November 28th, 2004


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This might be a regional thing (like in the tri-state area), but does anyone remember those Carvel commercials from the eighties?

"Hi, I'm Tom Carvel.  We are now featuring Cookie Puss and Fudgie The Whale." 
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Does anyone know any credible article sources (ie; an article that was published somewhere in print, in a science magazine or some type of newspaper)..Dealing with sexuality, gender, hormones, etc?
Basically articles dealing with sexual development, either on a hormonal, genetic, etc level.
Thank you, this is really appreciated.
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Help! Quick!

I bleached my hair earlier today and missed a bunch of spots. I had to keep the stuff in for 30 minutes, and it's probably been about... 30 minutes since I did it. Questions!

My boyfriend is at his parents' house but was going to help me fix it with the rest of the leftover stuff when he gets back. (Maybe another 30 minutes.) Is it safe to do that? Is it safe time wise and by using the leftover stuff. (The website said it could lose effectiveness after being mixed for 40 minutes but it didn't say WHICH hair color stuff it was talking about.)

I used Feria if that helps.
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Credit card question....

I have applied for two different student credit cards and have been denied both because I have 'insufficient credit history' or not enough 'credit experience'. How am I suppose to get either of those if I don't ever get a credit card? The only thing I have now is my Debit card which is directly linked to my checking account.

My mom suggested I just wait until I get a pre-approved offer in the mail...anyone else have these problems?

(no subject) friend told me that, at night, if you are at a red light and you flash your highbeams rapidly, the light will turn green. he said that this is how cops get through lights with their lights going. is this true? also, is it illegal?
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I was cooking and steam burned the shit out of my thumb. I've had ice on it the past 3 hours and I'm sick of sitting here with a bag in my hand. Is there anything good (non-medication) to put on it to make the 'needle stabbing' go away?
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Why doesn't calc (windows calculator in accessories) have a square root button in scientific mode, but has it in standard mode? Why doesn't it have e or pi at all?
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I have deep stretch marks on my hips from my womanly growth spurt in junior high, and every so often, I notice long thin scabs some of them! It's very scary... is there something wrong with me?
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Sex Poll

Main question(1): If there was a good looking person of the opposite sex*, whom you just met, and they were free from any STDs, would you want to have sex with them right now (not specifically this moment) with absolutely no strings attached?

Additional Data:
(2) Are you male or female?
(3) How old are you?
(4) Where are you from?
(5) Are you currently in a relationship?
(5.5) Are you a virgin?**
(6) Anything else?

* If you're homosexual, read "opposite sex" as the "same sex". Bisexual people should have no problem interpreting the question. Similar for asexuals :)

** Didn't think of including this question originally. Thanks to jennilee for the reminder.

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