes out, but I promise, it makes sense to me!

Dodge/Chrysler produced a lovely square/boxy care in the 70's(i think)/80's....the exact name eludes me, but everyone I know called it a K Car.

I'm wondering what the actual name of the car was, and why everyone called it a K car!

TY in advance :)

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If one of a kittens eye is getting really cloudy could that be a sign that it might be blind in that eye? I noticed it last night, and I'm pretty sure it hasn't been like that for long. I do plan on taking it to a vet, but I was just wondering if it's something I should really be worried about, or if it's just something that comes and goes.

Now for another, completely unrelated question: Which would you rather be, like by many or loved by few?
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Does anyone here know why on the British flag the diagonol red stripes are not centered in the white stripes, but rather off to a side? In fact, does anyone know the history of the flag in general?
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If you leave your computer on standby (instead of shutting it down when not in use) for long periods of time, can it have adverse affects on your computer's performance?
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I have a bad cold and terrible sinus pressure. My ears won't pop!!! Any advice?

(I've tried taking a hot bath, drinking hot tea, holding my nose and breathing out, dayquil, tylenol cold and sinus, vicks vapour rub, dangling my head over the sofa, and even that stuff you use to get water out of your ears...)
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2 questions

My first queston is, is there any way i can set my journal up to where i have my friends and my community friends on two seperate pages bc i have so many community friends i always miss my friends entries.
i hope that made sence
Ok now my second question is, does anyone happen to know of any songs or poems about the veterinary
strange i no but its for a project and i cannot find anything

thanks a bunch = ]

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My mom called me last night and told me that my cat has peed on their bed, again. This is like the 3rd time he's done it. He also goes into the bathroom and pees on clothes in there. I've had him for about a year and a couple months. He just turned a year and a half. Also, recently I brought my new kitty ( I don't live at home) there to meet him. They didn't get along at all. My mom is wondering if he's doing it because he's trying to mark his territory from the dogs or if he smells the pother cat or if he's telling them to clean the litter box more often. Help?

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does anyone listen to chris botti? i just found his music today, and was wondering which album is his "best", or which i should buy first for someone that likes stuff like that. particularly, i'm buying it for a trumpeter, which is what drew me to it in the first place, so anything particularly trumpet-heavy is good. if you have any other suggestions, i'm up for that as well. thanks!
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On MMORPG and gifts

1) What MMORPGs would you recommend to me? Along the lines of Everquest, City of Heroes, Runescape, and Ragnorak, etc.

2) Do you think that at one of those "give a genderless gift under $10" parties, four three-dollar scratchers would be a good idea??
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Can anyone recommend a MP3 player to me? I just want something with good battery-life and enough memory to store a couple dozen CDs at a time. Though, I am willing to sacrifice storage space for appearance. Don't say iPod unless you're going to buy it for me; I want to spend less than $50, if at all possible. Please and thank you, etc.

ETA: I'm looking for a flash-drive based player. And I now know my storage expectations were grossly out of control. Let's just say I want something reasonably priced and quality. Less than $100.
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When scrambling eggs, how do you know when they are done? Iv'e heard that you want to put them on the plate when they are still a tiny bit runny, because they will keep on cooking for a little bit after you take it off the heat. I've never made eggs before and I don't want to burn them. Any tips? Thanks
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College Admission Requirements

I'm currently a Junior in high school. I've taken two semesters of biology, two semesters of differentiated (accelerated)chemistry, one semester of geoscience and next year I plan to take two semesters of diff anatomy. I'm currently in physics but I absolutely can not stand it. Would it look really bad on my transcript if I only had one semester of it? I know it really depends on the college, but I've looked on a bunch of college websites and they don't have anything about what high school classes are required. I'm sort of thinking 1st tier colleges, but 2nd tier is fine. Does anyone know if only having one semester of physics would count major points against me?
Thanks in advance!

holiday ideas

I'm thinking of a random act of kindness for a family at our church.

How would I go about doing this anonymously? I am thinking about a Peapod (online grocery) gift certificate, but do they do that without attaching names?

Anyway, if any of you have done anything similar I'd like to hear. :)
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sick + finals week = diediedie

What do swollen lymph nodes in your neck mean? I know they signify mono (I've never had it but my older sister was out of school for an entire quarter in high school with it), but it could mean something else, right?

Lately I've been sleeping more than usual (waking up like, after noon, and today it took me an hour to get out of bed after I was awake), last night all of a sudden my throat started hurting like nobody's business, and I woke up this afternoon with the nodes in my neck swollen to the point where I can feel them when I turn my head. And my ears, neck, and back hurt and the slightest noise gives me a little headache. I don't really FEEL sick, I mean there's nothing wrong with my stomach, I'm not coughing or sneezing... I just feel like I'm dying.

I talked to my mom (a nurse practitioner) and she said 'finals week flu' and that a lot of her students (she's a nursing prof.) get sick during finals week too... but it's not like i'm burnt out or whatever, i haven't done anything! And nobody around me has been sick lately, as far as I know.

Right, so back to my original question - these symptoms can be something NOT serious, right? ;D

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My friend permanently dyed my (mousy brown) hair dark brown about a month ago. We didn’t realise it was permanent dye. Is there any way I can lighten it again? Even to just a lighter brown/ darkish red?
Thank you!!

job paranoia

can someone give me an idea of the job possibilities i haven't thought of for one who will be graduating in a few years with a B.S. in computer science? things i've considered so far are robotics, nanotechnology, software development, cryptography, and game programming. i also plan on going for a master's degree. what would be a good industry and/or company to get involved in with decent pay and job security?

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I have MSN 5.0 because it's the latest version I can get on this hunk of junk because it only has Windows 95. All my MSN chats are being saved, and this is my Dad's computer, so I don't want them saved. I discovered about 18 months worth of chat the other night which I didn't know was being saved. I've tried everything -how do I stop my chats being saved? I'm desperate here!
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Halloween 2008

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What is your favorite user icon of, and why do you like it?

Is there a story behind it?

I like my Rogue icon because it's of my favorite Xmen character, and I use it when I'm feeling especially heroic, or writing in my alter-ego's journal.
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books = good

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What CD's are your standards? Everyone has CD's that they have because they like some of the songs, or that they listen to every once in awhile...but then there are those you can put in any time, no matter your mood, and you know every word to every song. Which are yours?

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Sorry for two posts so close to each other.

Anyway, my question: Do you mostly listen to songs for its music or for its lyrics? What is your favorite band or singer ( the first that comes to mind ) and do you like them more for their music or lyrics?