December 2nd, 2004

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Does anyone know the website where you can find out about a stores complaints & ratings ? I used to have it but i forgot the name of it.
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I've noticed a lot of people with the yellow "Support Our Troops" magnetic ribbons have them mounted sideways on the back of their car. Is there any significance to this, or are these people just too dumb to mount their ribbon correctly?

Does anyone here have the Nintendo DS? Are any of the launch titles worth getting?

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What would you call the phenomenon when group solidarity and cohesion increases during times of heightened vulnerability, or the desire for more group solidarity develops under economically or socially stressful periods, like depression, war, etc.?

Is there a technical term for this that you know of?

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Let's say two people are thinking about getting an apartment that costs 750 dollars a month with water & utilities included in New York. They'll be splitting it so each will be paying 375 dollars a month which is something both can handle with more money left over. How much money do you think these two people should save up each before getting this apartment?

Random other question: If you had to pick between having a telephone or having an internet connection-- which would you choose?
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dry hands

my hands are the dryest things on the planet right now. i'm guessing it's because i wash them about 10 times a day (not obsessive compulsive here, just tend to get dirty painting and cleaning the cat litter box and such :P)... anyways, they're scaly and red and flaky and hurt like a mofo. i've been alternating using aloe vera gel and suave advanced therapy lotion, but i think i need something a little more heavy-duty. so... what are the best lotions, creams, or other remedies for dry hands?
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Work shifts/Phone surveys

Say you're a full-time student working a part-time job. You have two different opportunities. Same job (conducting market research surveys and public opinion polls over the phone), but hours are somewhat different. But for both, you will get 20 hours a week. For both, they are at doable times.

Would you rather take:

-four five-hour shifts, at a place that is easy to get to from school, home and a social life (i.e., downtown)?
-two six-and-a-half hour shifts and one seven hour shift, at a place that is easy to get to from home, and moderately easy to get to from school, but absolutely nowhere near a social life whatsoever?

And why did you choose what you did?

And second question:

Why do people feel it is polite to hang up on them without saying anything when speaking to a phone interviewer? We've told you we're not selling anything, it wouldn't kill you to say "no thank you" before hanging up if you're not interested.
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I have Photoshop 6.0, and I know there is some way to screw around with anti-aliasing so fonts look right when they're small (like on icons), except I don't know how to do it aside from the little drop-down box with the crisp/smooth/etc. options. Anyone know?
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E-Bay Woes

I've tried to register on E-Bay 3 or 4 times and I have yet to receive the confirmation e-mail that I'm supposed to get to complete the registration process. (I've been trying for about 3 months.) Has anyone else had this much of a problem registering with E-Bay?

I'm starting to get really annoyed because there's a particular item that I want but the auction ends today. :(
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A very general question

Yes, there's such a thing as "very general", in the dank recesses of my mind.

Does Toys R Us generally stock display cases for things like action figures? If not, does any other pretty widespread retail store that you know of...or do I have to go to a special comic/toy store or something?
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Drink Me


1. do u think of yourself as your given name? (ie do u think of yourself as 'suzanne' or do u think of yourself as 'winged crusader for twinkies' when u talk to yourself)
2. do u go w/ a nickname, and if so, how many do you have.
3. do u find comfort in your name?
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I get really, really nauseous/tired/hot after I eat something really sweet--especially when I eat a chocolate candy bar. Why is this happening? It's irritating me. I love my chocolate, damnit =(
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Ribbon Car Magnets

How often do you see one or more of Collapse ) magnets on a car?

What do you think of them? Would you put one on your car, and if you already have one what made you do it?

[I'm using these answers to write an article for a class I'm taking, so if you could tell me what your name is (first name only is fine), and where you are from it would be greatly appreciated] :)
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anyone know what that software is that lets you plug in an ip address and it traces it back to it's origination (as far back as it can go) sometimes even resolving it to a particular address or hosting company???

I used to have it and it would come in any suggestions would be great :) I'm trying to pinpoint where my anonymous posters are coming from on my lj :)

Also, I work at starbucks, and just want to post this link in lieu of the email circulating saying that Starbucks is anti-war and anti-soldiers and anti-donating-coffee, because it's all b.s. :)

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French online magazines/journals

Does anybody know where I can find French fulltext online magazines or journals about human rights or that have some articles about human rights. It doesn't even have to be fulltext, abstracts'll do as well.
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You know you say "That tasted like shit!" when something is nasty?
Well, what if it turned out that shit actually tasted good?

See, I just wonder about these things when I'm supposed to be working.
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1) does anyone else think weddings are hokey and can't picture yourself having one?
2) have any other girls noticed that a lot of stores have changed their sizes in the past 5 years or so? so that girls who used to be a large are now medium, girls who used to be medium are now small, girls who used to be small are now x-small, and girls who used to be x-small are shit out of luck? have any other thin girls found any stores (that aren't kids stores) that still cater well to us smaller folks? does "petite" usually cover tall and skinny or just shorter, smaller females?

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I'm new to the whole online banking, so here's my question. I purchased a book online with my debit card. I checked my account online right after I bought it and it showed the debit pending. That was six days ago. Now, the amount is not pending and its not listed as a posted item. Does this mean that it didn't go through and I should try the purchase again?
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To those currently in college, or to those that have already graduated from college: did anyone that is now famous, or highly distinguished, go to your university?

OR, did you go to school with anyone that is now famous? This could be at any point, whether in K-12, or beyond.

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A long while back, I was reading some user comments on, and found a link to a website about a method for females to pee standing up. Has anyone else run across it? What did you think of it?
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various questions!

i'm in a curious...and random, mood tonight.

1. i want to make a lame online quiz. i don't want a "how well do you know me?" or "what percent blah are you?" i want multiple questions, each having multiple questions, and the person who takes it chooses one answer per question, hits the button at the end, and gets told what they are. you know, a lame online quiz. where can i make one? (besides livejournal, 'cause i want it to be public.)

2. why do some states give a refund for glass and aluminum, but others don't? or, at least i assume most don't? i always get bottles that say things like "California redemption value; OR, IA, CT, VT Refund 5 cents, MI 10 cents refund, Other states no deposit". does that mean that if i save all my recyclables for a year, i can bring them to Vermont and get paid the mad cash? what's up with this system?

3. i have been using industrial enamel paint at work, and the only way i can get it off my hands is by rubbing them with diesel fuel. the only problem is, i can't get the smell off. how do i get the smell off? and, i would imagine this is terribly unhealthy for me to do. is it? and what else could i do to get paint off?

4. what's a good browser to use? internet explorer is long gone for me, but i really dislike firefox. i have also tried opera, but i liked it even less than firefox. is there a better way?

5. if you smoke, what's your brand? why?

6. guys, where are my letters? pout.

ps, this community is the best thing ever. you are all just swell.
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1. How many minuites is the snooze on your alarm?
2. How many times do you press it?

My alarm's snooze is nine minuites, it first goes off at 5:30, but I'm usually done snoozing by 6:15. So that's five times, on average. I think.
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unfortunate events

i can't talk about why

Humor me, Q Club.

Poll #396153 twelve is the new eleven...

How excited are you about Ocean's Twelve?

I don't know what you're talking about.
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I skipped class today to work on a powerpoint presentation I procrastinated on for my night class. I got there and found out that I hadn't saved it in the right format, the layout wasn't right because the font didn't transfer, and it looked crappy in comparison to everyone else's. However, I didn't get to present tonight, just test it on the computer. I guess this gives me another week to tweak formats and figure out how to make this look better... but still, I was all hyped up and ready to do this tonight. Next week is the final.

So, in light of that recent disappointment, what are your tips on surviving class presentations?
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does anyone know if it's ok to put ant farms in dark places? Such as lockers?

Why I ask: Ok, for some hairbrained reason, I decided it might be fun to get one of my friends an ant farm for Christmas, and then I got to thinking how cool it would be to have it in her locker. I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy.
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I've been pondering over this question with someone for a while now, and I just thought this place would be as good as any to ask it. Being as you're such a lovely bunch of people. <3 Forgive me if this sounds really stupid and juvenile or what, but the question's just been bothering me.

Mmkay, so basically, do you ever feel like you're competing with your best friend? As in, you're afraid that when one/both of you are meeting new people, you're afraid that they'll like your best friend more than they like you?

And if you have a separate group of friends, and you're introducing them to him/her, you worry that they'll think s/he's more amusing than you are. Or any variations thereof. Yeah. Hopefully you get my point? :D

Once again, sorry if the question's idiotic. XD
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1) My friend briefly mentioned to me a very concise essay on fairies, elves, magic, and why it is on Earth no more. He implied that it was rather well know, but I can't seem to find it. Heard of it?

2) How easy would it be to learn these skills...: monitering and trouble-shooting pcs, dumb terminals, printers, and telecommunications devices (for a job that I'd love to get, this being the only part that I'm not too confident about)...should I pick up a XP or networking manual or what? (Hey! I'm only a web designer...)

Thanks :D
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carbon monoxide and premarital intercourse

My car needs to be cleaned out really bad. It's full of garbage and crap that should be in my house. There are two problems: 1) it's really cold out, and 2) I have a blood deficiency, so my body can't stay warm for very long. I need all the car doors wide open, as my car is a Dodge Neon and there's just no getting around (or gettin' it on, for that matter) inside that thing. If I pull into the garage and leave the garage door all the way open, is it alright to let my car run for about 30-45 minutes? Seems like it'd be okay, but I thought I'd gather some other opinions. Don't wanna go dying on everyone.

Wednesday was my 11th Monthaversary with my boyfriend (we're really lame), but we won't be able to see eachother until tomorrow evening. Usually, we do our whole 'intimacy' thing in the afternoon when my mom is still at work, but he has to work until 6. Luckily, I have my own credit card, which means I can get a hotel room. The one I'm thinking of has an exercise room, cable TV, a pool and a hot tub, so we'd have lots of stuff to do for the night. I think it'll be fun for us, even beyond the whole... having sex in a hotel thing. Since we're both 17 (age of mutual consent in New York), is there anything illegal about us getting a room? I don't really care about breaking the law, but it would be nice if we didn't have to work out an elaborate plan to sneak him into the room.
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(no subject) i dig this girl and weve always had a little thing for each other (no physical anything has happened) and we are hanging out for like 5 or 6 hours on saturday. we've always wanted a 'snuggle' together, so i know i should definitely get a movie and we will go back to my house.

first question. what movie would be best??

moving on. i have dinner planned out, teriyaki is an informal no pressure situation so that should be good. after eating i have a waterfront walk planned. before teriyaki i need a good activity to do (my friend suggested bowling, but i dunno about that), so.....

what would be a good activity for us to do before eating??

and then yeah, one last one

what would be a good way to avoid awkward silences??

many thanks
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questions for the masses

1. Do you believe in reincarnation? What do you think of a person who believes in it so strongly that they want to meet the people they once knew and change what they have now in order to become "him/herself" again? What would you do?

2. My refresh rate for my monitor is the highest it can go. A friend of mine says I shouldn't be getting a headache from it, even if I were to stare at it all day. I say, it's a monitor, and humans were not meant to stare at monitors all day no matter what the refresh rate/font size/distance from it. Which one of us is right? If he's right, is there something i could be doing wrong, something I could do to keep from getting headaches in the front of my head/sinuses??

3. (Most importantly. :D)
Have you ever bought a pair of plain white shoes and colored on them to make them more interesting? What kind of pattern did you make? What kind of ink/pens did you use? I'm beginning to think that, with such a vast expanse of artistic opportunities open to me, dying them black would be a waste. ^^;;

(...What? They had strawberries on them. And they only came in white. ;_;)
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This is to anyone who has read Othello.

Im writing an essay in Iago's defense (somewhat)and need to prove he was a decieved husband and not JUST a manipulator.

How would you go about doing that and what examples would you use?

Two questions

I'm on a roll today (posting twice).

1) Have you ever broken an unbreakable comb?

I broke one in half tonight, on purpose, but it took a lot of bending back and forth.

And...slightly randomly...

2) What is the best way to learn a new language?
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Thinkzinc 2007

Downloading phoneposts woe :'(

When I try to download phoneposts, only half downloads, and then it decides it has completed. I've tried downloading with Firefox, and with IE, and it's the same problem each time. I am not having problems downloading everything - e.g. I just successfully downloaded Winamp so that I could listen to phoneposts in the first place.
Any ideas as to what the problem might be? And how to fix it? I would really like to be able to hear the whole phonepost; just hearing half is no fun :(
Thank you for your thoughts!
Eddie McDowd

Plant protection

I have some mint growing in a pot in the backyard. Since we've had overnight freezes, I brought the plant inside for a few days to protect it. Well, now the leaves are beginning to turn yellow, so I took it back outside.

Is there anyway that I can protect my plant without killing it? I really like this mint--I use the sprigs for cocktails, tea, and garnishes.
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