December 3rd, 2004

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Question see my icon....Does anyone know what community made all those little stick icons. Some girl did it but I forgot the community. I was going to post it in my bio so that person would get some love cause everyone loves my icon and wants one.
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another hair question

as the day draws nearer...

Next Friday I'm chopping off all my hair and donating to Locks of Love, as well as dying it red. I've never had short hair (it's down to my waist right now) and I have no idea what I can do with it. Any suggestions? I'm looking for help deciding how short I should cut it, and what I can do with it after that - simple styles that are fun but won't take me too long to do.. My hair is almost completely straight and medium thickness if that makes a difference.

I can post a picture if it will help (a better one than my icon..); it's just that it's past four in the morning and I don't feel like searching; I just wanted to ask before I go to bed because it's fresh in my mind.

Thanks a ton! ;D

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All right, so with my last sneeze-related question, I find that I am a freak of nature in that I only sneeze twice. Everybody else can do it ten times or more.

So, stemming from a conversation with my boyfriend (I have been asking everybody how many times they sneeze), what do you do when you're in a situation where you can't sneeze? i.e. While cooking, when you have to much snot and it will fly across the room, etc.

I turn my head and sneeze into my upper arm. The boyfriend just holds it in. What do you do?

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Theoretically speaking, if you were going to enter a pie eating competition would it be better to starve yourself up until the day of the competition, thus making yourself very hungry and ready to consume large quantities of pie, or would it be a better option to eat all you can up until the day before the big day in order to stretch your stomach and get your body used to eating large amounts of food?
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I've searched on, but I can't seem to find the right movie.

It's a Muppet movie, and the Muppets are trying to save their theater. There's a spoof on 'Moulin Rouge' and 'It's a Wonderful Life,' too.

Anyone know it?
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"You're really nice and I like talking to you, but I don't think I feel the same way about you as you do about me."

Does this mean anything more than...what one would assume?

Sorry for the somewhat juvenile question. =\
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really now (surrealicons GJ)

dumb kidlit question.

In the Nancy Drew books, Nancy was supposed to be a redhead, right? (I remember possibly reading a description of her having "titian hair"...)

Did anyone else actually solve the mystery before the book was over?
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If you have a refrigerator with an icemaker, where does the ice come from? What replenishes the ice?

If you think I should know this because it's my fridge, I don't, because we just bought the house and the previous owners left no instructions. :(
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What constitutes "cocktail" and "general business attire"?

In the same thread as the previous post, I've got three events this weekend to plan outfits for. They're for a political education program I just got accepted to. One is a fancy Holiday party, and I have a dress for that. But the others call for "cocktail" and "general business attire."

I have a long green fitted skirt and cream blouse-y shirt (kind of stretchy fabric) with black leather flats; is that okay for "cocktail"? (and hair up with sticks)

And for "business", are nice slacks, shirt, and sweater cardigan okay?

Thank you!

(yes, I'm a failure as a chick due to my utter lack of fashion sense)

Gmail problem

As you may have gathered I am currently having a problem with Gmail. It has been ongoing since last night and is really starting to bug me.

I can log into my inbox without a problem. Yet, when I go to click any mail, it logs me about and takes me back to the log in screen.

Any advice or suggestions to what is causing this? I have some important uni notes in this account which I can't access grrr!
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What should I wear tomorrow? I need a good outfit idea.

Restrictions are:
I can wear it both indoors and out without overheating or freezing (I'll be watching a parade, then shopping for a while).
I have to look nice in a fancy way (for a dinner with my dad and his girlfriend).
BUT I have to look nice in a cute girly way as well (because I'll be seeing a boy I like quite a bit).

I am stumped as to what I should wear.. Outfits aren't really my specialty, I usually just go with jeans and a random t-shirt. o.o

Anyway.. help? =)
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JAM <3

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Say you're at someone's house for the first time and you use their restroom. There are only two squares of toilet paper left on the roll. Do you use the two squares to the best of your ability and leave the roll empty, or do you go through their cabinets to find another roll? Would you be a little offended if someone went through your cabinets?
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A) Did you grow up believing in Santa?
A1) If so, when did you figure it out?
A2) How did you feel, especially about the people who had decieved you?
A3) Do you feel differently now?

B) If you hypothetically had a kid, what would you tell them about Santa?

C) Why do people use Santa as an ineffective method of control, "if you aren't a good kid Santa won't bring you any presents", when you know darn well they ARE going to buy presents for their kids, regardless?

Anything else you want to add?
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If you are standing exactly at magnetic north, what happens to a compass? Does it spin? get stuck pointing one way? Which directions are south, east and west actually in at that point?

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