December 1st, 2004

happiness is.


What's the process when getting a dog from the human society?

Is it true that all you pay for is the dogs shots and stuff?

Price ranges and process, if you will, please?

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Has any reason been given as to why 7 members of Bush's cabinet have resigned? I try and pay attention to the news, but I'm yet to hear a reason. As far as I know, its pretty unusual for over half of the cabinet to resign...

Freezer Burn?

What, technically, is freezer burn? What causes it? Why does my freezer do that to everything that's been in there for more than a month no matter how I seal them up, but other people's freezers don't? How can I prevent it from ruining the Christmas cookies I need to make now and store until I frost them on the 22d?

old tv show

Way back in the 80s, I remember watching a sci-fi series. I think it was about a family who got sucked into another dimension, or something; possibly after messing with an egyptian pyramid?

The only episode I remember was with the family in a place filled with people they later found out to be androids. One of the kids had fallen in love with an android girl, and I guess felt betrayed by her lack of honesty, or something. So she took him to a sort of wall with glowing cells in it, something like a wall of honeycomb, if I recall, and I think she was crying as she explained that each of the lights was one of their 'souls', and so she was as real as he was. I think the whole scene or world was yellowish; perhaps a desert planet or something, but the surfaces in that room were smooth and manufactured, I think.

Ring any bells? I'm sure it'll be much worse than I remember it, but I'd like to see it again, anyway :)

Also, p2p pointers for this or Manimal would be good :)
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Yahoo! Mail Europe down?

Can't access it all :'(
Anyone else?
I suppose this post is kind of pointless, as I guess Yahoo! will have it fixed within the hour...
To add a bit of question fun, how often do you check your email each day? Myself - at least four times a day.

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do any of you have curly hair, keep it pretty short, and have a picture of your hairstyle? :o)

im looking to get my very curly hair cut short, like ear-length or so, but i want to see how it will basically look before i do that. right now my hair is down to the middle of my back, so this is a big change for me! :oD

Casting Calls

Does anyone know what to bring to an open casting call for a reality tv show? I have tried to contact the studio but they were no help. Their webpage only lists the dates and times of the casting call. Thanks!
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Does anyone know how to operate the steam nozzle on an espresso machine that looks like this?

I've only used industrial espresso machines. My mom just gave me this old one she had lying around. It's not actually the one in the picture, but it's the same brand and they look very alike, only mine is about ten years older.
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So it's December

What do you want for Christmas?

Also: my boyfrined got me a tiny but beautifully decorated blank book for my birthday. It's about 3x3 inches/8x8cm, has maybe 20-30 pages. I'd like to do something special with it, but I can't think what. My only thought was cinema tickets (they'd fit & we go quite a lot) but they all go on his wall, so that's out.

And finally: Do you know any poems of by heart? Why? Do you ever get to recite them?
(I know a couple I had to learn in school, and bits and pieces of others which I quote at people whenever I can. Seems a bit of a waste.)
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How do I get Windows Media Player to copy music from CD's as mp3's for the purpose of burning them onto a data CD I can listen to on a CD/mp3 player? The settings on the program won't adjust to anything but .wma, and I've tried changing the file extensions, but they don't burn correctly. I'm sure there's some totally obvious way of doing this that I've just overlooked...


Does anyone know how easy it is to get around in Philadelphia> Im gonna visit soon and want to hit up museums, parks and the zoo. Is there a subway, train, trolley to help me? Should I rent a car? Is it just expensive cabs? Must dos I should try?