November 29th, 2004


Ceramic Hair Straighteners question

I just bought some ceramic coated hair straighteners, and tried them out on my dry hair. They work really well! =) But, as I drew them through my hair, I could see steam coming off the hair. Is this normal? My hair was not damp at all. I don't think it was smoke...
Also, how often can you use straighteners without completely ruining your hair? Once a week, or so?
Thank you!
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a number of misc. questions

these have been coming up w/ some people i know a lot lately:
1. who would you rather die first; you or your significant other?
2. why?
3. if you had to commit suicide, how would you do it? (if u don't ethically believe in suicide ignore this one)
4. if you had to commit a crime, what would you do? (you're not going to get caught)
5. is a vegitarian wearing leather boots a hypocrit?
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Some Q's

[1] How does one get video from VCR to DVR and/or DVR to DVD?

[2] How much does a "Fluffer" get paid?

[3] I had another question but forgot it. What was it?


(no subject)

Sorry if this is a little morbid, but I'm stuck finding an answer to this question and it's a something I need to know. If you've ever had a loved one cremated, after you've spread their ashes what did you do with the urn?

Thatcherism (British based question obviously)

Does anyone know of any useful sites regarding the dominance of the Thatcherites in the 1979-90 Conservative Party? I am particularly looking for statistics on the ideological makeup of the party, percentage of Thatcherites, of wets/One Nation Tories, that sort of thing. Google just seems to bring up endless definitions of it and not a lot else.
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(no subject)

Hey, Pagans in da hizzouse (sorry, don't ask), I'm aware it doesn't matter, but is there an agreed-upon pronunciation of "athame?" Ah-THA-may? AH-tha-may? I've heard so many variations over the years that I'm sure some of them had silent Xs and Qs.
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(no subject)

Okay, here's an odd one.

In the past month sometime, a member of this group posted a question regarding how to start a nonprofit organization.

If you posted that question, or remember it, plz advise (i.e. link it to mee)

Kthx, hugs and kisses

DVD players

I am helping my dad research a DVD player for my mom's christmas present. Any good reviewing sites or miscellaneous tips? I'm looking for a site like consumer reports, but without the subscription fee.

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(no subject)

Hi friends, hope you're all doing well. With the holidays coming around, my drama class pulled names for Secret Santas and I want to make Fairy Wings for the girl I pulled (you have to make the gift). Does anyone know where I could find instructions or tips or anything to making them? Shpanks!
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(no subject)

Is it the same person who wrote the Spongebob movie and the TV series? Because to me, the characters in the movie didn't really act like their 'normal' selves.
Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

I have lost the key to my brinks firesafe box. How can I get all my stuff out of there? I've looked everywhere for the key and I can't find it. I'm not calling a locksmith because thats ridiculously expensive. Anyone have any ideas?

(no subject)

What would you say are the top benefits that technology has provided for students? Students of any kind, whether they're in college or high school, and classes of any kind, be it chemistry or composition.
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(no subject)

Why is Ebay always shutting down on my computer? At first, it seems fine. I can search through several pages of auctions without any problems and then, bam! A stupid message pops up:

This just happens on my computer. All the other computers in my house are compatible with Ebay. I've done virus scans and computer scans, but nothing comes up. Ebay just doesn't want to work on my computer.

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(no subject)

After having left it for dead in my closet three years ago, I discovered that my Palm Vx still works. I'd always written assignments and appointments in my old fashioned, pen 'n paper organizer, but I never looked at the damn thing to see what I needed to do. I knew it would be different with a PDA. So, I spent well over an hour today moving all my notes and appointments onto the Palm. Satisfied with the move, I eagerly disposed of my old organizer.

Wouldn't you know it, I just spilled a glass of chocolate soy milk all over my desk, and the Palm Vx (bless its little heart) is no longer with us.

Anybody else have a disappointing day today?

Any PDA recommendations?
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(no subject)

Why do I always think of a random question, and go "Oh, I'll post that in the question club" and then by the time I get here (seconds later, mind you) I can't remember what I was going to ask?

Hm.. I'm going to wait until it comes back to me. Let's see how long it takes.

Oooh there was a vague rumbling of it. Lemme think some more. (it's been about 2 minutes so far)

Oh yes. I remember now.

Who has seen Red Dwarf? Do you like it? How/when did you first come across it?

I <3
I just got the first 2 seasons on DVD. They used to play it all the time on the PBS channel in WA. I have yet to find it on anywhere in Southern CA.