November 26th, 2004

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I've been mocking it every Thanksgiving for the five years I have been a vegetarian. So here's the $56 question: Has anyone here ever actually tasted tofurkey, and if so, how was it?
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When I tried to start my boyfriend's computer this morning all I got was a blank black screen that says:

-TLDR is missing
Press any key to restart

I think the "-" is an N but it's a little far off to one side and I can't see all of it. Does anyone have any clue what this means?

[Edit] Nevermind! This website helped! I'm such a dope! I figured I'd leave the question in case anyone else had the issue. ^^
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Two questions. I think. I might have just forgotten one.

one, how long does it take for a tattoo to get to the itchy stage? I just got mine this tuesday, and i'm already like "Agh... think about something else..." and, my care instructions say to put on a thicker layer of this ointment the artist gave me before i get into the shower, and gently wipe it off with a hot damp washcloth when i get out of the shower if i'm going get dressed or go to bed. last time i did this, there was sortof a black smear on the washcloth (tattoo is black)... is that normal? (it doesn't matter a whole lot, because i go back in about a month to have it checked and touched up if it needs it, but i'm curious.)

hm... Oh! How much body hair is normal on a girl? (I know, i know, normal is relative)
I'm definitely fuzzy. Don't have a scary hairy man chest, but definitely very fuzzy as far as i can see.


What would be the best way to search for a book simply called "book"?

There is a possibility that it is called "book: a novel." I know that the cover is/was yellow and the font was times new roman. there may have been a gun on the cover and the author was a male.

i've been searching for over an hour and it is becoming "a needle in a haystack" situation.

any help would be appreciated.
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Customized Journals

Where can I find a website that will create a completely customized journal for me?

I really liked, but they have a minimum order of 25 books. They're for big corporations. don't offer hardback/leather books or customizable pages. doesn't offer customizable pages, and their leather books are quite expensive.

I'm willing to spend about 40 bucks for one.

I've tried Google to death, but the sites that have what I want only seem to be for big corporations.
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Class Action lawsuits

Are there any sites that publicize listings of class action lawsuits? The Paypal one I almost ignored thinking it was a phishing email, the CD one if I didn't read Slashdot I'd never have heard of. So I wouldn't be surprised at all if there are more class action lawsuits out there that I fall into the class for- so I'm probably losing out on rights for relief, either from the lawsuit itself or excluding myself from the class to pursue my own individual claim.
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(1) Have you ever created a new livejournal, and moved from the old one to the new one? Why did you do so, and how did that go? What did you change, any friends, communities, layout...?

(2) When did you first move out of your parents' house (if you no longer live with them)? Did you stay in the same town? How old were you? Did you enjoy living on your own for the first time, or did you struggle?

(3) For those of you who live in a different place than your parents... is this permanent? Do you miss being near your family? Do you consider yourself "close" to them, and if so, how do you deal with the distance?

I ask this because I am going into teaching, and so is my boyfriend, and it's likely that we're going to have to move away from the area when we graduate college, and it will be really strange leaving this area. I do live on my own (well, with my boyfriend), and we're about a 15 minute drive from my hometown. I see my family regularly, and can't imagine being very far away from them.


edit: just wanted to clarify, for question #3, I mean if you moved far away from your family, not just out of your parents' house. :)

wisdom teeth

I just got my wisdom teeth taken out this morning, and i was wondering if anyone had any type of advice on anything, anything at all.
And i was also wondering aboutthe smoking drysokket thing, how long should i wait to smoke cigarettes, what about weed and is there any way if i leave the gauze in and smoke (weed)thru my nose could i do it sooner. I cant live with out my pot.
Thanks guys = ]

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I love making up taglines (the one sentence catch phrase things) for movies and I just watched the Crucible with Winona Ryder. For anyone whpo has seen it, can you think of any cool taglines?

And I know homework questions on here are looked down upon, but my world history class is watching BenHur (spelling?) and I missed the first hour. Can anyone explain to me whats happeneing?
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Alright thequestionclub.

I'm thinking about getting a new webcam. My Labtech is crappy. :P

What one would you suggest for great picture quality?
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I'm making some mix CDs for Christmas presents. If I want to add a picture to the back/behind the CD, or something to the spine (like in a store-bought one), what kind of jewel cases should I buy? Brand suggestions/models would be helpful — the jewel cases I usually buy don't have a space for that. Thank you very much!
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