November 30th, 2004


This is what happens when I save up all my questions for one post. :o)

1. When a stranger sneezes near you, do you acknowledge it with a "bless you" or something of that nature? assuming said stranger did not sneeze *on* you. ;o)

2. When the stranger sneezes, and then you say bless you, and he/she sneezes again, do you say "bless you" again? What if he/she sneezes many times? I've been known to sneeze up to 15 times in a row - when do you draw the line?

3. Other than Chinese food, sandwiches and pizza, what other kinds of food can you get delivered? What food do you get delivered frequently?

4. Why do people think it's so odd to spend a good amount of money on vet bills? I take my rats and guinea pigs to the vet every time they need it, and some of the treatments they've required have been pretty costly (tumor removal, two neuterings (on different animals, lol), antibacterial medications, antifungal creams, etc, etc). I had to take my rat to the emergency animal hospital for an eye wound, and the visit plus treatment cost me $100. Do you think that's a waste of money and effort? If so, why?

5. Do you read Harry Potter? If so, who do you think Snape is a good guy or bad guy?

6. I think I'm going to move back in with my family, in their new house in California. I am doing this for two big reasons. One, I really miss them and I'm sad that I'm missing my brother's coolest years (he's 14, I haven't lived with them since he was 10 and if I don't move back home, I'll only see him four or five times a year) and I think I could help my mom be happy again. Two, I really need to be able to save up some money. Right now, I'm living paycheck to paycheck and I'd like to be able to save enough money to afford cool furniture and a nice apartment and things like that. Now for the question - do you think I'm a big dork for moving back in with my parents at 20 years old? If you knew me, would you think less of me for it?
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Pros and cons to student loans?

[Aside from they put you through school, but they take you to your grave.]

Also, is it possible to go to school JUST for photography? Like, cut the extra math, philosophy, ecthics and ect. classes, and just do what you gotta do?

piercing question

OK all you pierced ones out there...My daughter is getting her triagus (sp) and anti-triagus (sp) pierced for her birthday. How much do I tip the piercer? He did her industrial, and I think I gave him $5, but that seems kinda lame to me.
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(no subject)

I need to buy a Christmas gift for someone and I want to get him a couple of CDs. I know he likes Pantera, but I don't know anything about the genre.
Does anybody know of some lesser known Pantera-like bands?
I want to get him something obscure so I can make sure he doesn't have it without having to ask.

I'm Getting a New Cell Phone!

After 4 years with the same ancient Nokia, I'm finally getting a new flip phone with polyphonic ringtone capabilities. :) (*super excited*)

Not that I'm condoning internet piracy, but do you know of any places to download FREE ringtones? (Or at least cheaper than $2?)
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(no subject)

Do you think that facial piercings can be interpreted as a form of self-mutilation and a cry for attention, love and help?

Before you get up in arms about such an idea -

My uncle has long held that people who have numerous facial piercings are harboring a deep sadness that they may or may not realize. To illustrate his point to us, he randomly approached teenagers with piercings and said: "Why are you unhappy?" They were generally nonplussed and he would engage them in a conversation to try to understand their unhappiness - typically, because they felt unloved (and usually due to parental problems such as divorce or alcoholism, or just lack of caring). Near the end of the conversations, they would ask him how he knew they were unhappy, and he would reply "Because you have mutilated your face."

So, what say you? A grain of truth in the idea? Or completely bogus?

EDIT: um....this question is not about "pierced teenagers specifically", at the time of his questioning, the only people with numerous piercings happened to be in their teens, please don't feel attacked. It isn't even MY idea. Also, it is not about ONE or TWO piercings - "numerous" would be the key word there.
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(no subject)

I'm in the process of making the worst mix CD ever.....the Sears mix.....and I want to make this mix the worst ever. I've been able to track down a lot of department store songs by googling whatever lyrics I can pick up, but I'm completely lost on how to find the instrumental jam sessions. Does anyone know anything about these jam sessions and how I can enhance my mix with them? I even ventured onto the Muzak website, which just about killed me.
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Baby toys

See my icon? The weird yellow thing? Does anyone know what the eff that thing is really called or where I can get another one?

My mom says that this was my favorite toy when I was a baby (so, 1979... 1980 or so) and we called it Yolk Folk. She found this one in the garage a couple weeks back and gave it to me. I'm oddly fascinated by it and wonder what it's story is.
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(no subject)

does anyone know about world AIDS day and how now it's also called something like "a day without art"? my school is holding this big ceremony to cover all obvious art, like the sculptures on the lawns and paintings, for the day in honor of world AIDS day and i really am unable to make the connection....

(no subject)

A few years ago, Todd McFarlens company made Metal Gear Solid toys... (the video game). Does anyone know where I could get them, because I cant seem to find them a la google....

What colour are your shoelaces?
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Legal quesiton...

Can an off-duty cop legally pull you over when he is the passenger in a car that his wife is driving?

Here's the whole situation. I was driving with my roommate because she needed to collect trash for an art project(bicycle wheels, old piping, etc) and i stopped at a stop sign, then i pulled out into the intersection. A car coming from the street perpendicular almost ran into my side and ended up swerving on the road that i was headed onto to avoid hitting me. I was going maybe 15 mph while the other car was going at lest 25 if not more. The posted speed limit was 25 mph. Now the neighborhood this happened in is not a good one. So I went to the left instead of continuing on straight. On that street, not 10 feet from the intersection that this all happened at she saw some trash she liked, so I pulled over and then the car from before came up in front of me and the guy got out and showed me his badge and told me he was colling the cops.

I need some serious advice here because my mom is making me contest the ticket in court. Also this all happened on residential roads. It's not like these were busy streets.

Edit The ticket was for failure to yield but I definitely came to a full stop at the stop sign.

(no subject)

is there anything you can do to try to get your money back when a seller on ebay screws you over? i can't find a way to contact ebay, and all i saw was a disclaimer that they're not responsible for refunding you the money (which i wasn't expecting anyway). i just want to know if there's some way to report the seller to ebay or anything, beyond just leaving a negative comment. thanks. :/


i know at least some states don't increase cash benefits to welfare recipients who have kids while they are on welfare because they assume that it will deter people from having more kids. does anyone know if there are actual studies done on this proving it to be true (or not true)?
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(no subject)

Hi. Newbie. Two questions:

1) What holiday(s) do you celebrate, if any at all? (Not exclusive to Winter, can be from any season)

2)a.Do you have curly hair?
b. If you do, is it straight at the nape of your neck? ('cause my hair's like that, but it might just be genetics)
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Music help

Hello all, I've just recently found out about the wonder that is VNV Nation; I really dig Burning Empires. Being musically challenged I can only really catergorize it as techno/trance -ish. I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for similar artists.
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I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few questions...

1. What is the best P2P program for downloading movies without getting a virus, or at least the lowest risk?

2. What are the best songs from the 80s/early 90s?
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I have an 3.5" external hard drive and being the idiot I am, I have unfortunately misplaced the charger for it :( I read the instruction manual but it does not say what kind of charger it is. Does anybody have any ideas? Can I use a laptop charger for replacement? Also, I think I need to buy the charger, can i get it from any shop selling computer stuff?
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(no subject)

So I'm walking around campus today and there's a huge crowd on the Commons. I have to cut through anyway, so I take my time to see what the fuss is about. There's a crazy man standing on a table wearing a yellow sandwich board-type thing which lists all the types of people that will go to hell (including lesbians, sodomites, and rappers) attempting to preach to these kids but really they're just watching him so they have something to make fun of. Whatever, I found him to be INCREDIBLY offensive.

I'm fairly confident that in order to have things set up on the Commons, you need university approval. Well, students do anyway; this guy was hardly a student.

This guy was out there for at least 4 hours, and it's not the first time he's been there, implying that the university has allowed him to be there.

I would assume that if they are able to say that a fraternity can't sell t-shirts on the Commons reading "I Bleed Beer" (as opposed to "I Bleed Purple," a school slogan), then they should be able to say that a random 'burgite can come tell college students they're going to hell because they don't believe what he believes. If it was in town, I could understand... but he was on campus. And if the school can tell a Harrisonburg citizen (not a JMU student) who has a concealed weapons permit that he is not allowed to carry his weapon when he is on campus, you'd think they should be able to tell a crazy guy that they don't want him proselytizing... seeing how it's a PUBLIC, non-affiliated university...

So my actual question: is it inappropriate for a state-funded college to okay this guy?

Edit: I suppose I didn't finish my question. If they're allowed to tell a citizen who is NOT a student and has every right to carry a gun wherever he pleases that they don't want him to bring it on campus, then it seems that they should be able to tell this guy they don't want him there? This is a place where if students set up a demonstration without clearing it with the school first, they will be asked to leave... so odds are, he cleared it with the school... hmm. I dunno, just kinda creeped me out.

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Surely you remember in school that after you took an Algebra I class, you had a choice to take either Geometry or Algebra II first because each of those didn't necessarily need the other to take the class. After you complete those classes, you take a Trigonometry class. After that, am I correct in thinking that you have a choice in choosing to take either Calculus or Statistics before the other? And if so, do you think it could be too difficult to take them at the same time as you could Algebra II and Geometry?